Thursday, April 17, 2014

16 Reasons Why the US Is Not a Sovereign Country

Listed below are 16 reasons why the United States is neither a democracy, nor a republic, nor even a sovereign nation.

It has taken a hundred years for us to get here, but it has finally happened...we are no longer sovereign.

Read below and understand why:

America is infiltrated by this secret society, and in fact, has been since before its founding and today every town in America (no matter how small) has a lodge, whose membership is secret, and whose members profit from its membership and which has collaborated in unending illegalities and crimes at the local, state and federal level.

Central Banks
Every dollar our government prints is counted as debt to a private central bank - the Federal Reserve - whose owners (stock holders) remain a secret, and who holds our debt by way of government bonds the government gives it in exchange for the right to print its own money.

Government policy in more than half the states has defined that the individual has no right over what goes into his own body. The greatest violation of this basic right is forced vaccination, which amounts to biological rape, especially when it comes to the dangerous vaccines produced nowadays.

Compulsory Education
Not being indoctrinated is neither a right nor a privilege. Your child must spend most of the day at a government indoctrination facility, and come home to do four more hours of indoctrination homework. Forget child-parent quality time.

When it comes to deciding whether to purchase a product or not, you no longer have a choice: get health insurance...or else. Participate in the medical industry scam or be punished by government.

Income Tax
Americans must pay an unequal and unethical tax, which neither the very poor nor the very rich pay while the taxes of the top 100 corporations is consistently zero and the percentage of the tax increases with income, basically penalizing the more productive members of society.

It’s been gone since 1973, but back by way of executive orders basically promising to make Americans into forced labor slaves for civil or military tasks when the government deems it necessary.

Eminent Domain
Ownership holds no water when the government confiscates your property in exchange for a pittance, especially when it is for a new Walmart, or some other corporate chain it deems more important than your own business.

Take from the poor and give to the rich - local tax dollars paid freely to corporations and private interests in exchange for having them install their money-making facilities continue to receive free tax money...and paying few taxes themselves.

Jury Selection and Manipulation
A random jury of your peers? No. Juries are now carefully selected by the judge (according to how ‘cooperative’ they are) and then bullied by the judge, who basically tells them how to decide a case - this is called Jury tampering and happens on a regular basis.

Internet Spying
Privacy? Everything you do on the Internet is not only spied on but recorded and kept on record indefinitely by the NSA. Your personal preferences, relations, hang ups, obsessions and vices are about as private as a produce bag.

Toxic Water
Your water has been made toxic with brain-destroying fluoride and 23 other chemicals. The government does not want you to be smart...nor very clear minded...nor very long lived.

Toxic Food
You have no choice. All your food has been genetically modified and treated with hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, radiations, chemicals, viruses, colorants, preservatives, and a host of other substances guaranteed to make you die early (and get sick in the meantime), all in the interests of corporate profit, and mandate. Meanwhile, the government prohibits the production of healthy normal food. And you thought you had rights.

You have no right to a healthy environment. Your entire living space is inundated with microwaves (and now low frequency waves) which are slowly degrading your brain and your body thanks to a network of ‘cellphone towers’ and smart meters. Cancer rates are skyrocketing. Sleeplessness is universal. Mind fog and memory loss is a given. The government’s concern about this is the same as the corporations that own it: zero.

No Fly Lists
Travel is not a right, but a privilege, and all it takes for your ‘privilege’ to disappear is that your name appear on a secret ‘No Fly List.’ Once there you have no right of appeal, no right to any recourse, in fact, no right to even know why your name was put on the list in the first place. The only thing you are allowed to know is that your name is on the list...and that you can no longer fly....anywhere.

No Knock SWAT Raids
Your very life comes to mean little when you know you can wake up dead after being riddled with bullets in your own bed by a SWAT team...perhaps even by mistake and through no fault of your own. Hey, life itself has become a random spin of the roulette wheel as even your basic right to life and justice become sparse.


After reading all this, if you still think you are a citizen of a free and sovereign country, then you will believe just about anything.

If, after reading this, you still believe you have any sort of rights and are protected by the law, then your powers of analysis are nonexistent.

The truth is we have lost most of our rights, exist under rules and regulations rather than law, and are subject to mandates instead of justice.

The reality is we have become a police state of slaves, who have been blinded to our condition by endless entertainment, distraction and welfare.

But the time will come when the velvet curtain will drop, we will see the brick wall and we will be presented with our chains.

This is why the time of all out resistance is NOW.

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