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WW-III: Don't Include ME in this Mess!

When people talk about WW-III, I am surprised they think there is going to be much of a war at all.

There could be something resembling France, 1940...but not a real war.

Remember, it took only a MONTH for Nazi Germany to destroy France in 1940.

The proceedings were so short and absolute, that the ‘war’ between France and Germany in 1940 has not been called a war, but the ‘Battle for France" ever since.

The master tactician Sun Tzu said something very wise more than a couple of millenia and a half ago when he stated that “battles are won or lost before they are even fought.”

How true.

Close study of any war reveals that that the winner and loser become obvious before the war even begins.

For example:

Germany fought Britain, France, Russia...and the US in WW-I.

Supposing I ask people who know NOTHING about WW-I to predict the outcome.

What are the odds they will always guess correctly?

Or how about Germany fighting France, Britain, Russia and the US in WW-II?


Britain fighting America, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal during the War of American Independence in 1778?

France fighting Germany, Russia, Sweden, Spain and Portugal, in the War of the 6th Coalition?

Japan taking on China, the US...and Russia in the 1940‘s?

What were the chances of Iraq successfully invading Iran in 1980?

Argentina winning against England in 1982?

Iraq beating the US in 1991...and 2003?

As you can see, it doesn’t take a genius to predict the outcome of all these wars.

And this is because the outcome of the war has been decided before hand by the self-destructive bad politics and bad policies of the loser.

So, moving forward to WW-III, what type of set up do we see?

How about...

...US vs Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan...not to mention their numerous allies?

Who do you think is going to win THIS one?

And more importantly, how did we ever set ourselves up for this disaster in the first place?

Remember, ‘wars are won or lost before they are even fought.’

How true.

Notice that I didn’t list any of our allies.

This is because our allies are so weak that they barely qualify as allies!

None have conscription.

All of them possess pathetic little symbolic military forces.

All of them depend on the United States for their security.

How can these countries be classified as ‘allies’?

The truth is the puzzle pieces have been carefully put in place throughout DECADES in order to prepare the West for the great day of its undoing.

Who has done this?

The same coterie of globalist traitors who set up Germany to lose WW-I, Japan and Germany to lose WW-II and the US to lose against North Vietnam.




Intelligence assets.

All of them masquerading as government officials of one sort or another who pretend to do act on our behalf of the nation while actually acting on the behalf of its destruction

The words ‘moral,’ ‘just,’ and ‘humane,’ are especially noxious when coming out of the mouths of these people because they are frequently used to justify the policies which end up destroying the country, like


Open Immigration.

Open Borders.

Sex Education.

Fluoride in our Water.


Gun Control.

Mass Vaccination Campaigns...


The truth is these people are traitors, who owe their allegiance to internationalist and global institutions and Communism...not the country they reside in.

Hypocrites and liars who follow an agenda diametrically different to what they preach.

Remember the set up now:US vs Russia, China and Iran and their allies.

Who set up this disaster?

It has taken time.

But now, with a CIA Communist in the White House, and another CIA Communist lined up to take his place, we are all lined up for disaster.

We have been set up by the privileged Masonic, Communist CIA elite for the fall of the century...and this century is only beginning!

We are so totally infiltrated by Communists that this alone GUARANTEES our total failure in WW-III.

I can still see Obama telling then Russian President Dmitri Medvedev by way of an unsuspected open microphone to be patient and hold on just a little bit longer until after the US elections so that he (Obama) “can have more flexibility” (to do what exactly?).

Medvedev (a Putin puppet) gets excited and tells Obama that he will immediately “transmit the information to Vladimir.”

Freedom to do what exactly?

Well, the guy has reduced out nuclear arsenal by a third.

He has purged our military of all generals and replaced them with Yes Men.

Confiscated all our nuclear launch codes and granted himself sole authority to launch (or not launch) our nuclear missiles.

Alienated most of our NATO allies along with the rest of the world.

Got us kicked out of Turkey.

And made America look like a fool in the eyes of the world with a dysfunctional foreign policy.

And spread out our armed forces right in front of Russia’s doorstep.

Putin could not ask for a better monkey wrench to be thrown in our sprockets.

Obama has reduced our armed forces to a skeleton force.

Made our combat units into non-functional CoEd and Gay battalions.

Meanwhile our diatribe against Russia increases (probably to start some stupid designed to make us lose) he has welcomed Russian Spetnaz forces on our soil and opened our border to the world (including ISIS and Al Qaeda).

Go figure that one.

We hate Russia, yet collaborate fully in letting Russian SOLDIERS in our country and deploying them at NFL games...while letting them observe our maneuvers and how our electrical grid works...while letting ex-Communist East German STASI agents advise Homeland Security!

All while declaring the American people ‘enemy combatants’ and prepping the executing orders to let in the UN Chinese and Russian troops to squash them.

Our ‘hope,’ the Neocons are actually lineal descendants of Communist Trotskyites!

Meanwhile we find that the VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) system of our non-functional F-35 Fighter-Bomber was DESIGNED IN RUSSIA!

To me it looks like we have already been OCCUPIED by Communists - we just need an official military defeat to SHOW everyone we have been officially ‘buried’!

The only good thing about WW-III is it will be over so soon, that it won’t cause anybody much harm (like France in 1940).

On the other hand, a couple of US Air Force Bases might be nuked (while our President stays his hand) just to scare everyone and show them how ‘reasonable’ it is to surrender.

Meanwhile our soldiers are regularly vaccinated with immune-system destroying vaccines which turn our soldiers into cripples (see Gulf War Syndrome) while the government strives to cripple the American public with destructive vaccines for themselves.

Why is all this happening?


Are we really that stupid to not be aware that our government has been totally occupied by Communists...

...that Russia and China are Communist nations...

...who plan to defeat and occupy the United States?

If you haven’t woken up already, then it is probably too late.

The truth is we are about to go to war under a government already occupied by ENEMY AGENTS who will SABOTAGE our war effort and let the other side win.

Hitler sabotaged and destroyed the German war effort - he was an agent of British Intelligence (this will probably not be officially known for another hundred years when Britain declassifies its WW-II files...and even then it will probably be explained away as Hitler being a ‘rogue’ agent).

Johnson and his advisors sabotaged the Vietnam War to MAKE us LOSE.

The so-called far-right ‘Hawks’ who advised Johnson were actually Communist Lawyers like Walt Rostow, who had been rejected by Eisenhower as a security risk and whose dad was a Communist Revolutionary, but was let into the White House after the head of Kennedy’s security detail, whoe was fired for his objection.

Another hawk, McGeorge Bundy, actually headed the defense fund of Communist agent Alder Hiss!

Meanwhile the head ‘hawk’ - Dean Acheson - not only surrounded himself with Communists, but was Stalin’s personal liaison with America during WW-II.

Remember, these were the ‘super-patriots’ who were advising us to deploy troops to Vietnam!

With patriots like could we possibly win?

(Oh, and by the way...have you noticed the Communists have never lost a war?)

So this Communists-masquerading-as-patriots-and-getting-us-into-a-war-and-making-us-lose is old hat!

But putting all the treachery and the Communist-occupied government aside, our strategic situation vs Russia and China (not to mention Iran) is dismal.

The West has ended conscription, reduced its armed forces, eliminated its stockpile of mines, outlawed cluster bombs, homosexulaized and feminized its armies...and is now moving its pathetically small forces to the Russian border and Chinas’ naval back yard.

In addition, much of the West’s weaponry has been mothballed or scrapped and its remaining weapons compromised by computer viruses contained in the Chinese-manufactured computer hardware on which they depend.

A telling case were the viruses found within the navigation computers of French Air Force fighters which sent the fighter in erroneous directions.

I guess it wasn’t enough.

Chinese hardware remains popular inside our weapons, with the result that the F-35 remains useless due to computer ‘glitches’ and Russia has demonstrated that it can ‘shut down’ our warships with a flick of a switch (see USS Cole in the Black Sea)

Accompanying this is the familiar old nonsense about America being the world’s super power and Russia being a weak backwater nation.

The US is the World's Super Power?

Without industry?


Newsflash: those deployed US forces are pathetically small and will be immediately destroyed where they stand!

Please note that it was the same Communists during Vietnam who not only made us enter the war...but also made us LOSE IT.

Obama’s and NATO’s urgency to get on the Russian border has all the trimmings of a war LOSING strategy - a rush to stampede our forces into the enemy's noose.

And a draft?

The Vietnam War psyop (and that is exactly what it was) not only ended the draft in America, but also destroyed American psychological ability to accept a draft.

Today a draft in America will produce nothing but riots.

But that’s ok to a Communist plant like Obama or Hillary - the more chaos the better.

Don’t worry, very soon the Communist UN troops will be marching down your street to restore the point of a bayonet!

So, you,ll forgive me if I am NOT overly excited at the prospect of us going to war under the command of a Communist agent, with an army and a society that has been castrated of any warlike spirit or sense of responsibility.

The only thing WW-III will turn out to be for the West is a slaughterhouse and a theater to show the West who is the boss, and how utterly prostrate it is.

With all these traitors in our midst, WW-III is bound to be little more than a showcase of how Russia and China hold us by the nose and kick us in the an appetizer to our introduction to Global Communism.

I am sorry but...

...don’t include ME in this mess.

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