Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Alien Visits Earth

I am an extraterrestrial visiting Earth for the first time in the name of my world.

I land in my UFO on the front porch of the United Nations.

It seems to be as good a place as any, especially since this seems to be a planetary parliament.

The introductions begin and I soon notice that the ‘delegates’ sent to greet me to the planet are all sub-standard material.

Not great leaders at all, bland, unremarkable men reeking of corruption.

I am shocked when I am introduced to the specimens representing the three most powerful nations on Earth: Russia, China and the United States.

Then I finally understand.

These are figureheads.

Undistinguished nobodies who serve only as the mouthpieces for the true oligarchy of the planet.

An oligarchy that seems distant and shy about showing itself.

But with time, I come to learn…about Earth.

It’s a planet with more than a hundred nations, but with every single one of them controlled by a wealth-authority called a Central Bank, which lords itself over each nations respective wealth.

Indeed, each Central Bank is in turn part of a planetary system of wealth control concentrated in the hands of a single coordinating bank: the Bank of International Settlements or BIS.

These wealth authorities count each unit of currency any nation prints as a debt to the International Banking System.

As such, every 'nation' is enslaved by ‘debt’ - in actuality a receipt of economic subjection.

In addition, I see human civilization overrun with Secret Societies, most of which the people ignore or pretend to ignore by  calling them charities.

These societies (especially one calling itself Freemasonry) are behind most so-called international events.

The main tools of the Freemasons, are something called Intelligence Agencies, which masquerade as secretive watchtowers for public good, but which are really secret executorial agencies which carry out Masonic plans – much of which consists of making sure the Third and Second World remain firmly in the hands of the First.

90% of the population of this planet lives in deprivation and poverty, without running water, electricity or sewers, while the 10% technocratic populations of the First World control, use and make sure the rest of the population is enslaved under one First-World educated dictator.

The leaders of the world themselves are members of the 
Intelligence Agencies, if not also Freemasons.

And in this fashion, I begin seeing the power structure of this planet as (if I may use one of your Earthly animals as an example) a chameleon of many spots and patterns, but consisting basically of one giant lizard – consisting of Secret Societies controlling Banks and Intelligence Agencies.

The entire planet has grown poorer and more deprived within the last two decades as its overlords seek to create a one-world system.
The parliaments of all the nations are run by members of internationalist political clubs called Round Tables, the American of which is called the Council on Foreign Relations and the European the Club Rome.

An elite racial, ethnic, religious group seems to dominate all the major affairs of the planet while labeling itself a persecuted minority.

This elite group has within itself a very secret supreme secret society, which remains unknown to humanity and whose very name they have asked me not to mention.

The members of this supreme secret society are the supreme powers of the planet.

In recent years, most all of the wealth of the planet has been secretly concentrated in the hands of fewer humans while the masses have been given the illusion of sustained wealth by being supplied with cheap food and entertainment.

The goal of this ultimate authority (which has finally established contact with me), is to bring the planet back to a Feudal Structure. Most of the population living as landless wards of a World Government consisting of what would amount to royalty.

It is not my place to criticize or interfere with this plan, but it is shocking to see that it includes the death of millions of this world’s inhabitants.

This, I have come to find out, has more to do with the religious blood requirements of this supreme society as much as it does with subjugation and control.

I have seen enough. I am ready to leave this sad world.

I or someone like me will probably return in another 200 years.

We will keep an eye on this world, again without ever interfering.

But I believe we have little or nothing to fear.

This world eats itself.

And there is every indication that it will continue to do so.

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