Saturday, November 21, 2015

Martial Law: It Can Come Quickly and Easily

Now that France has been thrown into martial law by way of a single coordinated terrorist attack on Paris, one can see what an easy thing it is.

The French Government let in the murderers, housed them, fed them and acted clueless as they disappeared from the refugee camps and finally killed en masse... the French Government of Communist President Hollande to take away what little human rights the French had in that guilded cage of theirs, called French Society while placing the blame for this national security disaster...on no one.

The side effect?

France joining the assault on Syrian infrastructure (under the retarded excuse that 'the terrorists' came from there).



The population...Clueless.

Which brings me to the point: Just how difficult will it be to bring MARTIAL LAW to the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Not very.

We just 'feel' strong, powerful and secure because we neglect to see how the structure has been hollowed out from inside by traitors.

One-hundred some dead in the capital brought marital law to France.

No more privacy.

No more rights.

No more warrants.

No more guns.

How much will it take to submerge the United States of America into martial law?

Unfortunately, not much.

Not much because the country has already been prepared for martial law, legally, politically, and physically

People imagine that it would take a string of mini-nukes being set off in 12 cities to bring it.

I would say it would take no such thing,

What people forget is that the Illuminati prefer ordered and controlled chaos, not true chaos to bring about social change.

Why do you think access to the computers that control our power grid have been left WIDE OPEN?

Why do you think access to the computers of our biggest banks have been left WIDE OPEN.

Does anyone understand the meaning of the word 'firewall'?

The 'cybersecurity' firms responisble for this fiasco are all, of course, run by the CIA or other intelligence agencies (like McAffee, which is run by bisexual British Intelligence asset John McAffee...who now happens to be a super hero on the Alex Jones Show).

  Agencies like these keep reassuring their 'customers' that everything is secure while any second rate hacker will tell you "there are no firewalls" and that the situation is the same from the power grid to the banks and the Pentagon.

To make things worse.

The only cyber-security drills designed to predict, simulate and protect against a cyber-attack on our power grid - GridX - were minutely observed by 'representatives' from Russia and China which had been INVITED there.

Russia and China?

Aren't those countries most likely to launch a cyber-attack on our power grid?

Talk about enforced national INSECURITY!

The result of GridX-II?

Our power grid is grotesquely vulnerable - a clumsily interconnected hodge podge of obsolete equipment centrally controlled by openly vulnerable computers.

Were the Russian and Chinese observers carefully made aware of this fact?

The best type of virus to bring about power-grid failure would be of the Stuxnet type (created by the Mossad and CIA) which actually burns out electrical equipment - like it did in Iran and (unknown to many) Fukushima.

This thing literally destroys electrical equipment (like generators and transformers) by  over-reving them until they burn and explode.

To make thing worse, critical hardware, like power-substations and giant transformers are made to order, not stockpiled...meaning we will have to wait a long time to have these things manufactured before installing them.


...imagine how easy it would be to launch a cyber-attack against the US power grid and knock out at least a third (at least!) of its electrical grid.

And the best part is, the attack would most likely be untraceable to the culprits.

That's right.

What are the odds that the cyber-attackers would be inserting their viruses into the US power grid from third party countries like Brazil or Morocco?

All this in addition to the fact that cyber-attacks difficult to trace in the first place.

I mean, they were never able to find the true culprits who did 9/11, were they?

How much of a far cry is that from not knowing who carried out a cyber-attack?

So yes...

...martial law could come overnight as the American public wakes up to an ever increasing nightmare which expands as...their air conditioners begin not to work...their super markets begin to not stock enough food...and their water supply begins to run the talking head of the President tells everyone to remain calm.

That easy.

A few strokes on the computer board and wallah!

Overnight and immediately.


Militarized police.

Gun confiscation (you can bet some Americans will begin seizing food and water at gun point)

Warrantless searches.


Homeland Security takeover of city management.

It wouldn't take much.

So called Civil War is pretty much the same thing.

They've got CIA assets masquerading as elected Governors, Judges and Police Chiefs ready to pull off the theatrical confrontation with the Feds.

Just get a few of these governors or sheriffs to uh 'confront' the Feds and lead to a 'situation', maybe even get a few people killed.

It doesn't have to be a universal uprising (the typical American sheep is incapable of uprising), but merely a situation which gives the Federal Government license to occupy the states.

A governor declares he will no longer obey Federal mandates and mobilizes the National Guard.

The Feds move in and  assault the governor's building along with the state legislature (notice that they are now practicing helicopter assaults for just such an event) and 'arrest' them.

A new state of emergency is declared with the Feds in charge of running the states.

So much for civil war.

And the governor and friends?

They surrender peacefully to the Feds, modeling the surrender-monkey behavior for the rest of the citizens to follow instead of fighting to the death.

Remember, all the Federal Government is doing is looking for an INCIDENT which will JUSTIFY its occupation of sovereign state territory, state legislature and state courts.

The CIA assets presiding in those places are ready to provide the excuse.

How quickly do you think that can happen?

All you need are the CIA asset Governors, Police Chiefs and Sheriffs to put on a symbolic show of force to the Feds, and then surrender and let their territories be occupied.

How about a Fundamentalist Muslim terrorist attack.

It can come quickly and easily. 

More than 22 -count them, twenty-two - terrorist training camps run openly right under the nose of the American public by  Jamaat al-Fuqra.

Recently more camps have been discovered across the border in Mexico.

Here Fundamentalist Muslims receive excellent training in how to kill people with small arms.

The 'assets' who will kill Americans are already in place across America, ready to kill on command, preferably in disarmed cities and states where gun ownership is prohibited and where the targets are defenseless.

Read about these US terrorist training camps below:


So between these three 'ready to serve' scenarios, yes a state of crisis CAN now be created OVERNIGHT which can easily lead to a state of emergency and martial law.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are closer to the premier than most of us think.

The game board has been built...

...the pawns are in place...

...America is ready for its National Emergency Day.


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