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Demonic Possession-II: The Illuminati Plague

As an expansion on my previous article: Demonic Possession would like to repeat the explanation of why our world is so messed up...why secret societies are so powerful...and why satanic-like activity is being elevated to the heavens.

In addition,  how it is that the Illuminati have been able to maintain a single-minded and a single united course throughout history without dividing themselves into competing factions (like all other human institutions do).

Demonic possession.

Any human institution CANNOT embark on any endeavor throughout ages of time without ultimately disintegrating into competing factions.

Even the mighty Roman Empire got divided.

A supernatural institution, however, continues on the tradition through the ages by way of their demon-possessed human tools.

The plan is supernatural...this is why it is eternal...and it never disintegrates into impotence because it is of the spiritual, not the material.

Can you imagine a single family like the Rothschilds running Europe and the world for over 300 years without jealousies,  fragmentation, power struggles, defections, betrayals, theft, bankruptcy...or even a general falling apart of the great plan?

Of course not.

No human institution can.

All empires and religions sooner or later got divided to the four winds

...but not the Illuminati.

Why is that?

The answer is, of course, that the ‘plan’ is being carried out through generations by the same demons who created it...through one generation after another of possessed followers.

Let’s quit fooling around.

Secret societies and demonic possession run the world.
There is a reason that the Nigerian Obgone can’t help EAT the liver of their enemies...

...there is a reason Al Queda can’t help cut off the heads on their enemies and or EAT their hearts or torture Christians to death.

...there is a reason the Communists desecrated Churches, raped nuns and  sodomized priests before torturing them to death...and proceeded to slaughter Christians...while Mao’s Communist revolutionaries ATE the people they just killed.

The poor possessed wretches couldn’t help themselves.

Whatever happened to the victory of scientifically planned socialism over the base passions of man?

Are these the ‘seething energies of Lucifer’ the Grand masonic Master Albert Pike spoke of?

What about the violent, uncontrollable urges President Bill Clinton couldn’t help unleash on every woman under his control as he bit on their lower lips to enslave them before raping them?

Ever hear the blood-curdling laugh that comes out of Hillary Clinton every time the subject of DEATH surfaces?

Hillary Laughs at Qaddafi's Death

Hillary Laughs at Upcoming Iranian War Deaths

Did you catch the sheer ecstasy and joy the prospect of DEATH seemed to produce in the minds of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and ex-Secretary of State James Baker?

Are these the reactions of normal human beings?

The behavior of our leadership is quite telling...if you watch it closely.

But again, here is the basis of it all:

All magic involves the direct or indirect summoning of entities which are then asked to do your bidding.

All secret societal initiation involves possession by an entity.

This is the basis of ‘magic.’

All who practice magic or have gone through an initiation are subject to possession by an outside entity...spirit...force...or demon.

The word ‘demon’ is simply a derivation of the ancient Greek word ‘daimon’ which is a reference to a disembodied soul or spirit.

So possession, on one hand, might be too strong a term.

The words ‘manipulated, affected, influenced’ might be more accurate than total ‘possession.’

But it doesn’t make the condition any less serious.

This is because the condition of affectation, influence and manipulation is so absolute that the personality of the ‘demon’ fits in with the personality (and thoughts) of the individual to which it is attached.

It is serious because, with time, the sensations of the demon become the sensations of the possessed.

The concepts of the demon become the concepts of the possessed.

Until finally the acts of the demon become the acts of the possessed - all the while with the possessed believing thoughts and actions are his or her own.

Chris Everard, in his documentary, Spiritworld, proclaims (rightly) that the major part of humanity is ‘possessed’ or influenced by an attached entity.

See the whole picture now?

Humanity is plagued by the leadership of human beings possessed by the entities picked up through magical and secret ritual through membership in secret societies.

It is under the guidance of these tortured and non-sovereign people that humanity presently drifts towards its destiny...which it has been doing for the last 5,000 years.

As far as these entities or demons are concerned, the purpose of magic is to bring the practitioners of the magic under their influence and, through demonic power, have these inhabited tools gain positions of influence within society.

As far as these entities or demons are concerned, the purpose of occult secret society initiation is to pair up the initiate with a demon.


Every time you are laid to rest inside a coffin during a Masonic (or fraternity) initiation, it is to pair you up with your spirit or demon.

Every time you are initiated in the mystery religion of Mormonism, you are being paired up with a ‘familiar’ or additional ‘familiars.’

Have you seen the aspect of the Mormon oligarchy lately?

The lower level Mormons are the healthiest, happiest, most beautiful people you can imagine...while the upper oligarchy can only be described as sinister.

This is because Mormonism is a mystery religion to whose ever increasing levels of ‘initiation’ the ‘elders’ must be subject to...all of this is magic.

Three of these ‘members of the senior leadership’ came over to visit about a family member who was living with me at the time, who had chosen to join the Mormon Church.

These three middle-aged men, all in black, gave me the impression that I was being visited by a trio of warlocks. They literally gave me goose pimples...another expression this is ‘they made my skin crawl.’

The were very soft spoken, very cold and very serious...some would call it dead serious. family member DID get ‘the Masonic headache’ following his initiation into Mormonism - the piercing, incapacitating headache people get shortly after being initiated into Freemasonry or Mormonism.

The headache was so bad he was reduced to sobbing incapacitation for several days.

And yes...his personality did change in time as he became at first distant, then irritable...and finally filled with hate and disdain. He finally did end up leaving Mormonism...but took his new ‘personality’ with him.

A similar event happens to the initiate of Freemasonry after the first degree ceremony.

The saying “what’s gotten into him” is not accident and is derived from whatever new vices or obsessions accompany demonic possession.


The great bloody leaders of history were all under the spell of the occult or careful followers of occult priests.

Genghis Kahn was totally dependent on the ‘advice’ of his ‘shamans’ and his cold-blooded excesses were those of a demonically possessed leader.

Vlad the Impaler was a satanist.

Shaka Zulu, the murderous conqueror and creator of the Zulu empire did NOTHING without the guidance of his ‘patesi’ or witch doctor.

The excesses of the Communists Robespierre, Carrier, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot were all the bloody maniacal acts of demon-possessed men - all of them were involved in the occult.

Hitler was heavily involved in the occult...anyone watching him speak can have no doubt he was possessed.

The new so-called ‘Muslim Fundamentalists’ CAN’T STOP THEMSELVES from committing atrocity after atrocity on their prisoners...and especially on Christians (just like the French Revolutionists and the Communists could not).

CANNIBALISM (and its close relative - blood drinking) seems to be a predominant theme with these possessed people, which is a reason why it was so common with the proto-Communists of the French Revolutionist, the Communists, Satanists, African leaders who are members of African secret societies, etc, and now demonically possessed Muslim Fundamentalists.

HOMOSEXUALITY is also a marker of demonic possession. This is why homosexuality and sodomy are a plague amongst Satanists, Communists, Occultists,and lately, the phony Al Qaeda operatives.

Possession is widespread in the world of POP MUSIC because witchcraft is so widespread within the same.

Most female singers who become famous have to be practicing witches and bisexuals.

Over and over again we hear rock stars admit they have made pacts with the Devil and are ‘possessed.’

The theme of Satanism, Devil Worship and Luciferianism are universal in the Rock music scene.


Chris Everard, in his documentary, Spiritworld, admits he believes the majority of people are ‘possessed’ in some way shape or form.

Again, possessed meaning ‘in the presence and under the influence and manipulation of outside entities’ and not under total control of the self.

Many other people are plagued by these entities and made incapable of holding a job, supporting themselves, maintaining relationships...and are sometimes driven insane.

Mother Teresa admitted that she believed she had become demoniacally possessed and submitted herself to various exorcisms.

I don’t believe this woman sought out the demons, but was continually exposed to them by treating the poor, who had become poor by way of having become imbalanced...through demonic possession.

Count the people you know on the fingers of your two hands....then think how many of those people are decent, balanced, viable, normal, stable, trustworthy, moral human beings and put down the fingers representing them.

Chances are you will only be left holding up between one and three fingers.

Are the rest of these people possessed in some way, shape or form?

The point is this: isn’t hard to pick up an entity.

...this world is plagued with them.

...just as it is ubiquitous with institutions trying to bring you in touch with them.

The QUALITIES of POSSESSION should neither be exaggerated nor brushed aside.

Pretty soon you start having IDEAS which are not your own.

You start having FEELINGS which are not your own.

You start getting VICES which you would have never have considered before.

NOTIONS which you had never before considered begin to enter your mind.

The pervert, the homosexual, the sociopath, the psychopath, the torturer, the sadist, the gossip monger, the uncontrolled, the uninhibited, the chronically slothful...could all be the result of demonic possession.

It is this reason why SELF-CLEANSING might be so important.

As it stands, human culture has been shaped to OPEN YOURSELF to the influence of these entities.

Yoga teaches one to ‘clear’ the mind and ‘open yourself’ to the universe.


Christian religion frequently encourages the individual to ‘get in touch’ with God, ‘open yourself up’ to Jesus and ‘let God take control’ and pray to ‘become the tool of God.’

How do you know it is God who will make the appearance?

The truth is it is DANGEROUS to set open yourself up to ANYTHING spiritual or disembodied entity...just because you believe or wish to become ‘possessed’ by the ‘Universe’ or by ‘God’ doesn’t mean that is going to happen.

The brutal truth open yourself up and ‘something’ enters.


This is why the OPPOSITE of what Yoga or much of religion admonishes should be practiced.

Instead of constantly seeking to get in touch with disembodied entities, humans should seek to CLEANSE themselves of all external influence...and get in touch with their own will, their own essence and their own mind, their own spirit.

Frequently, the people to whom I suggest any sort of cleansing ritual become disturbed, angry or afraid.

Really people?

Cleansing yourself of external disembodied entities is more frightening than letting all those entities in?

It is, of course, the demon doing the talking.


The ‘Circle of Protection’ is a practice in magic in which a circle is depicted on the floor in some way which any summoned spirit cannot penetrate.

Traditionally it is the magician which centers himself in the circle, though sometime spirits or demons are contained within the circle while the magician stands outside of it.

The main point is this: the ‘Circle of Protection’ is established by the power of the magicians mind and will.

The depiction of the Circle itself is there simply to mark the parameters in order to concentrate the mental energies of the magician in that area.

Get it?

The magicians MIND is what is creating the force field that keeps the Demon away.

In other words, you have the power to protect yourself from these demons through the power of your own mind - provided you focus your will and your intention.

A major mistake when it comes to the Circle of Protection is that the ‘magician’ neglects to protect the very surface of the floor on which he stands versus the area around it...Demons can come up through the floor...and frequently do.

Ergo the first exercise: clean everything out of yourself, from the core of your body to the area immediately around you - imagine either a vaccuuming, or a wind or force ejecting everything alien or unbelonging OUT.

Some people imagine an ‘emission’ like the depicted emission of a radio antenna emanating signals from the core of their bodies which emanate towards the outside and push everything out.

But most important of all is your WILL that you are breaking with all the external and cleansing yourself of it.

Another technique is to BRUSH YOURSELF OFF, which consists of simply brushing your self off mentally and physically with your hands, just like you do when you brush off dirt - down the arms, torso and legs...always out and away.

The important thing in all these techniques is that the ‘force’ come within you going outward (never out going in).


When you push something out...keep pushing...push the entity or things or whatever out of your room...out of your house...out of your yard...or they might remain to victimize those around you (including your pets).

When you even begin to consider cleansing, the ‘Demons’ inside of you, they will probably start coming up with an endless number of reasons why you should not do it.

    -'you will cut off your ‘muse’ and all your inspiration will end

-'you will cut yourself off from God’

-'you will leave a giant void into which even more demons will enter’

-'all your ‘psychic’ powers and intuitions will disappear


Humanity’s problem is that it has always been begging off to ‘higher’ entities instead of getting in touch with its own power...its own will...and its own mind.

God does not want to take possession of your body - possession is a thing of the devil.

God wants only that you, from your own free will, follow his law.

This is why God gave us free will.

A free will we have begged off to divination and magic.

The truth is that a lot of the God-given power you will ever need is within your own mind NOW.

The greatest and most powerful delusion of man is that he is weak and defenseless without magic, divination, prayer, ritual, charms...and, in Christians circles, that it is sinful to believe you to have any power at all over your own circumstance and that you are fallen, sinful and weak.

A ‘struggle’ is likely to occur as you make your will felt.

It might be hard to get rid of the entities. They might be resistant or might even return, but ultimately your will is what is going to win out.

The decision to have out with them should be permanent.


Some people feel lighter and more nimble following a cleansing (heaviness, both real and perceived is a characteristic of demonic possession)

Others feel heavier (weightlessness or floating is a symbol of giving in to possession).

Regardless you will feel stronger and more clear headed.

You might notice that you eventually stop having some of the tastes and vices which have been enslaving you all this time.

Some of the (false) interests that affected you might fade away...while some of the (real) interests that you have now grow and increase.

Notions that used to enter your mind will not occur anymore.

Extreme afflicting emotions, whether it be great rage or great sadness, uncontrollable anger or deep depression will diminish or even disappear.

Whatever talents you have will not only remain unscathed, but will become sharper, stronger, more focused and more productive.

The key is to make your will permanent and not open yourself up to entities ever again, whether sough or unsought.


Humanity has been plagued by the direction of secret societies since its beginning.

Secret Society ritual and magic are the doorway to demonic possession.

The plan of the Illuminati continues through the ages because it is carried out by demons who continuously possess their willing victims throughout the centuries.

The secret societies controls their members through demonic possession accomplished in their rituals.

Many of the ‘great’ ideas of the Illuminati come not from human beings but from the demons which have taken possession them.

The construct of the New World Order as well as the methods by which it is coming about is demoniacally inspired.

The entire construct of the New World Order and the methods by which it is being accomplished has occurred under the inspiration of demons... carried out through unsuspecting human tools which have been possessed through magical and secret ritual.

This is why the plan for a 'New World Order of the Ages' has been so constant and unchanging.

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