Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fed-Contracted Snipers Provocateuring Bloodshed

Private contractors have become an addiction of the Federal Government.

The Federal Government uses private contractors for everything from  public policing to troop support and military deployments.

You might have heard of the infamous mercenary contractor Blackwater and the crimes it committed in Iraq.

Beacause of all the crimes Blackwater has committed both here and abroad, it has gone through various name changes...and is today called 'Academi.'

It was founded and headed by one man - Eric Prince - an ex Navy Seal and CIA asset masquerading as a practicing Catholic.

And 'Prince,' Prinz or Prins (it turns out) is a very Jewish name.

But back to Blackwater (Academi).

Blackwater was regularly used in Iraq to kindnap, torture and murder Iraqis in order to keep the hands of the United States Government clean.

Their non-uninformed murderers even seemed to have authority over American soldiers, ordering them to surrender Iraqi prisoners into their hands (the prisoners were often never seen again)...and the soldiers never seemed ask these scum bags just who the hell they were.

But what the Blackwater corporation is most famous for is the 2007 Nisour Square Massacre in which its 'contractors' apparently on a drug-crazed power trip began shooting up Iraqi civilians in mass as they moved through with automatic weapons blazing.

All this bloody mayhem seems to have not affected Blackwater's (Academi's) standing withe the Federal Government, who continues to contract these hired killers.

But the most notable 'contract' given to this murderous institution occurred two years prior when FEMA contracted Blackwater to go into the afflicted areas of Hurrican Katrina.

This alone is an interesting point.

Why would the Federal Government's Department of Homeland Security contract what amounts to a murderous mercenary force to go into an afflicted area full of desperate Americans?

Blackwater's (Academi's) role in Iraq was the covert torture and murder of Iraqi non-collaborators.

Was this type of service now required in New Orleans?

Indeed, Blackwater's presence in New Orleans was noticeable and universal.

Several Americans approached these non-police mercenaries to ask what their role was in disaster-stricken New Orleans only to be met with aggressive silence.

And shortly after that the weird stuff started happening.

Weird stuff that was right up Blackwaters alley.

Terror sniping.

The official story would have you believe that gangs suddenly organized themselves into effective teams of snipers keeping hospitals, ambulances and even entire police stations at bay.

The truth is this is amazingly unlikely.

Who was doing all the sniping?

Blackwater was.

And the number of people killed by all this sniping is still not officially available.

So what is the moral here?

Well, how's this?

Where Blackwater (Academi) shows up...trouble is sure to follow.

More recently Academi (Blackwater) has been caught synchronizing with both the Federal Government and local police departments by way of the Department of Homeland Security (or is that insecurity?) and FEMA.

Now working with private, murderous paramilitary outfits who front for the CIA is just about the dumbest thing any local police department can do...but local police have repeatedly been shown not to be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree...and, in fact...the leadership of many local police have been infiltrated by intelligence assets.

So...Academi active in a local neighborhood near you. Especially now that the SPECIAL FORCES INFILTRATION exercise Jade Helm is now in progress. Unfortunately Academi is there too.

And, appropriately enough, the sniping has already begun.

You might have heard of all the unresolved (and ongoing) highway sniping happening on Arizona highways.

The local police are clueless and have only been able to attempt the coverage of their incompetent rear ends by creating a local scapegoat (even as the sniping continues).

So...sniping...let's get into that for a while.

Sniping is one of the most used tools by agent provocateurs.

If you want to create an atmosphere of insecurity, hostility, and confrontation, start sniping.

Let's get it straight.

Blackwater (Academi) works for the CIA.

It initiated the sniping incidents which plagued all rescue and security efforts during Katrina.

There is repeated documented evidence of how sniping is used in the third world to begin confrontation between the public and the police.

 Protests are a good example.

Create a huge, noisy, unhappy crowd.

Send in masses of police to keep the crowd contained.

Have agent provocateurs within the crowd begin sniping at the police along with other strategically placed snipers.

Watch the police react with lethal force and....HUAAA!!!!!

You got yourself a bloody incident.

So yes, Academi (Blackwater) has a MAJOR role to play in the upcoming confrontations between the public and the police.

This is why we DON'T need them any place near or within American cities...unless the police like getting themselves sniped at and murdered by CIA contractors.

Hey, and when the police actually get at one of these snipers and apprehend him (like they did in Katrina), what they find, of course, is a bona fide contractor or intelligence asset with great credentials and references...probably working for the State Department.

The same thing happened in Iraq, where the snipers turned out to be Israelis intelligence assets, which had to be protected from American soldiers who wanted to MURDER them right on the spot.

Or how about British intelligence assets caught by the Iraqi police masquerading as Al qaeda...while murdering the police. As it turns out, the British Army launched a rescue operation of these agent provocateurs when the Iraqi Police actually refused to let them go.

So the lesson here is don't mix special forces and military contractors with the police - they have a tendency of serving as agent provocateurs for the CIA.

Why would the CIA want to provocateur bloody confrontations?

Easy - they want to provoke a state of violence and bloodshed in this country so a state of emergency and martial law can be declared  and our freedoms squashed under a totalitarian government headed by their employers.

So if you think Jade Helm - a special forces military exercise specializing in infiltration, extraction, and probably murder of the American public - is a good idea, then think again.

It's the worse idea I've ever heard of, and probably a big step towards the destruction of America.

Remember...when you see contractors (read mercenaries) patrolling our streets, it means bad news.

When, in a state of emergency, you see sniping begin to happen, believe me, it is not the is special forces and contractors like Blackwater who are doing it.

If you ever come to arrest these people please deal with them like you would any terrorist.

Private military contractors do not belong nor should they ever be allowed to set foot on any American city. 

The authorities who allow them...well....they deserve what they get (unlike their innocent constituents).



  1. Hello
    Thank you for your artikel, i found it very true and i really agree with what you say when you wrote "So the lesson here is don't mix special forces and military contractors with the police - they have a tendency of serving as agent provocateurs for the CIA."

    I believe what you say, and we can find evidence in the pop culture songs of the organisation that will end western civilisation as we know it, and i have started to examine this. But i do not have the same experience and the same sharp eyes as you do. You have shown the truth for many years, and i admire that. Your blog is a real help to the people who wish to walk the same road as you. I too have started to show the world what they should see, but i lack experience. I know you probably are bussy but if you have the time, would you be so kind to share you insight over at a youtube channel. If people could read your expertis in the comments, i think they really would gain a whole new perspective on what they are seeing.
    this is a video from the channel i mentioned earlier:
    Thank you for your insight

    1. Well, it takes an intelligent and discerning person to distinguish the information on this blog as important. It is my suspicion that this consists of a very few people, like yourself, who 'see' the importance of the articles. It is also my sad view that very little of what is included in this blog is included elsewhere in the same capacity...especially in the more famous conspiracy sites. This is why I write. Thank you for your comments and your interest. I will consider your YouTube suggestion. Finally, I sincerely encourage you to do do a Google search using "Illuminati Conspiracy Blog" (using the quotation marks) to see a plethora of articles on this site, and read the one which catches your attention. Many of the articles are timeless and important...I am sure you'll know which ones I am talking about when you see them.