Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vladimir Putin: Shill of the New World Order

President Vladimir Putin of Russia is just one more Illuminati shill working in unison with the Illuminati of the West.

Russia has been an Illuminati-run operation since the days of the Russian Revolution.

The Bolshevik Revolution itself was financed out of banks from New York, London and Frankfurt in 1918.

The Soviet Union continued to receive Western industrial, technological and financial help from its inception all the way up to its demise as support for its role as the Cold War boogey man.

So it comes as no surprise that Vladimir Putin continues to be a shill of the banking oligarchs who put in him power and continues to work in perfect unison with the New World Order.

To begin with, Putin was appointed by the same Jewish king-maker who appointed his predecessor - Boris Yeltsin.

That’s right, it was Boris Berezovsky, the Jewish-oligarch-behind-the-throne who APPOINTED Yeltsin...who (when Yeltsin became unpopular) sought out and APPOINTED Putin.

Berezovsky CALLED Putin to his office and APPOINTED him the next leader of Russia.

Vladimir Putin was just one more Berezovsky puppet - selected by Berezovsky, empowered by Berezovsky and hyped up by Berezovsky.

Is it really surprising that the Berezovsky had sought out his candidate from the very institution the bankers have been using to control Russia since 1954 - the KGB? See the whole rotten story of Putin's rise to power here.

To give credence to the myth that Putin was his own self-made man, Berezovsky then left Russia and divested himself of all his Russian holdings...fleeing to the banking center of ‘The City’ of London...and then dying mysteriously in 2013 at the hands of his banking London.

The Jewish element is strong with Putin.

Putin, a Jew, appointed by the Jew Berezovsky and reliant on the Jew Medvedev and the Jew Lavrov...likes to masquerade as the bulwark of Russian Orthodoxism.

More disturbing, Putin’s actions have been less pro-Russian than pro-New World Order.

Being simply a New World Order shill, he specializes in operations that further the advancement of the New World Order first and foremost...frequently to the detriment (and death ) of fellow  Russians.


-carried out his own version of the War on Terror alongside the United States

-launched his own false flag bombings within Russia alongside Bush’s false flag operations inside America.

-made sure the Russian survivors of the stricken submarine Kursk were abandoned to die in order to cover-up US involvement in its sinking.

-purposefully killed hostages taken by ‘terrorists’ (including women and children) under a bloody policy of zero-tolerance.

-plays the Russian nationalist while continuing to be a closet Communist, just like our Barack Obama

-tricks third rate nations into confrontation with Russia (with US collaboration) like he did with the Republic of Georgia...and is trying to do with the Ukraine.

-uses emplaced KGB assets in Eastern Europe to launch secret coups and remove heads of state, like he did in Poland and the Ukraine in 2010.

-collaborates fluidly withe the Russian (Jewish) Mafia

See the blog below for all the details:

Putin: DEVIL Not Hero

At the present, Putin is trying to pull off another Georgia in the Ukraine, staging matters so that it appears he has been ‘provoked’ into action.

Shockingly, NATO is playing along as well, basically putting the Russian noose around its neck as it deploys its forces in Putin’s back yard.

All of Putin’s ‘success’ in international politics have been handed to him by his mismanaging closet Communists in Europe and America.

Recently...the entire mask has fallen off!
Putin pushed through and signed a holocaust denial law...joining his fellow Jewish stooges in the EU in promising to PERSECUTE anyone even mentioning any doubt that the Jewish Holocaust might have happened in any way other than the official version.

Putin has promised anyone questioning the Jewish Holocaust with an automatic five years in the gulag!

How about a similar law for the Ukrainian Holocaust, Putin? Of course you will never pass such a law!

Truth needs not be enforced by law - it always makes its own way to the top.

And independent nationalists need not bow down to the Jews.

Putin is no sovereign nationalist, nor even an Orthodox Christian.

Like our own Barack Obama, he is a secret Communist impostor and total agent of the Jewish bankers who control the New World Order.

Which makes it all the more shocking...

...that this impostor is being trumpeted as the world’s greatest hope against the New World Order, and a beacon for Nationalism, Christianity and national alternate media gurus which really should know better.

Putin, like his Communist colleague in China, Xi Jinping are planning for war against America and NATO...

...but the pro-Putin propaganda has been so effective that it would not be surprising to see Americans cheer the appearance of Russian troops on American soil.


Putin is a puppet of the same Jewish banking oligarch who appointed Boris Yeltsin - Boris Berezovsky.

He continues to act against his country and in tandem with the policies of the New World Order.

Pro-Putin propaganda has been so effective that he is being seen by many in the world as viable new world leader.

Presently Putin is working toward provoking Ukraine into justifying his forthcoming Russian occupation of that country....and NATO into spreading itself out for his occupation of EUROPE.

People, ignore this at your own risk.


  1. lol bullshit propaganda....endofwesterncic hiding out in Aotearoa nah mate its the end of imperialist hegemony - Go the Vlad :)

    1. Right...end of imperialist hegemony and the beginning of Communist rule