Thursday, May 29, 2014

Illuminati Control System: Simple Top - Down Obedience

The secret Illuminati control grid is simple.

Top-down power.

They appoint their trustees to all the top positions.

That’s it.

There needn’t be any mysterious complex esoteric control structure.

There needn’t be any expansive body-snatcher-like conspiracy to replace your boss with an Illuminati.

The Illuminati agents themselves are clueless tools made useful by their obedient amorality than any knowing inclusion in any Illuminati game plan.

In other words, they just do what they’re told. They don’t ask questions. And they have no idea (nor care to know) of the Illuminati plan.

People ask, “how is it that they can infuse our environment with microwaves, contaminate our water with fluoride, install cameras on every street corner and make most of our food toxic without any alarm or any resistance coming about?”

The answer is very simple: society is inhabited by large amounts of corrupt obedient tools willing to serve whoever pays the highest dollar or offers the highest position.

This is tremendously helped by the unlimited amount of printed and electronic fiat money created by the Federal Reserve for use by the Illuminati.

In other words, the Illuminati have unlimited funds with which to carry out their gradual submergence of society under their control.

The answer as to why there is fluoride in our water and silicone in our fast food is simply that that executives of the companies and governments involved have been TOLD to include those elements in those mediums.

I still remember an inside story emanating from the Carnation Milk Company by somebody involved directly.

Nowadays, if you look at the ingredients inside Carnation Milk (powdered or evaporated) you will find a cornucopia of unpronounceable chemicals.

People assume all these chemicals are there for some good reason (ex.: appearance, preservation, consistency, texture, etc).

The truth is, many of those chemicals are there because the company executives were simply TOLD to include them!

Anyone familiar with corporate structure knows that companies today are owned branches of corporate combines who are themselves possessions of  gigantic corporate holding companies.

This is why analysts say that ALL media within the United States is owned by six corporations.

Simply put, these six corporations OWN all the other media companies.

See how that works?

And at the the very top...what you have are the representatives of the ten largest banks in the nation.

This is how the United Artists film company (famous for its James Bond films) was bankrupted.

The banks bought up all its stock and installed THEIR representative at the helm of United Artists.

This stooge ran the entire studio into bankruptcy through a series of ridiculous and costly films.

Same with Marvel Comics, whose founder and owner, Stan Lee, was divested of all his holdings through a similar scheme.

Don’t you just like pop history?

The truth is the moment you ‘go public’ with your stock is the moment you place your company in the hands of the fiat bankers.

But back to Carnation.

The Carnation Company simply received royal commands from its holding company (their owner) to begin including certain chemicals within their milk - no explanation offered.

The Carnation executive obediently complied.

The result?

A list of toxic chemicals were instantly included within Carnation’s Instant Powdered Milk.

The reason?

The same holding company that owned Carnation also owned a chemical company.

With the inclusion of the new chemicals in milk, the chemical company now had an additional market for their product.

In an onion peel sort of explanation this makes perfect sense.

If you move step away a few miles and look at the general toxicity of our food, you begin to see the core of the onion - the real reason is simply to poison us.


By simply telling the gofers of the companies their banks possess to include the poisons within their product.

See the Illuminati structure now?

First, get granted permission over a nation’s wealth and the unlimited power to print unlimited amounts of money...then use that money to buy everything up...finally telling the stooges in command of the companies you own to do  your bidding - no questions asked.

THAT is why we are in the situation we are today.

A simple top-down structure of obedient corporate stooges maintained through the 10 largest banks in the country with the unlimited money produced by the Federal Reserve.

Another stereotypical example is that of journalists of major newspapers and magazines being fired for investigating and writing about the wrong things.

The newspaper or magazine is already owned by a corporate conglomerate whose board of directors keeps an eagle eye on what it does not only by direct observation but by comprehensive intelligence system connecting with CIA and NSA assets.

The CEO of the corporate conglomerate is ‘informed’ of what a certain journalist is pursuing.

He, in turn, calls the editor of the newspaper...and the reporter is FIRED on the spot...

...not only fired, but secretly BLACKLISTED so that he cannot find work in any of the other newspapers or magazines (also owned by the interlocking network of corporate conglomerates).

This is why you hear of reporters making headway on juicy and important stories suddenly finding themselves on the street.


But no description of the Illuminati power structure would be complete without a description of the Illuminati tool.

This is a go along to get along type of individual.

Always looking for opportunity and the chance to get ahead by sucking toes.

Absolutely without principles, rules or morality, this individual watches out from number one...yet also possesses a form solid paid-for loyalty which can be counted on as long as the individual is paid and or threatened.

These are the people who run our corporations, government bureaucracies, banks and nationwide institutions.

They were PUT there based on their “go along get along” qualities as well as their ‘flexibility’ (meaning they have no principles or morality whatsoever).

These are the types of people who are watched, tested and then finally installed in the leadership positions of our the banks that own all those institutions through the unlimited funds they produce out of nothing.

The top-down system of Illuminati control is as simple as it is effective.

The training starts in college (really an obedience training system which ferrets out true individuals).

The students who are quick to latch on to hints, nuances, insinuations and suggestions by the grand masters (professors) are marked out for ascension within the corporate and college world.

These are the ones who gradually ‘make it to the top’ of the corporate and educational field.

These are the gofers the top-down Illuminati control grid is composed of.

I know, I’ve been there...and I have watched the system very carefully.


The Illuminati system of control is very simple: a top-down control grid, with the knowing Illuminati at the very top and the obedient and clueless stooges at all the other levels.

The stooges KNOW that their entire career depends on their obedience and instant agreement with those above them.

If there is a problem, the order comes down from the top.

The editor of a newspaper or CEO of a corporation does not have to know why or how the order has come about, all he knows is that he has to OBEY it because it comes from the CEO of the controlling corporate combine or holding company.

They know that if they do not obey INSTANTLY, they will be out of the job tomorrow!

How do the Illuminati place their fellows at the very top positions within the corporate combines and holding companies?


They use the unlimited funds created out of nothing through the Federal Reserve to buy enough stock or buy enough companies to the point where they (mostly bankers) gain the right to appoint their men through sheer possession of stock and asset.

Needless to say, most of the ‘appointees’ to the top corporations and holding corporations and combines in this country come from the CEOs of the top ten banks (to whom all corporations are in debt).

It is indeed a banker’s (or more accurately, a central banker’s) world.

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