Friday, September 4, 2015

Something Weird Just Switched On

Something strange switched on Monday, August 31, 2015.

Something switched on.

In addition to my regularly morose disposition, the floor seemed to fall off and the entire world seemed to descend into a dark pit.

I myself was shut down - no energy, no initiative...and the feeling that somebody had thrown a heavy black woolen blanket over my entire being.

Then I started noticing other people.

Bickering, arguing...people bursting into tears...people screaming....people cutting off all communication...people losing it.

People, well, falling into deep depression and non-functionality.

People I hadn't heard from in months started calling me in tears.

Something was up alright.

I felt it begin to happen August 31, 2015.

I am big into microwaves, so those were the particular suspect in my opinion.

But just in case I looked up weird events occurring beginning at about this time.

And guess what...

CERN went off line September 1.

The CERN followers started screaming that CERN had "shut down" and speculating on what went wrong (see below). As it happened, CERN was accelerating regularly to slightly above average levels when the "shut down" occurred.

CERN Shutdown

I simply asked myself why the CERN watchers were so trusting.

How did they know CERN had been officially shutdown?

What made them think a secretly funded and executed experiment in dimensional physics was going to be shown to the entire world?

There is no evidence CERN has been shut down.

What they CERN watchers were seeing was an experiment in progress...whose feed was suddenly cut off to the outside world.

Then things began to happen.

The heavy, incapacitating black feeling began to weigh in.

People began acting weird.

There was a suffocating dark force in the air (and still is as this writing).

Do we have evidence that anything happened at all?

Well, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)  had announced the following day (September 1) that all "suveillance" of commercial air traffic over the east coast would be unreliable - in other words, the system that tracks commercial air traffic (radar, transponders, radio, etc0 would no longer be working properly (see below).

Commercial Airline Tracking Goes Out

No explanation was given for this astounding shutdown other than "military activities."

But that was not the end of it

Additional phenomena began happening both in the Atlantic and Pacific by way of what are described as gigantic "pulses" which caused huge residual atmospheric patterns.

So the evidence is there.

Something was activated on or Monday, August 31 and continued to affect the Earth September 1, 2 and 3.

When analyzing this you have to keep in mind the microwave physics which make use of microwaves bouncing off the stratosphere to affect the Earth.

Also,  you have too keep in mind little known low-frequency technology which goes right through the Earth itself.

Here is the evidence:

Massive Pulse Over the Atlantic

Large Microwave Pulse Hits Earth

So they switched something on in or about September 1.

What this something is or what its effects will be on the planet and on us remains to be seen.

Let's keep our antennas up and watch for abnormal phenomenon.

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