Thursday, May 1, 2014

Community Redevelopment: Planned Destruction for Agenda-21

I have been looking into the more advanced progress of Agenda-21 in other places besides Arizona - places where it has been in effect much earlier.

Most trends begin in Europe, cross the Atlantic into the East Coast and then spread to the rest of America from there.

Meaning the East Coast is much more advanced in whatever new globalist policy is being implemented at the moment than the Midwest or West.

In my part of the metropolitan Phoenix area, Agenda-21 is presently being implemented at the bureaucratic stage - ‘community’ meetings, flyers, propaganda, speeches, input sessions and ‘ballots’ so ‘the people’ can vote on it...on something that already has been decided at the city council level.

The long-term endgame of Agenda-21 has already been explored in a previous article...but what is the immediate short term goal?

Unfortunately, the answer is very mundane.

Profit and greed.

Isn’t that always the way it works?

Aren’t we being bribed (at all levels) to persuade us to comply with the New World Order?

Agenda-21 at the local level is no different.

Having analyzed the end result of Agenda-21 type projects on the East Coast and in Chicago, I would like to re-define the phenomenon in the present tense.

Agenda-21 is the new program of real-estate valuation.

How does it work?

You tear down perfectly functional working class business communities and replace them with high priced  luxury stores and condominiums.

As incredible as it sounds...that’s it!

It happened in New York and its already happening right here in my own area of Phoenix.

They tore down an entire community of SUCCESSFUL working class trade shops (trade supplies, repair, service, etc) and replaced it with an expensive high class open air mall called Tempe Marketplace.

In New York they did the same thing with a central area of the Bronx.

As incredible as it sounds, they shut down and threw out an entire community of functioning mom and pop stores and replaced it with condominiums and expensive shops.

The pretend fairy tale story they put out explains how the mom and pop stores are happily relocated to other areas.

The reality is these businesses get ZERO compensation or help, lose their customer base...and are basically destroyed PERMANENTLY.

There is desperation, gnashing of teeth, crying, loss of hope, poverty-level cut backs, anger, despair...

...all the negative emotions that go with decades of work and livelihood being destroyed before the owner’s eyes.

The media DOES NOT COVER this aspect or Agenda-21 real estate valuation.

And it is all done under the justification of EMINENT DOMAIN.

How’s that for laissez fair capitalism?

Not good at all.

The truth is all those businesses are being DESTROYED and their owners made destitute.

The city council boards ignore the economic tragedy because they are all googly-eyed with all the MONEY coming into their pockets and their community on account of this real estate valuation scheme.

They are also full of wet dreams of how much tax money (and personal pay offs) they will get out of the real estate valuation bonanza.

In practice, the whole thing looks like something out of a Peter Pan fairy tale.

Expensive condominiums and luxury a collapsing economy?

Give me a break.

What’s going on here?

And who is planning all of this anyway, Pee Wee Herman?

The truth again, is much uglier and much more incredible than what we give the globalists credit for.


The initial stages of Agenda-21 as expressed through ‘community development’ or ‘real estate valuation’ is simple economic destruction.

The mom and pop small businesses that are being ‘relocated’ are basically being destroyed.

The new condominiums and high priced shops replacing them are not going to make it in the new down-turned economy and will soon dissolve.

The result?

The final end result in is going to be a lot of empty buildings and empty lots at locations where thriving small business communities used to be.


As such, Agenda-21 community and real estate valuation schemes act pretty much like a Walmart acts in the economic destruction of small town America.

Step-1: Walmart moves in

Step-2: the mom and pop stores are unable to compete and shut down

Step-3: Walmart moves out

Step-4: the small town is left an economic ghost town with no businesses whatsoever...and little prospect of attracting any additional business

See how that works?

If you want to see what one of these bona fide creepy modern ghost towns look like, go to Miami, Arizona...I bet you won’t dare spend the night there.

The mechanism of destruction for Agenda-21 community development and valuation is pretty much the same.

Step-1: contact and bribe the local city council and fill their heads up with dreams of how a ‘community makeover’ will benefit them and their tax base

Step-2: hold pretend community gatherings and voting sessions to give the scheme legitimacy

Step-3: officially announce the ‘results’ of the new ‘community development’ project

Step-4: throw the small business owners out

Step-5: move the heavily subsidized high-priced condominiums and businesses in

Step-6: wait for economic reality to shut down the high priced businesses and bankrupt the condominiums

Step-7: turn the abandoned condos into public housing and leave the rest a wasteland of abandoned lots and buildings


The task of economic destruction has been accomplished.


The pertinent question is where does all the money come from.

Well, one prominent source are the many ‘foundations’ which seem to have unlimited and undisclosed amounts of money to spend on the destruction of our economy and our society.

Another source are flat out government subsidies supposedly used to better communities across America.

A third source are the community themselves, who pledge millions of their future tax dollars in subsidies towards the projects.

A fourth source is simply black funds which arrive under the table from who knows where.

The final truth is it takes a lot of money to create all that destruction, and with the Federal Reserve Central Bank money-creating facility (which is linked directly to the foundations) these folks have all the money they need.


So once more, greed and bribery is being used to bring the city councils in line with the economic destruction of their communities.

The Agenda-21 ‘community redevelopment’ stage is merely the first stage of the final plan.

The goal of the initial ‘community redevelopment’ now being carried out is simply the economic destruction of those communities which will be replaced by the Agenda-21 plan.

‘Creative Destruction’ as the Illuminati like to call it.

There is a lot of money and personnel being invested in this seemingly air-headed plan to replace functioning small business communities with high-priced luxury businesses and housing.

The REAL plan is simply to destroy functioning business communities across America.

Once these are economically and physically destroyed, the playing field is left vacant for further Agenda-21 planning.

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