Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Russians Dig Up 'The Thing'

In February of 2012, the Russians bore through 2.5 miles of Arctic ice and into something called Lake Vostok - a primeval lake (the sixth largest in the world) trapped under the ice for over 15 million years.

That's 15 million years of independent evolution...of whatever is down there.

So the Russians drilled through to what is called an isolated and pristine environment.

Now the Russians being as stupid and murderous as any other human being, it does not take much of a stretch of the imagination to see the 'opportunity' here.

This is why it came as no surprise that the Russians eventually came to claim (as in admit) the discovery of a series of giant prehistoric viruses in what they called "Siberian permafrost."

This Mollivirus Sibericum they claimed to have discovered is six times the size of AIDS virus.

Now Siberian permafrost has been around for quite a while.

So isn't it a bit strange to hear that it is now being discovered to be a cornucopia of prehistoric viruses.

Meanwhile...nothing to hear...nothing to see...nothing to report...from Lake Vostok.

Could it be that all the new mega-viruses the Russians are suddenly discovering, are, in fact, emerging from Lake Vostok?

And, more alarmingly, could these new viruses be weaponized?


Am I misjudging the Russians?

Are these the same Russians who put together the "yellow rain" bio-strikes against Southeast Asia?


Or are they perhaps the same Russians who used full blown bio-war against the Afghans in the 1980's?

Yes...THOSE Russians.

So is it really such a stretch of the imagination to suspect that Russia could and would put whatever primeval viruses they can find in the primeval lake to military use?

Of course not.

And when it comes to viruses you have to remember two things.

First of all, that they are the most contagious and deadly biological organisms. In fact, scientists aren't even sure they are alive and consist mostly of mere units of genetic code.

And not being alive means they can't really be killed...only disassembled.

So it comes as no surprise that the world's most contagious and deadly diseases - Small Pox, the Black Plague, AIDS, Spanish, Swine and Bird Flu, Ebola, etc - come from viruses. 

Secondly, one must take into account what separately evolved viruses did to the population of the Americas in the 1500's.

When the pox viruses of Eurasia and Africa hit the Americas in the 16th century, they basically devastated the native population, reducing it to ZERO in certain areas and basically depopulating entire swathes of the continent.


Viruses produced GENOCIDE in the American Continent the way man can only dream of producing genocide.


Because the viruses had evolved separated (by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans) from the American Continent for millions of years - into strains the Native American population was biologically unprepared to deal with.

So having understood this, it becomes obvious why the primeval viruses the Russians are extracting from Lake Vostok could become first rate biological weapons.

So...why all the sudden discoveries of prehistoric viruses by the Russians all of a sudden?

It seems to me LAKE VOSTOK is the REAL source of their success and the REAL source of all their new prehistoric mega viruses.

But don't tell that to the world.

It might alarm a lot of people and make the world seem a much less secure and fuzzy place than what we perceive it to be. 

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