Thursday, September 10, 2015

Migrants: the New World Order Population

As we all become exceedingly aware of the infiltration of foreign populations upon our society, it is good to remember that our borders have been already legislated away by treaties like NAFTA and North American Union or the European Union.

How can you expect to have any more borders when your country is officially part of something called the European Union, or in our case, the North American Union?

One has to recognize that these movements of population are not based on 'national' policy, but on 'international' policy implemented by members NOT of 'national' institutions, but of international organizations like the Club of Rome and the Round Table groups like the Council on Foreign Relations here in the US.

Let's get one thing straight on the Council of Foreign Relations - it is an internationalist organization whose goal is global government. This is officially admitted yet never emphasized by our media.

Since its foundation in 1921 (with Rockefeller money) the CFR has grown into Washington DC's number one political club - THE institution to belong to if you want to make it in Washington DC.

Its gotten to the point where MOST of the top tier politicians, including MOST of the personnel within presidential cabinets (including the Presidents themselves) have been members of the CFR (a globalist organization aiming for global government. it really any surprise that Congress and the President both pass and uphold policies which will END the United States of America while integrating it into a a one-world government?

Well, it shouldn't surprise you when the President, ALL Congressional leaders, MOST of the sitting Congressmen and MOST of the Executing Branch secretaries ARE members of the CFR.

Ergo the new INTERNATIONAL policy of transferring world populations from point-A to point-B, (point-B being the United States of America and and the European Union).

You've got to consider, the US and the European Union as the capitals of the New World Order - the two Babylons from which the Government of the New World Order will be directed.

It all reminds me of the "exercises" and "war gaming" Gary Allen described in his book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" as taking place under a huge "geodesic dome" in the University of Illinois. 

In these "simulations" social engineers practiced how to move human populations from one area of the world to the other in a huge global map.

Now the purpose of those exercises have become clear.

The Babylonification of the US and the European Union.

Remember historical Babylon or Ancient Rome - capitals of great international empires upon whose streets the local language could almost never be heard.

A recent excavation of plague victims of Ancient Rome was incredible - the skeletons included those of Irish, Dane, Polish, Rumanian, Balkan, Gaulish people - anything but the humble Latin!
And authors of the time stated in awe that the Latin language could almost never be heard in the streets of Rome!

This is Babylon.

At present the populations of Babylon are being moved in to the new imperial capitals.

Why are they doing this?


Disparate, polyglot, dissimilar populations don't communicate, don't organize and don't come together in any way shape or form (like homogeneous populations do). In other words, a mixed, non-homogeneous population is politically impotent - it cannot organize, protest or rise up against the ruling class.

Rome did have a social problem with the native Latin population as its power became more and more tyrannical and the population more and more impoverished. What happened is that the Latins organized and rose up against the tyranny in a series of conflicts called 'The Social Wars'...which the people won.

The Roman oligarchy learned...and proceeded to Babylonify not only Rome, but the entire Italian peninsula. As it exported Italians to faraway territories with the promise of farmland, it drew in foreign populations by way of free and non-freed slaves, and low-pay labor.

The results were the polyglot skeletons found in the ruins of Ancient Rome.

In other words, the entire native population of Rome had been done away with.

How does this apply to us?

Well, the new populations being 'moved in' are not the national populations of their respective nations (the US and the EU), but the populations of the New World Order being moved into territories that are now international regions NOT sovereign nations.

National sovereignty is just an illusion, an assumption made by the clueless locals who still live upon territories which are no longer nations...but regions of an international government.

The reason behind the massive migration across our southern border with Mexico has become obvious. There is no more supervision of the US/Mexican border because the US and Mexico have become regions of a new political entity called the North American Union - signed in secret  by US President George Bush and President Vicente Fox of Mexico- unified political region like the Euorpean Union.

Simultaneously, there is a massive Middle Eastern migration into already Muslim-saturated Western Europe. It is a well-planned, well organized and well financed migration.

Nobody asks the question of just what is this mysterious NETWORK which transports all these people across the Mediterranean through Greece, Hungary and finally to Germany.  By that same token, nobody asked about the NETWORK which is transporting masses of Mexicans and Central Americans to the borders of the United States.

As always, the New World Order uses cheap manufactured emotionalism to to sanction the illegal mass-movement of foreign populations within sovereign borders.

The 'children' supposedly making their way 'alone' to the border of the United States to surrender themselves to the tender mercies of the American people echo the 'children' brought along by the Middle Eastern immigrants to Europe.

Recently, the very touching (and very phony) photographs of drowned children of the Islamic immigrants to Europe were making the rounds.

Very suspicious was the clothing of these 'drowned' children.

Most drowned victims lose their clothing. Pants, shirts, even shoes are lost to the currents.

Miraculously, the shirt, pants and shoes of all these drowned children are surprisingly intact. There are even a few with intact pajama pants held on by elastics. At the very least, these corpses were tampered the most, these photographs were totally staged.

Also, drowning victims tend to have a particular pallor, which is lacking in these kids, which might be play acting  or (more likely) have been drugged.

In this era of staged incidents, it would not be surprising.

Yet it is these cheap emotionally charged manipulative pictures which have been doing the rounds of the European media to pull the heart strings of the locals into accepting the new well organized mass-migration into their countries...just like video of unaccompanied  Hispanic children were used to soften the hearts of the American public towards opening up the border.

And believe me, it won't be the end of it.

The New World Order engineers have been simulating the mass movement of the world's population  for decades.

It is New World Order POLICY to move and mix the populations of the world into more acceptable compositions.

Population movements will become part and parcel of the New World Order just as it was policy during the days of the Assyrian and Roman Empires.

You are already seeing the migration of Americans to other territories, attracted by lower taxes, more freedom and viable employment.

The biggest trend I have noticed is the migration of educated Americans to other lands (like China and the Persian Gulf) to teach English. Obviously, these people consider being taught by a native speaker a distinguished opportunity with pure pronunciation free of the local accents of local English language teachers.

American engineers and businessmen are also being drawn into, of all places, China.

Americans are now openly talking of leaving the country, and in the near future, they probably will be.

All this, of course, as masses of foreigners are being allowed IN to the country.


Again, because the New World Order envisages a polyglot population unable to stand up for itself and being totally dependent on the welfare of the central government.

The local socialistic governments (Democrat in the US and Labor in the UK) are letting in the new voting blocks (and they WILL be able to vote) which will back them on their ascension to power.

They are basically CREATING the new population which will back them politically.

You might have noticed they are NOT importing an educated and independent middle class, but an ignorant, unskilled lower class which becomes totally dependent upon government as soon as they enter the country. 

Add in computer voting with no paper trail and wallah, you have a bona fide  tyrannical government backed up with a population of the dependent poor - a new mob of Rome - serving as the political back bone.

This is the designated social future of Europe and America.

The New Migrants are nothing less and nothing more than the new populations of the New World Order. 




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