Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SWAT Firebugs Now Burning People Alive

It was a stereotype in the old cowboy movies that the bad guys got burned out of their hold out.

They burned Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth inside a barn.

They burned the founder of ‘The Order,’ Robert Jay Mathews in a Whidbey Island home off Washington State.

They PLANNED to burn Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge, but stopped the operation (emptying a bladder of gasoline over the house) when they saw the press filming.

They burned the Branch Davidians at Waco.

They burned Chris Dorner in a cabin.

Lately they firebombed Michael Nolan in a New Hampshire home, killing him instantly.

The fire bomb was so powerful it exploded right through the roof, blowing Nolan’s corpse right out the window.

New Hampshire Home Fire Bombed

Like the Branch Davidian conflagration, the Nolan barbecue was preceded by an armored vehicle crashing into the structure, then backing out shortly before the explosion.

In other words, the new modus operandi for barricaded holdouts seems to be to have an armored vehicle bust into the home, set a powerful incendiary device and burn the troublemaker to ashes.

Now we finally begin to see a use for all those MRAP armored cars all the police departments are getting from the Army.

They are the door-busting and incendiary-device setting vehicles to use against all the gun holdouts.

Which is one more reason, when the great gun confiscation occurs, to LEAVE your home and do all your ‘resisting’ in the open.

Now I see you asking yourself about all the damage to private property.

Obviously the police don’t give a damn.

They will burn as many homes and even as many buildings as necessary bring gun owners under control.

So it really comes as no surprise that the Odessa Trade Union building in the Ukraine (which was occupied by secessionists) suddenly caught fire and burned to the ground shortly after Blackwater (Academi) mercenaries completed their deployment.

Hey, the same methodology...probably carried out by the same people.

From the New Hampshire footage, it seems that the police have begun using the Army’s semi-secret thermobaric  or fuel-air explosive devices which produce a heat and blast effect out of all proportion to their size.

Fuel-Air Explosive Demonstration

So be forewarned, when they come for the guns, they plan on burning the resistors out.

They don’t care about all the property damage (ever see what the Fire Department does to your property over a small blaze?) and they probably don't care about how many homes or neighboring homes they have to burn to the ground.

In fact, all the progressing funeral pyres might serve as intimidating and ghastly examples of what is coming up the pike, so as to persuade many gun owners to play along before the gun confiscators even get there.

In short, if we put up resistance, they plan is to burn us out.

And why not?

It’s a lot more convenient and cheap to simply burn an entire structure down along with the resistor than risk the casualties of a SWAT raid.

Indeed, in the event of a general gun confiscation, SWAT raids upon the homes of thousands of ‘resisting’ Americans are likely to be prohibitive.

So they have come out with a ‘burn ‘em out’ strategy.

Somebody resists, they call in an armored vehicle which crashes into your living room and deposits a thermobaric bomb which blows your home to smithereens in an instant inferno.

Fast, simple, safe, effective and cheap.

I’m sure the Fire Departments will be kept very busy trying to prevent entire city blocks from catching fire.


Now the firebombing tactic might work and intimidate at the beginning.

But the lesson will soon be learned by Americans now wishing to turn in their guns:

...find another location besides your home from where to resist.

Which sort of takes the genie out of the bottle, doesn’t it?

Gun resistors will no longer be contained within their homes, but be out on the prowl, putting their long-range shooting skills to use.

How fast, simple, safe, effective and cheap does the firebug solution sound now?

But whatever the matter...be on notice.

They will burn you out.

Choose an alternate location besides a home from which to hold out in case of general gun confiscation.


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