Tuesday, April 8, 2014

War is a Scam

War is a scam.

Has been...

...since the Romans were slaughtered by Hannibal...and the English by the Normans...because they were sent into battle without cavalry.

...since the flower of French Royalty were ordered to ride into slaughter pens called the battles of Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt...

...since blocks of humanity were forced to act as sponges for artillery fire during the Thirty Years War...or Napoleon assembled giant columns of men to march against massed cannons...

...since the English were forced to slow march into machine gun and artillery fire at the Somme....

...or the Russian soldiers forced to run up against German machine guns...with Russian machine guns at their back during WW-II...

...or our own boys...forced to act as Human Mine Detonation Devices in Afghanistan and Iraq.


War is a scam alright...a bloody one.

Only the Aztecs openly took it for what it really was.

You see...the Aztecs were a society that developed in isolation, outside the hypocrisy of other civilizations...

...and they had wars too.

The only difference between the Aztecs and the rest of the world was that they made no secret about the REAL reason behind war:

To the Aztecs, the official and open reason behind all war was...

...the simple method by which mass human sacrifices were offered to the gods.

Don’t believe it?

All you have to do is fight in one...or at least study one critically and in detail (like I do)...to find out something just ain’t right.

War isn’t just horrible...it isn’t just wrong...it’s also a total and complete scam.

People who die in war...die for nothing...or at least not for the reasons they are told they are dying for.

Having dedicated myself to the minute and detailed study of military history for decades...I have come to the conclusion...

...that war begins under false pretenses...

...continues under false pretenses...

...concludes under false pretenses...

...with the winner and the loser determined before hand...

...while a select few ENRICH themselves through its practice.


...war seems to be a simple and disguised continuation of the ancient tradition of mass human sacrifice.

Yes...there really is a reason why they ask: “can you handle the truth?”

And truth...especially when it comes to war...is ugly.

Let’s look inside the ugly innards of war piece by piece, shall we?


Why wars ever really begin only the Devil knows (and perhaps he should).

Regardless, all the reasons given historically for their commencement are false.

The people don’ want it...and if they do, they want a very short and happy ones (meaning their side wins).

The Spanish-American War of 1898 and the Falklands War of 1982 are good examples.

Short, neat and happy (that is, for the US and Britain).

Forget the few unlucky dead and maimed.


But then there are the Long Wars.

The people don’t want them.

The government doesn’t want them.

The leaders don’t want them...

...yet they happen...and they continue way past the time where they will actually accomplish anything...or the countries supposedly having enough money to continue running them.

Oh...almost forgot.

Did I mention that, regardless of economic deprivation of the people...there is ALWAYS ENOUGH money for war?

You bet there is.

This is why they become so long while the truth is the winner and the loser become obvious after the first two years...at which the war should end...but doesn’t.

The Thirty Years War, The Wars of Louis XIV, The Wars of Frederick the Great, the Napoleonic Wars, WW-I and WW-II are all wars which went on WAY beyond the economic capacity of any of the combatants to fund them.

It is no coincidence that we had our first WORLD WAR the same year the world central bank system was completed with the founding of the American Federal Reserve.

The world central bank system makes possible the unlimited production of fiat money...and the unlimited funding of war.


The outcomes of war is predetermined.

Frequently the leaders who lead their respective populations to war already know this.

Many more find out only once they have been sent to one.

Many German generals told their subordinates they would LOSE WW-II, but that they were  still obligated to obey orders.

Japanese Admiral Yamamoto told his commanders they would LOSE the Pacific War, but that the Navy was still honor bound to fight it.

President Johnson told those in confidence that he knew America would LOSE the Vietnam War even as he got the war rolling.

What did these high up men know...that all the unfortunates destined to be killed in the war did not?

But I guess there is very good reason to keep the masses ignorant of the ‘fixed’ nature of war.

The very existence of a preconceived outcome would be Reason enough to keep that very thing a SECRET, don’t you think?

Why...if one didn’t...what would wars look like?

The masses would think ‘why bother to fight a war whose outcome is already predetermined?’

Should the masses ever find out that the outcome was predetermined...why...they wouldn’t fight at all! (why die for a fixed game?)

All that necessary blood letting would end.

Can you imagine a war in which all the combatants knew the outcome was fixed?

It might start to resemble bloodless Native American tribal warfare, where counting coup and hostage-taking became more important than killing, and, that in fact, hostilities came to an end in open field combat the minute someone was killed or injured.

Outcomes and surrenders would be simply decided by superiority of numbers and position.

You got three hundred men in front of my one hundred...OK, I give up!

Or I’ve got an artillery barrage aimed at you...YOU give up!

No need to sacrifice and die for a war whose outcome is PREDETERMINED.

Why, if the masses knew the outcome was already decided, the war would resemble a glorified war game maneuver exercise instead of a real war.

So there is good reason to keep the masses ignorant.

Don’t let them find out war is a scam...until they actually get to the battlefield.


In WW-I the Germans found out when the same government that had submerged them in four years of war...‘surrendered’ to the allies before they even set foot in Germany.

In WW-II Poland found out when despite the  ‘defense treaty’ she signed with Britain and France...neither Britain nor France lifted a finger to protect her...when she was invaded first by Germany....and then by Russia.

In WW-II France found out when its own generals LET the Germans in and its air force had more planes at the armistice than it had at the beginning of the war.

General Patton found out when he was ordered to halt his victorious advance...and let the Russians have all the territory he could have easily liberated weeks before. The only difference was that Patton was planning to come home and tell the people. They took care of him. The OSS crippled him in a car accident...and later murdered him in a hospital.

Nationalist China found out when their supply of ammunition was cut off by the United States as they tried to fight off the Russian-backed Communist Chinese.

General MacArthur found out after he was removed from command for trying to push the enemy back to the Chinese border.

Our soldiers in Vietnam found out when they discovered there was an enemy they were not allowed to kill...targets they were not allowed to bomb...boundaries they were not allowed to cross...objectives they were not allowed to engage.

And South Vietnam found out too...when that country was abandoned by America...and left without a single cartridge with which to oppose the advancing North Vietnamese Army.

Cuba’s Batista and Nicaragua’s Somoza found out when they were blockaded by the United States...even as they were attacked by well supplied Communist guerrillas.

In the Falklands, the Argentine commanders found out when they received untrained recruits with which to fight British commandos...most of their bombs mysteriously did not work...and their own commander ordered them to throw down their weapons and surrender...or be shot.

Pat Tillman found out when he saw American soldiers protecting the poppy fields...and was about to come back home and tell the fans...but he never came back...the people in charge made sure of that.

War is a scam.

It is always a scam.

We all knew the occupation of Afghanistan was an unwinnable quagmire even before the first American soldier set foot in that place...we went anyway.

And we always find out in the end...don’t we?


World War Three is presently in the making, with a Western alliance that has abandoned conscription...disbanded its heavy formations...and mothballed most of its ships...

...who do you think is going to win this one?

I could go on and on how war is a scam and how those who fight in it are screwed, but even a partial account would take up a sizable book.

So let me conclude with the purpose of war.


War is a scam.

It happens for reasons other that what the public is told it is happening over.

War is simply an agent of change...used to change society one step further towards globalism.

The other reason is....

...simple human sacrifice.

After all, the New World Order requires oceans of blood.

Ever hear that word, ‘sacrifice,’ in relation to military death?

Of course we have.

War has pretenses which are totally different from what the government and the media tells us it is.

A forgotten quality of war is its most obvious.

War destroys.

It destroys morality.

It destroys religion.

It destroys economies.

It destroys governments.

It destroys societies.

As such it is the perfect mechanism of ‘change’ used by the Illuminati in their ongoing method of ‘order from chaos.’

War is an agent of change.

Before something is rebuilt, it has to be destroyed.

War is the destroyer.


  1. You are right, I agree. I think you mentioned Germany and Poland but what is left out is that the Poles were murdering and abusing Germans that were living in areas annexed from Germany after World War One. The Poles were very War minded and hated Germans. You can look it up and see Germans with their eyes gouged out and whole families laying dead. No, one cared except the Germans.
    We live in a World of Lies and Liars, Killers and Thieves.
    Look up Ponerology. Leadership by Psychopaths.

    1. You are correct. The Poles did turn on their German population, thought most of the killing seems to have happened during the German invasion. A good book (which you might have heard of) on the further mass-murder of Germans is a book called "Hellstorm" by Thomas Goodrich.