Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump vs Hillary: A Total LET DOWN

I listened to the Trump vs Hillary debates yesterday...

...and all I can say is it was a total let down.

What happened to Trump?

It seems he was replaced with a wet noodle.

All Hillary had to do is stand there beaming and confident...and let Trump repeatedly stick his own foot in his mouth!

Trump largely did little except defend himself in regards to his taxes, business dealings and bankruptcies.

Then there was a great half-hour long back and forth about...racism.


Yes - who was a racist, who wasn't, what we could do to stop racism, how to help the Blacks....

Like that is the #1 issue of the moment!

Listen, the #1 issue of the moment is WE CAN'T GET JOBS and we do get them, they are all PART TIME JOBS which leads to US NOT BEING ABLE TO FEED OUR FAMILIES.

The #2 issue of the moment is that in all our misery, we are being INUNDATED with unwelcome Mexican and Muslim immigrants, both legal and semi-legal that take away what jobs are left while eating away at our public treasury by using FREE WELFARE while and American corporations use H1B visa privileges to instantly bring in foreign workers, fire the few Americans that are working and replacing them with INSTANT guest workers.

Important issues were ignored like increasing prices and DECREASING wages.

Or how about the #3 issue our having spent $6 trillion in de-stablizing the Middle East into a murderous chaos while increasing our national debt to $20 trillion in a conflict the  NEVER ENDS!

How about non-confirmable electronic voting which makes it impossible to confirm the vote?

How about the non-existent polling which would have helped us confirm the vote, but is no longer practiced?

Hillary laid it on the plate for Trump when she brought up Trump's suspicion that the voting would be rigged.

Why didn't Trump answer: 

"Whether that were true or not, it cannot be confirmed due to hackable electronic voting!" 

Instead Trump mumbled something alluding to that the elections were alright and legitimate and were probably not rigged.

In fact, you know what Trump looked like?

He looked like a boiled pig somebody had stuck a fork in.

The image I have of Trump is somebody who just had a bucket of water dumped on his head in public.

He was careful, defensive, insecure, restrained, quiet...filling up the time with babble.

It was HILLARY that got to look presidential!

And if you noticed, she hardly said anything, much less anything of any substance.

All she did was stand there and look confident and presidential....

...while Trump looked like an empty, wet bag of wind.

Half an hour arguing over Trump's businesses?

Half an hour arguing over racism?

15 minutes arguing over gun control...with Trump agreeing that we need gun control?

What about our economy? 

What about our unending wars in the Middle East?

What about out of control immigration, our wide open borders and all the smuggled Islamic fundamentalist immigrants?

You might have noticed Trump did not even mention 'the wall' or anything referring to controlling immigration and making the American worker employable.

Gone was the Trump of old we were expecting so much from in the debate.

What we got was a wet paper bag of hot air.

What happened?

Did Trump's advisors suggest he tone down the rhetoric to NOTHINGNESS?

Did they suggest he look more legitimate and presidential by acting like a wet newspaper?

Was Trump blackmailed?

Did his masters tell him to fold? 

Was that a CLONE of Donald Trump we were seeing perform on the stage?

I for one, now have SERIOUS DOUBTS about Donald Trump.

How much confidence can you have in a Presidential Candidate with a propensity to marry only the daughters of East European Communist Party members, who regulary make trips back and forth to formerly Communist countries?


Midway through the debates I felt like I was simply watching two New York Communists running for the leadership of the United States.

Trump did not bring out ONE of the issues which had gotten him such popularity and passion on behalf of the American public.

All Hillary did was smile and look Presidential - that is probably ALL she did during her so-called 'preparation' for the debate.

From my point of view, the debate was thrown by Trump like a WWF wrestling match (which Trump sponsors)

I feel we have been presented with a TV personality which will obediently rant or take a dive upon his masters command.

Screw the media hype about the debate being a 'red  hot' 'battle royal' 

It was a LET DOWN.

All Trump did was agree with Gun Control, agree to prolong the Wars in the Middle East and agree we didn't need election reform, while NOT addressing the immigration problem.

We were sold a roaring tiger and we got a pussy cat.

When it finally came to an end, Trump purposefully shook Hillary's hand and TRAILED her to the front of the stage and stood respectfully in back of her.

Anybody tutor Trump on political imagery,  appearance and body language?

The more I think about it, the more I see two East Coast Establishment Liberal New Yorkers with Communist ties running for the Presidency of the United States.

 The Trump-Hillary Debate was a let down, forget all the tripe the media is feeding us about it being a titanic event.

Trump threw in the wet towel.

Obviously someone has stuck a giant wet mop in his mouth and Trump has mumbled 'thank you.'

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