Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Mystery of Capital Cities

The Illuminati must have a separate map of the world, in which the names of cities and countries are not the same as we know them.

The names of small towns across America itself have names rooted in the Masonic mythology of their founders.

Babylon, NY...Phoenicia, NY...Memphis, TN...Carthage, NC...Tyre, NY...Alexandria, VA... Tempe, AZ...Athens, GA....

And what are some of these weird monuments peppering the land around us.

The Washington Monument is a reproduction of Cleopatra's Needle - a phallic symbol - as are the Eiffel Tower and the Tokyo Tower.

The Statue of Liberty is an onion peel of occult meaning...beginning with the representation of the Goddess Columbia...and descending to what it is: a statue of the god Apollo, the Sun god. 

Which brings me to the names of our capitals.

It is not generally known that the capitals of the world have a separate official name - the name under which the capital city was founded or denominated.

Strangely enough, when one starts looking at the full name and title of our capital cities, one starts getting  a very weird feeling:

That they are not the capital cities of the countries they occupy, but of regions...and a part of an occult entities.

Is there an occult geography here, making up what amounts to an occult empire?

We squabble, argue, trade and even go to war against each other (human sacrificial ceremonies) inside an occult empire...but all in all, we are all part of it.

So is it really strange then that our capitals would have names denominating them as part of strange regions or separate entities from the country which surrounds them?

Let's take a look.

Washington D.C. for instance.

Washington is the name the most famous of our Founding Fathers and our first President...but what about D.C.?

District of Columbia.

A district is a territory marked off for some political, administrative or sociological purpose.

But what is the District of Columbia?

Is it a district CALLED Columbia...or is it a district OF some obscure entity called Columbia?

But whatever it is, the title does not include "United States" in any of it.

So let's say Washington is a city within the District of Columbia.

So Columbia District or this District belonging to Columbia is a part of what exactly?

We have electoral districts, school districts, judicial districts....what group of districts does the District of Columbia belong to?  

And if unique, what type of district is it?

An occult district?

If one looks at the occult architecture of the City of Washington, this concept won't seem so fantastic.

But whatever the case may be, why not just call it U.S. Capital of Washington?

You might have heard all the legalities and rumors that Washington D.C. is the only Federal piece of real estate and that Federal Laws and taxes apply only to its denizens, etc, but the underlining piece of reality with Washington and other capitals are its defining terms of being APART from the USA.

It's the same with capitals the world over.

Let's take a look at some of these names:

officially known as the 'Federal State of Berlin.'

officially known as 'The Isle of France.'

And it continues...

Autonomous Community of Madrid

Mexico City:
Federal District of Mexico

Buenos Aires:
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Commune of Rome

Ottawa (capital of Canada):
National Capital Region of Ottawa

Moscow (here's a ducey)
Federal Subject of Moscow within the Central Federal District

Province of Tehran

County of Nairobi

Brasilia (capital of Brazil):
Federal District of Brazil

Again, the importance of having the capital seem like neutral territory uninfluenced by the state or region upon which it is located IS important.

It might make sense to denominate the city as neutral territory...but why also denominate the territory upon which it sits as part of an obscure something else?

Why not just call it: (nationality) Capital city of so and so?

Why all the weird names denominating capital cities as being separate from the nation yet simultaneously part of something?

The name game can get complex.

The most curious example is the City of London.

Region of London

The City of London is actually a tiny region within London.

Look how tiny it is!

It is from here where the world's banking system (both commercial and central) is said to be run and the price of precious metals fixed every morning.

How's THAT for a powerful "capital city"?


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