Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Bloody Clowns Have Struck

The Bloody Clown Government of Europe has finally struck.

Yesterday, Friday, November 13, 2015 (yes, Friday the 13th) a big terrorist attack struck Paris, France.

The coordinated attacks included suicide bombings at a stadium and a mass hostage situation.

The human cost is said to be 100 as this is written...but I think it will be much higher.

Not that we didn’t see this coming.

The masses of Muslim refugees flooding into Europe was drawing attention for the amount of Islamic, single, military-age males entering the continent.

Furthermore, these young, bloodthirsty characters infiltrating with the refugees were even seen posing with their weapons and promising to inflict bloody chaos.

Finally, what followed shortly before the ‘attack’ were reports of thousands of these ‘refugees’ suddenly disappearing from the camps.

It can’t be said that the world didn’t see this coming.

It all happened right in front of our faces in slow motion.

And the European Governments are old hands at murdering their populations to create the excuse for increased police powers.

Operation Gladio (1956 - 1990) ended up killing hundreds of innocent Europeans - notably French, German and Italian - as their own secret services contrived to murder Europeans to increase state police powers (England had her own version under the MI-6 run IRA).

The bloody Munich Games terrorist attacks were recently found to have been coordinated by the German government - in other words, it was an extension of Gladio.

So the Europeans had a one up on us in having a terrorism-inspired police state way before it was even a concept here.

By the 1970‘s, the Eurpean police were renown for their arrogance and brutality, not to mention their machine gun toting you-run-we-shoot policy.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, this is what is happening to our own police in America under our own ‘Gladio-like’ operation - 9/11.

The you-run-we-shoot policy has not yet been implemented fully in the US, but they are working on it...and it’ll soon be coming to a neighborhood near you.

So the bloody clowns - the EU government - have struck again.

Murdered their disarmed sheep-like populations again.

(and keep in mind, THIS is what happens after they take away your guns - the state murders you in contrived operations to justify further tyranny)

And the result?

Instant State of Emergency, all borders shut down and all rights suspended...indefinitely.

Will anybody be fired for this lapse of security?

Will any bureaucrat’s career end for letting in all those Muslim terrorists in, who, at the right time left their refugee camps and in a carefully coordinated operation killed masses of French civilians?

Will President Hollande step down?

I don’t think so.

And that will be the sure indicator that what happened was supposed to happen...and that nobody did anything wrong.

The whole operation is as old as Babylon.

Create an emergency...declare an official state of emergency...and take power.

And listen...

...its not the end of it.

WE are going to be hit very soon, just like France was.

It will be big, it will be ugly and it will be shocking.

But it shouldn’t be a surprise...considering how we opened our borders, evacuated the Border Patrol...and are letting any Tom, Dick and Harry walk right in as you read this.

Again, reality is being ignored as Border Patrol personnel are reporting prayer mats and Korans being found in the desert.

Folks, ISIS is here.

And they are just waiting for the order to KILL Americans.

And being the way things are, they’ll probably choose a disarmed state like California in which to carry out their bloody attack....but they could still sting us armed states with a chemical, biological or dirty bomb...or even a nuke.

Not a damn thing our guns will be able to do against that.

So yes, I am on alert.

I am expecting for a massacre of Americans to occur shortly...

...and a closing of the borders accompanied by a declared State of National Emergency to follow on its heels.

Having established that, the investigations, the roadblocks, the seizures and confiscations will begin....opening up a whole new bag of worms.

But if the government is stupid enough to go there, oh well.

The guns aren’t  going to be surrendered... matter how many people are massacred.

In fact, they’ll be a good tool for protection against terrorist....

...both Muslim and otherwise.


  1. You write some of the best things i have read in internet, but i want to point out, a few things you should expand your vision on:
    - what is actually a muslim and Islam, and why and how illuminati, through freemasonry and salafi/sufi sects of Islam is actually controlling Islam and all sects of it, how they have created and brainwashed prisoners in Iraq, keeping them on drugs and torture them incredibly, while they achieve the drugged zombies of any terrorist state - internationally mind controlled drug addicted zombies. Anyway, most important is that actually God controls everything and knows everything, and Quran was the last book left from Him to the humans until the Judgment day, i am a convert, and can assure you no true believer ever dream to blow himself, killing innocent people, you should know even better as US, uses nazis mind controlled programs and drugs, on innocent people, which are usually blown up with remote.
    - actually most of muslim population was deceived to follow a doctrine of hadiths, instead of Islam - Quran.
    - about the reptiles - reptiles are actually jinn- they are mentioned in the Quran, they are 4th dimensional beings, Satan - Iblees is a jinn, they were created by smokeless fire - Quran, before the human, with CERN, they have opened portal and most of the people got possessed by demons, their pupils are snake shape, this jinn now are freely flying everywhere, i actually know their real form, at least i think so, they are grey on color with a flaky skin and very tall 3 meter, shape of the head is rhomboid and the eyes are yellow, but when they are here they looks like a black shadows.The Establishment is actually lead by the Satan- Iblees itself.and all satans between the human and jinn, which dream to destroy God and to live forever, they are just dreamers, but one should thing, what about us, if we have left ourselves to be lead to the Hell from a bunch of retarded pederasts, what about us then?

    1. I encourage you to expand on the details of Illuminati operations within Islam every time the subject is touched upon on this blog. Unfortunately, my knowledge is limited to Wahabi infiltration of Islam through British Intelligence in Saudi Arabia. I acknowledge openly that now they are now trying to turn Christianity and Islam against each other when in reality they are natural allies against Marxism and the New World Order.