Monday, October 7, 2013

Putin: DEVIL Not Hero

The hero of the moment is President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Putin can do no wrong.

Accolades from around the world are given to this man, not only as a bringer of peace in the recent Syria crisis, but as a resplendent and promising leader for the world community and an anchor of Christianity, morality and patriotism.

More recently, many within the conspiracy movement itself have begun to breathlessly applaud this man as the new hope for world freedom.

I never thought I would see the day when the HEAD OF THE KGB would be applauded as the new hope of the world.

Because that is what Putin is - not just a KGB apparatchik, but the actual HEAD of the KGB, in other words - Russia's top spy chief!!!

But this is a new generation doing all the applauding, who either does not know what the Cold War is or who has chosen to believe that it has ended.

It is somewhat ironic that the new light of the world turns out to be THE HEAD OF THE KGB - one of the bloodiest, brutal and ruthless organizations the world has ever seen.

The Putin myth is fodder only for those who do not know Communist history: the Bolshevik Revolution, the KGB, the Cheka, the NKVD, the gulags, the 5-year plans, the Holodomor, the Kirovian purges, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, Communist occupation, Tiananmen Square and what they mean.

The above quaint terms ended up killing more than 100 million human beings in the last century!

So yes, it is shocking to see the world media parading the head of the KGB as a new hope for mankind.

It's been done before with Gorbachev (remember him?).

Suddenly a new hope emerges from the depths of reformed Russia.

Putin is part two of this 'charm' offensive which Communism has chosen to carry out before, during and after WW-III (which is coming up).

But before we begin, let's look at Putin's career, shall we?

Vladimir Putin:

-KGB Colonel 1991

-Head of the FSB (KGB) 1998-1999

-Russian Premier 1999

-Russian President 1999 (a surprisingly fast promotion - right after Yeltsin's surprise resignation - through FSB blackmail)

-Russian President 2000 - 2008

-Premier 2008-2012 (while letting his puppet, Medvedev, 'take over' to satisfy constitutional term limit requirements while he really directed everything as premier)

-President 2012- present (reelected resoundingly through fraudulent elections)


So right off the bat, Putin begins his political career by using his powers the FSB (KGB) to blackmail Yeltsin into resigning and giving PUTIN total control. It was in fact rumored that Putin had entered into Yeltsin's cabinet through blackmail in the first place.


It did not take long for Putin to begin the 2nd Chechen War (a conflict that had been humanely wrapped up by Yeltsin to prevent butchery).

In typical agent provocateur fashion, Putin allowed foreign Muslim mercenaries to enter Chechnya and begin sniping at Russian troops in 1999.

With that excuse, Putin escalated and used the 'iron fist' in a conflict that could have been prevented through simple border security (sound familiar?).

Putin kicked off the 2nd Chechen War the following year with OMON (the FSB paramilitary) by executing more than 100 civilians at Grozny.

Notice that he had to have the butchers imported from all the way from St. Petersburg to make sure the bloody job was done right.

Even in towns which were 'pacified' Putin's FSB (KGB) controlled paramilitary police entered and made itself busy kidnapping, torturing and murdering suspected civilians to the tune of 5000 'disappeared' whose corpses have never been found (not counting the mutilated corpses that HAVE been found).

There are plenty of video clips of of young Chechen' getting dragged by the collar by paramilitary FSB thugs screaming "God help me!"

Alas...there was no help.

From there, Putin's heavy handed methods escalated to the level of heavy artillery bombardment, followed up by tanks and indiscriminate machine gunning. His indiscriminate and brutal methods ended up killing 200,000 Chechen civilians (legally Russian citizens).

Let me repeat: Putin murdered 200,000 Russian citizens.

And he did so in the process of dealing with a revolt he himself had helped facilitate.

So uncontrolled and excessive was Putin's 'pacification' of that region that today a full third of Chechnya remains an 'ECOLOGICAL DISASTER ZONE.'

Just what methods Putin used to turn a third of a region the size of New Jersey into an uninhabitable officially declared "ecological disaster zone" I am afraid to imagine.

But his actions in Chechnya earned him the fitting nickname 'the BUTCHER of Chechnya.'

To keep everything nice and neat, the media coverage of the conflict in Putin's democracy was so censored that Russian audiences themselves never took them seriously.


1999 was also the year of the terrorist bomb in Russia.

The year not only kicked off a series of terror bombings which helped gather public support for the 2nd Chechen War, but began the consolidation of Putin's police powers (which blossomed under a series of terrorist bombings).

Sound familiar?

That's right. The Russian executive was empowered and the Russian government's police powers were increased under a 'terror threat' and a new 'war on terror.'

Putin set his FSB (KGB) to work over time placing and detonating bombs on Russian soil (and killing Russians).

In August and September of 1999 the FSB set off a series of bombs at apartment buildings and malls killing 300 and maiming 700 Russians.

But the whole rotten scheme fell apart at the city of Ryazan where a bomb was found and deactivated by local police before it could explode.

The Russian FSB (KGB) immediately moved in and declared the bomb a 'drill,' taking control of the device (before its elements could be traced to the FSB itself!).

The effect of the Ryazan Incident had the same effect the Madrid train bombings would have five years later - it put the population into a rage against the government.

The Russian population took to the streets cursing the government and calling Putin a scheming butcher.

That Putin could survive such political fallout was due only to his total control of the FSB, the police, the Russian Mafia, the Army and Media.

It was not the only act of bloody treachery the Russian population would have to endure under Putin.

For his next act of murder, Putin moved to the high seas.


In August of 2000, the Oscar class nuclear submarine 'Kursk' sank following an on board explosion during a naval exercise in the Barents Sea.

High ranking naval officers were on board.

The disaster is officially said to have been caused by the explosion of one of the Kursk's torpedoes, but remains controversial.

One version surmises the explosion of a new type of rocket torpedo called the Shkval which the Kursk might have been test-firing.

But is it logical to 'test-fire' an experimental weapon in the middle of a military exercise (with the sea full of potential friendly targets?)?

A second version has a US submarine crashing its conning tower into the hull of the Kursk (the US sub surviving and showing up for emergency repairs at Norway).

A third version has a US Los Angeles class submarine hearing the Kursk opening its torpedo bays and responding with a preemptive torpedo shot of its own (there were at least three US nuclear subs in the area).

But whatever the case may have been, sonar operators heard an explosion followed by a much larger explosion emanating from the Kursk just before it sank.

After the incident there was suspiciously little reaction from the other Russian ships in the area, who only got suspicious after Kursk failed to report in.

But whatever the case may have been, the Kursk sank in 350 feet of water - a shallow depth from which rescue was possible.

British and Norwegian rescue teams and vessels were mere hours away from the scene and their respective governments (including the US) offered to send special vessels and highly trained experts to the area to rescue the Russian submarine.

It all seemed like a great opportunity for the two sides to come together in one great humanitarian effort.

But it was not to be.

Putin was away on holiday when he warned the western rescue teams to keep their distance, saying that Russian personnel and equipment were good enough.

He did not even bother coming back for the emergency.

It took the Russian rescue teams 36 hours to even deign bang on the hull with a metallic object in the hope of triggering similar responses from survivors.

As it turns out, there WAS a response.

A quarter of the Kursk's crew had survived and awaited rescue.

But again, the Russian rescue efforts became suspiciously slow.

By the time they launched their 'response' they could do nothing except exclaim that they could not access the Kursk because it was resting at a 60 degree angle and could not be coupled.

Western experts retorted the angle of the wreck was not unexpected and informed the Russians they were capable of performing the rescue even under such conditions.

Putin (who took another five days to return from his 'holiday') responded 'NYET!'

It was an unbelievable moment.

Putin was condemning the Kursk survivors to death before the entire world, and with that, sealing the record about the controversial incident.

This decision sealed the fate of the desperate survivors.

From that moment on, what had started as a hopeful situation degenerated into a death watch by as the last hopeful and pitiful tappings from the Kursk eventually came to an end.

I can't even imagine what the survivors of the Kursk had to go through starting from the miracle of surviving the catastrophe to the gruesome business of staying alive in darkness, cold, suffocation and who knows what else while hoping, no, KNOWING that Russia and the world were coming to their rescue.

I can't imagine they believed for one second that Vladimir ABANDONED them to DIE.

But he did.

And they died.

Granted, there might have been 'reasons' to keep the British, Norwegian teams away. They were members of the West and were likely to film and take notes on the Kursk and what had happened to it on behalf of NATO (even though the Russians could have kept close tabs on them to prevent this).

But regardless of the situation, Putin had a clear choice to make on behalf of those wretched Russian sailors still alive in the bowels of the Kursk.

Putin had a choice to make.

And his choice was DEATH.

Just like it had been during the Moscow Bombings.

Just like it had been at Grozny.

Just like it would continue to be in future 'situations.'

Once you are rid of any moral or conscientious hang ups, Death is a simple and neat solution.

This is why perfectly logical and unfeeling sociopaths tend to choose it.

And Putin did not hesitate on the decision of 'DEATH' even when it came to innocent men, women and children.


In October of 2002, the ongoing 'war on terror' that was happening in Russia (in conjunction with its American equivalent) would take a new turn.

Once more, a large group of well-armed Chechen terrorists (50 of them) were somehow allowed to enter Moscow, specifically,the Dubrovka Theater (only three miles from the Kremlin).

This was another chance for the Putin to demonstrate his zero-tolerance iron fist policy (meaning the terrorists would be taken out and the hostages be damned).

Putin's reaction was once again to have special personnel come in from his very own FSB (KGB).

These personnel proceeded to pump the theater with massive quantities of weaponized fentanyl gas, provoking sheer panic and knocking out or incapacitating the hostages along with the terrorists.

This was followed up by an attack consisting of FSB commandos who systematically shot every unconscious suspected terrorists in the back of the head and terminated the groggy remainder - no prisoners were taken in spite of the excellent chance to capture prisoners for interrogation.

As the celebration began in relation to the 'successful' hostage rescue attempt by the man of iron...more troubling news began to emerge.

It became obvious that 130 of the 'sleeping' hostages would never wake up...

...because they were dead - murdered by Putin's ham-fisted gas assault.

Putin had gassed 130 innocent people to death.

It was obvious he knew what the plan entailed.

It was obvious he understood the risk.

It was obvious he didn't care.

The terrorist were taken out.

He didn't care about the lives of the innocent Russian hostages.


The year 2004 got an appetizer by way of the Moscow Metro bombings (ala London and Madrid) in which another 51 people were killed and 170 maimed.

But the suspicious government-executed bombings were given short thrift by investigative assets (just like the metro-bombings of London and Madrid were by their respective governments).

The same anguished cries of government culpability began issuing from the throats of outraged Muscovites, which the media, this time, efficiently did not report.

But what happened in Spain must have gotten Putin's attention.

The outrage in Spain over ITS train bombings and ITS government's culpability the following month reached such a crescendo that the Spaniards ended up removing the Spanish Aznar Administration they accused of carrying them out.

Putin took the lesson at heart and there were no more metro bombings until 2010.


As for the year 2004, Putin got another chance to prove his lizard-like toughness and iron fisted indifference...this time involving children.

In September of that same year of 2004, a school in Beslan, North Ossetia was taken hostage by Chechen terrorists.

1100 hostages were taken...777 of them children.

It was a delicate situation.

But leave comrade Putin to do brain surgery with a chain saw.

Once again Putin called in his old trusted bloody outfit - the FSB (KGB) (notice how often Putin resolves matters by importing his FSB thugs – probably because they can keep secrets).

The 'rescue operation' opened up with a barrage of artillery rockets fired upon the school followed up by rocketing helicopters, tanks shooting their main guns and armored personnel carriers emptying their heavy machine guns at the school.

Any neutral observer would have said the attack was an overkill designed to inflict heavy casualties on the hostages.

And it did.

Close to 400 of the hostages were killed - 200 of them children.

Ossetian parents were going crazy, trying to enter the school through murderous gunfire put up by Putin's FSB to get their children away from the lethal barrage. Many were killed along with their kids.

To make a long story short, Putin slaughtered 400 innocent hostages in this obviously ham-fisted retake of the school.

He killed 400 innocent people.

And he did not even bother meeting with the grieving families of the victims.

Later, as an afterthought, Putin would later paraphrase Stalin when he said the tragedy of Beslan happened because "we showed ourselves to be weak."

In other words, the wanton butchery that took place at Beslan was not sufficient for Mr. Putin.

This fits in nicely with his FSB director Nikolai Patrushev's mouthing that FSB personnel constitute "a new nobility within Russia.”


In addition to the 50 or so journalists he had his FSB assassinate in Russia (never mind those threatened and tortured), Putin was finally in the headlines when he killed defector-turned-journalist Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006.

Putin regularly has defectors murdered.

Litvinenko was just his most famous case.

And it just happened that Litvinenko was a defector writing a book exposing how Putin's FSB had terror-bombed Russia (see above).

In this case Litvinenko had committed the same mistake many Russian expatriates commit: trusting fellow Russian expatriates. This is a major mistake when dealing with population of whom 10% worked directly or indirectly for the KGB during Soviet times.

Litvinenko was condemed by Putin to a lingering death (just like the crew of the Kursk) this time through radioactive poisoning.

Before the cameras, a sickly-looking and mortally poisoned Litvinenko accused and cursed Putin for his death.

The book Litvinenko was writing happened to expose Putin as home-grown false flag terrorist.

Litvinenko was killed just in time.

The book was never completed.


Using the 'iron fist' is something Putin likes to do.

He likes to speak through actions rather than words, and his actions mostly involve bloody brutality.

In this instance, the small Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus made the mistake of attempting to re-occupy its own ex-region of South Ossetian (which was being overseen by a token force of Russian troops).

The reason why a small petty republic like Georgia would seek to provoke a war with a military behemoth like Russia are unclear, but there is more than enough evidence to believe Georgia was tricked.

She was assured in some way that she could just walk into South Ossetia and reoccupy that precious little piece of national real estate and that Russia would accept it.

Who reassured them?

Probably the very same institutions who promised Saddam Hussein he could walk into Kuwait: the State Department and the CIA, probably with some collaboration from Russia (with whom the CIA collaborates).

Though some accounts say the Georgians fired upon the Russians first, more believable accounts say the few Russian troops in South Ossetia immediately and aggressively plastered the Georgians while calling Mother Russia for help.

Putin did not hesitate.

Here was another opportunity for the iron fist!

He launched a massive large scale offensive (civilian populations caught in the crossfire be damned).

The shocked Georgians seemed to meet the spear point of the Russian attack well enough (destroying several tanks and aircraft in the process) but when the Russians kept coming en masse, they broke and fled (perhaps wisely so).

Massive civilian casualties were avoided.

But none of it was not due to Putin's humanism, who started the offensive with a mass rocketing of civilian occupied areas.

All in all, Putin managed to kill only 2000 Georgian civilians through tank, artillery and rocket fire in his very short-lived offensive.

In doing so, Putin displayed a new cold-blooded and calculating policy we can expect from him in any future war:

Any built up areas offering resistance were to be rocketed and blasted into oblivion along with their civilian residents...while areas abandoned by the enemy were to be left intact.

The lesson was clear:

Resist the Russian Army and it will slaughter every civilian in sight, abandon territory and your civilians will be spared.


With enough rebuilt confidence with his media, his FSB, his police and his Army, Putin felt good enough to continue the terror bombing that was keeping alive the war on terror...and, coincidentally, increasing Putin's emergency powers.

On March, 2010, the Metro Bombings in Moscow continued, this time killing 40 and maiming 100.

This time it was a clean strike.

No embarrassing 'Ryazan Incident' pointing to the FSB as the culprit or an Alexander Litvinenko blowing the whistle on Putin's bombing of the Russian population.

Outrage had probably turned to resignation by this time. And if anybody screamed bloody murder against Putin, it was certainly not reported by the Russian media.

It left the way open for Putin's following masterstroke.

Why limit yourself to murdering your own people if you can murder foreign heads of state?

In the mind of a sociopath moral limits are defined only by what is possible.


By April of 2010, Russia and Poland seemed to be coming closer together.

This was a minor miracle considering how Stalinist Russia had victimized Poland during WW-II through mass-murder.

But the new Polish president was not only very popular, but politically very open.

He took Russian mumblings about how the Katyn Massacre had actually 'happened' and how it was 'bad' as an opening for renewed relationships with Poland's neighbor.

He couldn't resist when Putin offered to erect a monument to the 20,000 nameless Poles murdered at Katyn during WW-II and insinuate to invite him over for its inauguration.

So President Kaczynski of Poland (a very popular and beloved nationalist), his wife, his chief of staff, the president of the Bank of Poland and 15 members of parliament boarded a TU-154 transport and headed for Russia.

The flight was uneventful...until it reached its final destination at Smolensk.

Suddenly, on approach for a landing, things got confused.

There seems seems to have been a lot of fog.

The pilot seems to have lost sight of the ground...

...and plane crashed 1000 yards short of the runway.

No survivors.

Twenty minutes before the crash a huge Russian AWACS aircraft had landed without any problems.

Before proceeding, let me state this was a low level, low speed crash on approach to a landing - the type that is easily survived by passengers and crew.

And for the record, let me repeat not a single passenger - not one - survived this low level, low speed crash landing.

Upon hearing the news, I speculated that a CIA sabotage operation seeking to prevent Russia and Poland coming together seemed likely.

But upon closer analysis, the truth became clear:

Putin had murdered a troublesome political rival with no more compassion than crushing a bug.

The man's ego was reaching new heights.

President Kaczynksi of Poland was in fact a well known critic of Putin and of Russia.

Now Putin was going from murdering Chechens, Georgians and murdering a head of state and his entire entourage.

Putin was moving up in the world.

This latest act should serve as a warning to what type of man Putin really is.

And what type of man is Putin?

A murderer...who seems to enjoy what he does.

As stated, President Kaczynski's Tu-154 (Russian-built) transport suffered some sort of mishap which brought it down 1000 yards short of the runway in a low speed, crash landing.

No one survived.

Later, video came out showing the wreck of the Tu-54 along with voices, screaming and gunshots (I guess this is the Russian version of first aid).

A little while later, the person who released this video turned up dead in Russia.

Later things became even fishier when a Polish flight engineer who witnessed the crash while awaiting President Kaczynski's plane at Smolensk committed suicide as did the Polish prosecutor investigating the crash.

What happened exactly remains as mysterious as the crash of KAL Flight 007, Pan Am Flight 103, TWA Flight 800 or the 9/11 planes.

Some reports seemed to indicate there were no corpses at the crash site and that the crashing plane was, in fact, empty.

Video and pictures from the site seem to indicate this lack of bodies.

Some speculate the Polish President's plane was re-directed and replaced by a substitute.

If true, the scenario has similarities to KAL Flight 007 and the 9/11 flights (the planes being re-directed and landed to be described later as destroyed).

If this is the case, then who knows what horrible fate awaited President Kaczynski and his entourage.

Being interrogated and tortured to death, perhaps?

But whatever the case may have been, the corpses themselves seemed to have been picked clean of personal belongings like laptops, cellphones, diplomatic code books and any other item which might be of interest to the FSB.

The bodies were then shipped to Moscow for supposed autopsies from which they were shipped back to Poland (in SEALED coffins the Polish government prohibited the family members from opening) for immediate burial.

If it was indeed a coup, the 'new' Polish government was collaborating flawlessly with Putin.

Later, Polish officials declared "we know everything but the Russians are not letting us tell you."

Isn't it refreshing to have your own officials tell you they know how Russia assassinated your leaders but that they can't tell you because Russia won't let them?

For a moment it seemed the Polish Government itself was scared what the lizard in the Kremlin would do after murdering their President.

Perhaps more bloodshed?

A military strike?

After all, killing a national leader is an act of war.

Whatever the case may have been, the truth was that in one fell swoop Poland had gone from a resurging sovereign nation to a Russian boot-licking republiquette.

The murdered President Kaczyinski had forgotten that Poland used to exist behind the Iron Curtain while forming part of the Warsaw Pact during which time it was seeded with KGB...and that certain elements still remained.

The new President (Komorowski) threw nationalism out the door and dedicated himself to merging Poland with globalism.

Another flawless Putin blood bath.


Under Putin, the Russian military increased military transgressions against America to Cold War levels and beyond.

Russian bombers again regularly penetrated Alaskan air space.

Russian Ballistic Missile Submarines were parked off the East Cost of the United States.

Putin increased the funding, manufacture and deployment of new weapons while increasing the size of the Russian armed forces and threatening America with a nuclear strike.

In addition, Putin also increased submarine and air operations against Japan in conjunction with its new ally, China.

Alarmingly, he also put Russian strategic forces on full alert and launched a continuing series of strategic exercises concerning a nuclear strike on the United States (these exercise continue).

Get it?

Putin's forces regularly train on how to NUKE America.

Meanwhile, back in the real world Putin was making great strides to ally with the Dragon against the United States for the great day of victory.


As if all of Putin's maneuvers were not enough indication that he was basically an enemy of the United States, he made it abundantly clear by signing a military alliance treaty with China as part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The alliance is not just paper and ink.

Putin has gone out of his way to equip China with the latest Russian jet fighter (the SU-30), Russian submarine (Kilo class) and ballistic missile technology.

As if that weren't enough, Putin regularly assembles his armed forces to take part in yearly and air, sea, land and strategic (nuclear) exercises in collaboration with the Chinese.

The target of these exercises is obvious.

Is it any wonder China has become increasingly aggressive and threatening during the last few years?

It certainly has the basis for this new found arrogance with Putin's Russia backing them up.

The facts are obvious for anyone with two sets of eyes: Putin and China are not only arming but training and planning for war against the United States.

Only America refuses to see.


Since the politburo hasn't been much more than a glorified mafia since the days of Stalin, it makes sense that Putin and the mafia would go along like crackers and caviar.

Putin collaborates fluently with the Russian Mafia. In fact, the Russian mafia could be said to be a mere tool of the FSB (KGB).

Russian government today is run like a gigantic Cosa Nostra, complete with assassinations, murders, corruption, protection money, torture, prostitution and narcotics running...all hidden under a thin veneer of Orthodox Christianity (just like the Italian 'dons' liked to hide behind their Catholic Christianity).

Like any mafia don, Putin likes to play the dedicated Orthodox (though his induction into the KGB and his ascension carried with it a firmly enforced requirement for atheism).

Under Putin the Russian Mafia has not only grown to encompass all of Russia, but Europe and the United States as well.

Russian mobsters are subtly and forcefully pushing their turf in America, participating in the running of ecstasy, guns and counterfeit currency (their specialty).

On a recent visit to New York, I discovered my old stomping grounds had turned into Little Moscow.

But not really.

In fact, you know what?

This was not little Moscow, it was total Russia on the Hudson!

The Russians are basically flooding New York City and spreading from there, and along with them all their FSB(KGB) crud assets.

The FSB (KGB) works flawlessly with the Russian Mafia, making it a more dangerous and capable than any run of the mill criminal outfit.

Putin is using his Russian Mafia to infiltrate his beloved FSB (KGB) spetsnaz right into America while the Russian Mafia expands everywhere, subtly replacing the Italians through bribery and 'deals.'

Of course, one can be sure to offer the most irresistible 'deals' when one has the full backing of RUSSIA behind you.

And I've seen these KGB cruds, taking minority (non-Russian) immigrant wives (mostly Hispanic) as cover, even having children with them and afterwards 'disappearing' from the scene. The landscape is polluted with the product of the loins of these bastards which have been used as cover and are now dependent on the welfare state for sustenance.

And don't even try to talk to these FSB Russians. Some are rude, others are friendly, but they will always SAY the least amount possible, especially if you seem to be part of the American educated middle class or above.

These Putin-sponsored infiltrators are everywhere, awaiting their orders (along with all the Chinese agents) for the 'Great Day.'


Of course, it should come as no surprise that with the Russian wave of immigration and the exponential growth of the Russian Mafia should also come a tidal wave of Russian spying on American soil.

While the FBI, CIA and NSA dedicate all their energies to 'Muslim terrorists' and 'homegrown militia', the Russians and the Chinese ARE ALREADY HERE!

Every time a turn around to sneeze, I seem to bump into a front for Chinese capital (translation: technology-stealing operation) masquerading as a contractor working for the great American technology firms.

Its getting to the point where I am beginning to elbow a lot of Russians right here in the cowboy state of Arizona (which is a real treat, especially when matched with the sky-rocketing Muslim population).

All the Russians are, of course, very closed, very proper and very closed lip (because they know lies have long tails).

It is no surprise the FBI (when it chooses to do its job) is reporting an exponential rise in Russian spying in America.

A single FBI dragnet in June of 2010 exposed and arrested not one, not two, not three but TEN Russian spies all in one go.

The Obama administration had them all deported back to Russia the very next month...BEFORE the FBI could even question them properly.

That's national security for you. I am so glad we have given up all our freedoms and liberties for this airtight security.

Upon arrival back at the Kremlin, these 10 spies were personally greeted by Vladimir Putin who not only congratulated them and gave them awards, but closed the celebrations by singing OLD RUSSIAN COMMUNIST PARTY SONGS with them (oh the pleasure of sweet memories).

By doing so, Putin is basically spitting on America and laying it all out.

YES he is sending spies to America.

YES he approves of what they are doing here.


America, what will it take to wake you up?

A hammer and sickle across the forehead?


With the Russian Mafia proliferating and acting as a front for FSB (KGB) operations inside the United States, it comes as no surprise that a new breed of Marxists (calling themselves 'progressives') has taken the reigns of the highest levels of government.

Putin must be very familiar with former East German Communist Agitprop (agitation and propaganda) agent Angela Merkel.

Meanwhile, here in America, President Obama himself, the son of a Jewish Marxist CIA asset mother (Ann Dunham) and a Black communist activist (Frank Marshall Davis) has been unable to distance himself from personages like Marxist terrorist Bill Ayers (whose communist ACORN organization Obama worked for and who sponsored Obama in his youth).

Hey, our President has COMMUNIST tattooed all over him.

Is it any wonder we can't confirm who this man is, where he was born or what he wrote in his college thesis?

I am sure there is a good reason...and the reason is, this guy is the famed Manchurian Candidate so talked about in conspiracy circles (and shown in the film by the same title).

That's right, we've finally done it.

Or, better said, the New York based Marxist oligarchy (Rockefeller, Soros, et al) have finally done it.

They have installed a Communist agent in the White House.

And you can bet this Comrade President is ready to wheel and deal with the secret Communist, Putin.

Just check out Obama's urgent pleading with Medvedev in Seoul in March of 2012, where he is recorded by a hot mike begging for more time from Putin while promising 'more flexibility' after the mandate granted by the elections of 2012 in dealing with 'missile defense' (that is, deactivating our defense against nuclear attack). Medvedev enthusiastically said he would immediatley "let Vladimir know."

Doesn't it make you feel all cozy and warm inside to find out our own Commander in Chief is plotting to get rid of our nuclear defenses and begging Putin for more time in which to do it?

(Excluded from this description is Obama placing an intimate hand on Medvedev's thigh during the exchange.

Close friends indeed.


So it is not surprising to see Obama (the secret communist) elevate Putin (the secret communist) to the level of world leader by using the White House to mess up the Syrian situation and giving Putin the chance to present himself as the savior of the world.

Remember, it was OBAMA who handed Putin his political coup in Syria on a silver platter, first by unreasonably threatening to bomb Syria, then paradoxically caving in to an offer from Putin to disarm Syria of chemical weapons.

The whole affair came to a sickening conclusion with Secretary of State Kerry embracing and laughing with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov as the ball was handed to Russia.

Did the alternately menacing, alternately folksy, alternately grim, alternately smiling Kerry notice America's standing and prestige in the world was being dismantled and handed over to the Russians?

Perhaps, but the botox-injected, plastic surgery mutilated Kerry seems too happy basking in the limelight of prestige and world affairs to really notice.

This whole affair (and our government's continuing subjection to Putin) makes me think of the boot-licking Polish government which took over after the Putin-ordered the assassination of President Kaczynski.

It seems unofficial US policy right now is to cooperate with Putin in the aggrandizement of...Putin!

President Obama has already signed a UN disarmament treaty which involves not only the disarming of our nuclear defense, but of Americans themselves, and he expects the Senate to sign it!

That's right, Obama has already signed away a third of our nuclear missiles and promises to enforce that disarmament treaty by executive order.

Furthermore, under Obama, the Federal government is funding the introduction of Russian troops (Putin's butchers) into our stadiums, parades and sporting events as 'security' working side-by-side with our cops.

What's next, Russian tanks?

Doesn't it make you feel happy inside that the butchers of Chechnya will be enforcing security at your local football game?

If things continue like this we won't need an invasion.

The US Government itself will bring in the Russian troops and help kill us off!

But things being as they are, we should not miss the main point: Putin has HIS MAN in the White House, and the US Government is becoming simply one more bishop in Putin's chessboard.


Side-by-side with his atrocities, Putin has taken the time to have himself photographed as a military pilot, a judo expert, a shirtless lumberjack...and even a committed Orthodox Christian.

The man can't help ooze narcissism.

The whole phenomenon is grotesque if you see that all these pictures were taken as hostages were being killed, Chechens slaughtered, Russians blown up by FSB set bombs, journalists assassinated and opponents tortured...all by direct orders from Putin.

Dear ladies and gentlemen...can you spell N-a-r-c-i-s-s-i-s-t-i-c S-o-c-i-o-p-a-t-h?


And the world's media (outside of America) more than willing to play up Putin as some sort of decent opponent of the status quo.

A large part of that consists of the media of nations already alllied with Russia: Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, China, Iran, Pakistan, etc.

All these led by the subtle yet very effective RT News Network (RT stands for RUSSIA Today) – Putin's own news network!

RT News has positioned itself at the head of investigative and questioning media – investigating and questioning the government of the United States.

Have you heard RT News criticize the Russian Mafia Police State lately?

Or how about some award winning investigative work involving Putin the Butcher of Chechnya?

Didn't think so.

On the other hand, RT uses the old tried and true Russian media method of having pretty girls do the news (preferably with short skirts and semi-exposed bosoms).

With subtle FSB (KGB) guidance (of which it is a tool) RT News has become sort of a flagship news channel for conspiracy theorists.

You can bet RT is not afraid to have some juicy tidbit relating to US (or European) government.

Unfortunately, the award-winning and hard-hitting coverage does not expand to internal Russian or Chinese affairs.

Russia Today (RT) DOES report some critical, hard hitting and legitimate news on the wretched state of our country and its many hidden skeletons, but it is all a well run FSB (KGB) operation.

RT will dig and report any and all news that degrades and reduces the legitimacy of the American Government.

In the process, conspiracy researchers get a lot of good information...about the US government.

But please understand the partiality of RT News...and its role in propping up its master, Putin.

Recently, the international media's propping up of Putin has won over a large part of the conspiracy crowd, who now see Putin as some sort of last great hope for humanity against the New World Order.

This, taken in conjunction with

    1. Putin's crimes against his own people
    2. Putin's spying on America
    3. Putin's use of the Russian Mafia against America
    4. Putin's alliance with China against America
    5. Putin's military exercises and drills to destroy America
    6. Putin's secret Communism

...makes the admiration of this monster as a saviour all the more sickening.


When the time comes Putin will work WITH the New World Order to bring it in, NOT oppose it.

But amazingly (and thanks to the international media) Putin seems to be more popular OUTSIDE of Russia than inside.

Inside Russia, most of the people see Putin as the unavoidable strong man archetype that has ruled Russia since the dark ages.

They don't celebrate him, they are resigned to his rule.

A large portion of the remaining population are opposed to his rule – the murders, the threats, the tortures, the false flags, the protection money, the bribes and the corruption – but are cowed Putin's brutal mafia police state.


Absent from any reasonable analysis of Putin is his background as a Communist KGB agent.

Putin HEADED the KGB, and you don't get there by being a good Orthodox Christian.

While superficially pretending to be a progressive democratically-minded ruler, Putin shows no evidence of NOT being the KGB Communist he was in 1990.

He openly admires and even paraphrases Stalin (one of the bloodiest butchers in human history).

Neither Putin nor the Russian government has carried out any legal action aimed at correcting the past wrongs of Communism, like investigations, trials, prison terms and even executions for political criminals and murderers (like they did with the Nazis).

One has to remember that Soviet Communism killed at least 40 million people, and unjustly sentenced millions more to die in Siberian gulags.

What, no complaints Mr. Putin?

Putin's own criticism of Communism's past dictators was long ago surpassed by Communists themselves, like Nikita Kruschev, who did more criticizing of Stalin than Putin ever did (in fact Putin openly admires Stalin).

The era of Soviet Communism is a dark and bloody era Putin is strangely hesitant to criticize. Which is strange considering the millions of Russians who were unjustly victimized.

Meanwhile Communist monuments not only remain, but are well preserved in Putin's Russia, including the bust of Felix Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Cheka and bloody executioner of tens of millions of Russians during and after the Bolshevik Revolution.

It should also be noted that Putin CELEBRATED the happy return of his ten spies (the ten that were caught) by singing COMMUNIST songs with them?

I mean, how much does it take to convince anyone that this guy is a Communist?

The man isn't even making it much of a secret.

He is OBVIOUSLY a hard core KGB Communist masquerading (rather unconvincingly) as a reformed democratic Christian.

In addition, his roots aren't even Christian.

The name Putin itself does not figure beyond Putin's grandfather (who probably invented it, just like John Kerry's grandfather invented the name Kerry to hide his Jewish roots). It's an open secret Putin's mother is Jewish. His gofers Medvedev and Lavrov are also Jewish.

So much for Christian Orthodoxy.

But the main point is if Putin has taken the liberty of committing all these atrocities against his own people, what atrocities would he be willing to commit against non-Russians?

The man has no real emotion.

Bush said he could look into the soul of a man by looking into a man's eyes.

A description is not even necessary here.

YOU look into Putin's eyes and tell me what you see.

The man is waiting his turn, re-arming Russia, allying with China and infiltrating the United States while being helped by Barak Obama (a Communist agent) to ascend the world stage.

I regret to tell you this, but Vladimir Putin is not humanity's great hope against the Illuminati.

He is a murdering sociopath at the head of a criminal police state who will sooner or later make his move...against US.

I hate to pop your bubble, but the New World Order is MARXIST.

They plan a Marxist future for us similar to the Marxism that is sweeping over most of Africa, Latin America and Asia (and secretly in Europe).

Marxist China is already in the ascendant and allying with secretly Marxist Russia (Putin) AGAINST Europe, Japan and the US.

Russian and Chinese experts are already dividing America up like a cake, with Russia making plans to confiscate Alaska.

Putin and the Chinese expect America to collapse into civil war and anarchy (and with the help of their Communist American President, it just might).

Russia Plans to Retake Alaska

Please keep all this in mind next time you start feeling Putin is somehow the world's last best hope against the New World Order.

Just like in Chechnya...just like in Georgia...just like with the President of Poland, when the time comes to strike, Putin will STRIKE.

He will do so mercilessly, ruthlessly, cruelly and the INTERESTS of the New World Order, not against them.