Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tsunami Planned for US Coast?

Is a duplicate of the Japan Tsunami disaster planned for the East Coast of the United States?

The Japanese Tsunami and Fukushima occurred in 2011 without warning and without a strong enough quake to have caused the tsunami.

It is suspected by ex-NSA analyst and nuclear expert Jim Stone that the Japanese tsunamis of 2011 were cause by the detonation of undersea nuclear devices placed within a vulnerable, section of the Japan Trench.

These nuclear detonations (clearly in recorded in geological tremor spikes) were  caused by powerful nuclear devices most likely stolen from Minot Air Force Base and transported through Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana in 2007 (perhaps to Israel).

Jump to 2013.

Presently there has been quite a bit of media attention on the possibility of an East Coast tsunamis caused by landslides along the continental shelf.

In recent times, potential landslide locations off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina have hit the headlines.

Indeed, an undersea landslide produced at the unstable sections of the continental shelf off the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina, could send a 20-foot tsunami towards the East Coast of the United States with little warning...capable of reaching 20 miles inland. 

In other words, we have a collapsible Japan Trench situation right here right off the coast of the United States - a geological feature which could be triggered by an atomic explosion - just like the Japan tsunamis were in 2011 - to devastate our Atlantic shore.

Is it a coincidence then that in September of 2013 nuclear warheads were moved out of Dyess Air Force Base, Texas (with no one taking official responsibility or possession)…and transported by a black operation teams to an obscure location in South Carolina?

Alarm levels increased even further when Senator Lindsay Graham proclaimed the following day that Charleston, South Carolina could be afflicted by nuclear detonation off its coast.

Matters got even more suspicious in the days following when Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) issued a report within the Kremlin itself, stating that President Obama had ousted four top ranking US military officers after they refused to cooperate with plans to explode nukes off the coast of South Carolina.

On the other hand, there are reports that a nuke explosion DID occur.

The only problem was that it was a very low-yield nuclear explosion.

Anyone familiar with modern nuclear devices knows that the ‘yield’ can be set for each other words, the bomb can be programmed it t explode big or small. For example, the standard issue B61 nuclear bombs can be set to explode with a force all the way from 1 kiloton up to 350 kilotons.

Now the nuke that went off in the Atlantic was set to blow up with a pathetically small yield - in other bare minimum settings.

Accordingly,  the Russian Strategic Missile Forces Command later duly notified both Putin and his General Staff on 8 October 2013, that at 2:00 am an atomic device DID exploded in the seabed off the US Atlantic Ocean...about 620 miles off South Carolina...causing a 4.5 magnitude earthquake...a measurement that SMF experts equate to being caused by a 1-kiloton nuclear yield.

In other words, what apparently happened was that Obama’s officers DID obey the order to blow up the nuke off South Carolina, but set the device to explode at minimum yield, thus producing little or no tectonic effects.

In an atomic explosion scenario the tell-tale initial split second blast tremor is extremely powerful, but the subsequent shaking grows progressively was EXACTLY the case with the 8 October 2013 blast off South Carolina.

This ‘secret’ operation was known by many countries (like France and Britain) including Russia, who openly released their intelligence findings to the world (findings which have been censored by the mainline media).

In short, the operation to produce a East Coast tsunami was fudged by our own military, who have retained a modicum of patriotism, Americanism and flat out sanity in refusing to destroy their own country.

They have paid for this dearly.

The after-effects of this purposeful ‘bungling’ of orders are well known.

Shortly after this bungled incident (which was to have produced a Fukushima type tsunami even on the East Coast) Obama embarked upon an ongoing purge of all top ranking Strategic (nuclear) force officers...a purge that still continues to this day.

It seems Obama is determined to have his coastal false flag operation, no matter how many officers he has to purge (or have murdered) in order to do it.

But whatever the case may be, the secret is out:

A Fukushima style tsunami event is being planned for the Eastern Coast of the United States.

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  1. When you become a member of the illuminati, all your heart desires will be giving to you, you will become rich to the extent you can no longer control your wealth. There are no sacrifices because illuminati does not share blood. The only thing illuminati needs from you is commitment to brotherhood

  2. Completely ridiculous. There is no way a Nuke could cause a 9.0 Earthquake or cause of chain reaction that led to a 9.0. It would take thousands of megatons to do that. Any High School Science teacher could tell you that. That would be like trying to move a Boulder with a fire cracker. Just a stupid Conspiracy theory that is complete baseless. BTW with earthquakes like this, it ruptures at different rates, hence the pre-shocks. It amazes me the stuff people come up with.

    1. I would tend to agree with you, but I must admit, I frequently fail to grasp just how far modern science has advanced. What got to me on this issue is how Stone and Makow were persecuted into the ground for merely mentioning this theory (I perceived an almost hysterical panic). And, of course, there is always haarp...and all the evidence listed in this article pointing to the fact that something is not right in the Fukushima narrative.

  3. I can't get passed the first sentence - an earthquake not powerful enough to cause a tsunami. It was 9.0 quake, I think the fifth biggest on record?! Plus I believe it was a megathrust quake too similar to the one in the Indian Ocean in 2004. Despite wanting to create a conspiracy theory around this event it looks to me like basic geology, geography and physics easily explains the tsunami. Plus don't you think someone may have noticed a undersea nuclear explosion? No conspiracy here just Mother Nature at her worst

    1. "I can't get passed the first sentence"
      Looks like you indeed did not get past the first sentence - the whole premise is that the earthquake did not resemble and was not even close to a 9.0 magnitude quake.

      "don't you think someone may have noticed a undersea nuclear explosion?"
      You tell me. Did anyone notice the demolition of the two Towers at the World Trade Center? Did anyone notice the demolition of Building 7? Does anyone notice there is no global warming? The nuclear explosion was registered as a spike on the richter scale. But fact never matters when it comes to our "institutions" or the media.
      "just Mother Nature at her worst"
      Here's some shocking news for you: we have mother nature by the throat. Read on weaher warfare and HAARP.

      OH....and if you live on the coast, you may want to leave just about now.

      Good Luck,