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The New Spartans

The concept of there being a wealthier, more advanced, more developed civilization living side-by side with a poorer, less advanced, less developed culture, which, nevertheless, is more powerful than the wealthier and more advanced an eternal concept.

Nowhere is this concept more marked that the competition between Athens and Sparta in ancient Greece.

The Athenians were wealthier, more advanced, more educated, and more numerous than the Spartans....

...yet when it came to the physical fight, the Spartans were unbeatable.

No amount of Athenian cunning, technology, or gold could conquer the Spartans.

In fact, the status quo was so well understood that when the time came to fight the Spartans, the Athenians planned to NOT fight them at all...but merely hide behind their walled harbor...and use their fleet to try to provoke Sparta's slaves to rebel...which was quite possible...because 90% of the population of Sparta consisted of slaves!

Well, as it happened, the passive Athenian plan did not time the Athenians eventually rotted behind their walls from plague and dysentery before the Spartan slave rebellion ever came about and...

...Athens was defeated by the might of the Spartans...without even fighting a battle.

Now in history there are always the Athenians...and there are always the Spartans - the first being the more advanced, the more wealthy, the more comfortable, the second being the more primitive, the more impoverished and by fare the more toughened.

In later times, it was the Romans who were the toughest people in the Mediterranean (the Spartans) - in fact the Roman Empire was built on the toughness of the Roman citizen soldier, who conquered Sicily and defeated Carthage.

But Rome and its citizens eventually became government-dependent wards, leaving their defense to paid professionals, mostly consisting of the new Spartans - the tough Germanic tribesmen of the north. 

(And if WW-I and WW-II proved anything, it was that the Germans were still a tough Spartan-like race right into the 20th Century.)

After the Dark Ages, the new Spartans were the Mongols.

Not that the Mongols were physically stronger or more cunning than the races they conquered.

It's just that people forget that the Mongol population was an ARMED population...not only armed...but trained in the fighting arts.

So while every Mongol man made it his habit to train and arm himself to fight, the populations of all the people the Mongols conquered made it their custom to DISARM their population.

That's right, making 90% of their population consist of humble, bowing peasants who were not only disarmed but prohibited from practicing the martial arts!

No wonder the Mongols won!

The peasants were trained from birth to respect and bow down before anyone on a horse with a sword...and that's exactly what they did...with the victorious Mongols.

In this case, it was the populations incapacitated by what was called 'civilization' - through disarmament -  which opened the gates for the Mongols.

The lesson?

Civilizations who are socially or physically weaker than neighboring cultures are CONQUERED by the cultures or civilizations which are stronger.

The Spartans conquered the Athenians.

The Romans conquered the Greeks.

The Germans conquered the Roman Empire.

The Mongols conquered the Chinese.

The Turks conquered the Arabs.

Which reminds me of the present day.

Today there are definitely a more civilized and wealthier groups - the figurative Athenians having as neighbors much poorer yet physically and socially much tougher groups - the new Spartans.

And guess what.

Athens is in trouble.

And 'Athens' is the West.

And It's getting to the point that Western Civilization...and its starting to look not only to look degenerate, corrupt, and in decline, but weak.

And when I talk about the West I am talking about the United States, Western Europe and Japan.  

All formerly great, tough only a shadow of what they used to be,

Japan seems addicted to animated pornography featuring little girls.

Europe and American seem set on putting homosexuals, bossy women and transsexuals on a pedestal while disarming and feminizing the population...and setting the ground for pederasty.

And, of course, as with any declining civilization...the West have become pathetic.

I started getting a gist of this in the Army, when soldiers who had been deployed to Europe talked about what 'wimps' the Europeans were when it came to the physical fight.

Then I started hearing how Europeans were in terror not only of the Muslim population which had been infiltrating Europe, but from East Europeans which had been coming in as well.

In short the Eastern European is not only tougher, stronger and bolder, but has less scruples about simply getting it on...and this includes the Russians.

You might have noticed how HISPANICS are starting to dominate boxing in everything below the Welterweight Division.

Or how the Video Game champions are no longer from the US or Europe, but from Russia and South Korea.

Or how national IQ averages in Mongolia are higher than those inside the US or France.

Or how the infant mortality rate in the United States is higher than that of Cuba and Brunei.

But the key concept here is this:

There are now populations - adversarial populations - who now confront the US and Europe...and who are culturally, psychologically and physically STRONGER.

I was talking to a man from Uzbekistan  - a Turk, who said he had a law degree in his native land) and was now a simple janitor. Very humble, very nice, always quiet and smiling. Unfortunately his English was spotty. He was a squat, powerful sort.

I got to the point of shaking hands with him... know, a part of handshaking is to take the measure of a man's strength, and I did...

...the man was solid as rock.

I patted him on the back...more rock.

I never actually shook hands with someone who feels like the Thing form the Fantastic Four, but this guy was it.

No athlete, no weight lifter...just a 'Turk' from central Asia.

Powerful people.

On the other hand, a young Serbian who plays soccer unprofessionally,  told me that when he and his fellow Serbs go over to play in Europe...the Europeans 'get tired too quickly' and basically blow a gasket halfway through the game.

I've had an American boxing coach admit to me with awe about how powerful 'Mexican boxers' are (his own son was due to fight one the next week).

So yeah...there are races out there that are that seem to be - man-for-man - stronger than we are...especially when we figure the the Pentagon has declared the American population unfit for recruitment because it is basically too fat and flabby.

And then comes the culture.

Spartans killed the babies who were weak under-developed by throwing them off a cliff.

The tribal Romans gave the Father the power of life or death over his children.

The Mongols encouraged their kids to beat and fight each other.

Apaches forced their kids to survive alone in the desert.

The Zulus forced their children to jog barefoot for miles until callouses became their shoes.

The Spartan ethic.

Meanwhile, what are we doing here in the West?

Making dodge-ball illegal at school.

Not allowing kids to run on the playground.

Suspending kids for fighting, for hurting feelings

Taking away children from their parents because they spank them. 

Calling child-protective services because a kid likes to play with toy guns.

If you don't mind me saying, what we have here in the West is a GAY civilization.

And if you need more proof that we are a gay civilization, just look at Kaitlin Jenner and gay marriage, gay rights and transexual rights and the latest don't-serve-gays-and-have-your-business-shutdown legislation.

If that is not a gay civilization, then I don't know what is.

Now look at the other side.

Muslim fathers are given power of life or death over their children...when they use this right it is called an honor-killing.

Mulsim wives who cheat on their husbands are stoned to death.

In China children are given military training...starting in kindergarten.

Hispanic little girls are introduce to the kitchen knife and the stove at age 6 and their brothers are taken out to work with dad in the fields.

Your not going to find me celebrating brutality, but I will say brutality is a school all its own.

Gone are my youthful days in America where a fun pastime was...throwing rocks at each other...or wrestling...or playing king of the hill...or sucker ball (you got the ball you get clobbered)...oh the thrill of hearing the buzz of a rock barely missing your skull.

Yeah, kids cried...that was part of the fun of it. No insults, no encouragement, just the game.

You let kids cry enough alone, and they stop crying.

And you now are better at doing all this dynamic stuff because their bones are still flexible and fresh and their muscles not strong enough to create permanent damage. 

Try to getting some adults to play all-out king of the hill and see what happens.

In the Army all fighting was prohibited - you fought, you ended your Army career.

i always thought how healthy it would have been in the Army if once a month we were allowed to put on some boxing gloves and head gear, and just come up against some dude that was starting to chap your hide.

I think it would have been a lot closer. happier, more stable institution than the one we have today. 

In fact, you know what, this is what they USED to do in the US Army...not anymore.

Compare that with the co-ed, women-in-submarines, politically correct, pro-gay Armed Forces we have today.

So you have the Spartans....and you have the Athenians.

The USA, Western Europe and Japan are the Athenians.

The Middle East, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, etc...are the Spartans.

People who are simply stronger than we are.

Why, you know what they all have that we don't.

Citizen Armies!

Remember those?

We had one from 1940 to 1973.

Now all we and Western Europe and Japan have are tiny armies of paid professionals, in which 1% of the population is expected to defend the other 99%....for pay.

Hey listen, obligatory military service never ended in Russia, China, Iran or North Korea. In China, kids are get their basic training right in their schools.

Our populations are beginning to consist of marshmallow-like couch potatoes who don't even understand the concept of fighting for one's country...while in those 'Spartan' countries the belief in dying for your country is as normal as having to work.

So what do you think is going to happen when Athens fights Sparta?

Like Athens retreating behind her walls, we have already retreated behind our nuclear arsenal.

"You fight us and we unleash the nukes!"

Well, it's a nice threat, unfortunately, its a giant bluff...and if it isn't we're gonna be damn sorry we didn't just go out there and die for our country in the first place. 

In fact this whole nuclear deterrence thing reminds me of the mutants in "Beneath the Planet of the Apes",where the mutants threaten the Apes nuclear annihilation if they don't stop attacking.

And you know what....we are as weak and pathetic as those mutants.

To make things worse...we aren't the only ones with nuclear weapons anymore.

So if Athens and Sparta square off in WW-III...

....who do you think is going to win?



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  1. this was a year ago but i have to agree on this because war goes back as far as the Egyptians and they are believed to be associated with freemasons. Democracy was the irony in the spartans and athenians. They were just fighting more powerful freemasons from the east. And ultimately they lost, because Democracy was destroyed. But it was worth fighting for when they came to their senses. It was the most Ironic event in history. Wars being orchestrated since the beginning of time. But then a war that started between the east and two rivals joining sides, was the beginning of a democracy that was stopped in it's tracks by corruption for the 1 trillionth time. It was like the fight for a rigged system. But in a whole different way and history is taught to us in a certain way to brainwash us into believing in something that is copied from it's original source and probably modified a lot. And copied and changed many many times so that we have no idea what the truth is it's all an illusion that only few know of and Nikolas Tesla held the key to a new revolution in life, but that plan was taken from him. If that does not raise a red flag, then this entire world will be controlled, which it already as been since the two world wars.