Friday, October 11, 2013

New Policy: Christians Are Insane

A novel New World Order practice is to label Christianity as insanity.

As unbelievable as that sounds, our ‘public servants’ are getting special training in this new policy as you read this at the psychiatric, Army and Police level.

I first started hearing about this happening in the Army a few years back, before it started spreading to other circles.

In the Army a key question was asked by officers of those who were seen as ‘overly’ religious. The officers had received ‘special training’ in ‘handling’ such people and used that training to entrap targeted Christians.

Like any inquisition, questioning represents only the first step in a process of entrapment, trial and sentencing.

A general question asked by the officers of their Christian subalterns was:

If God told you to punch me in the face, would you do it?”

Variations of the question consisted of other types of goofy favors God might ask a Christian to do.

The purpose is, of course, to entrapment the Christian and to begin the process of labeling the person INSANE.

The Christian, of course, can be accused of insubordination or failing to collaborate with police should he refuse to answer the question.

If the Christian answers ‘no’ then he has been intimidated into denying obedience to God (something that can be very unsettling).

If the Christian answers ‘yes’ then he has fulfilled the legal requirement to be labeled a dangerously insane person.

It just gets worse from there.

(a proper and safe response would be to inform the authority figure that you consider this line of questioning an insult to your religion and a violation of your religious rights)

But like I was saying, what had begun in the Army (they use the Army as a testing ground) is now spreading to police circles, who are now carefully questioning ‘Christians’ (who have been labeled as mentally imbalanced, fanatical and potential terrorists in Federally-funded police training).

That’s right, the persecution has begun - and its not just the Muslim Fundamentalists who are coming for you.

As mentioned, the practice is spreading from the Armed Forces to the Police forces and Federal employers. From here it is likely to spread to the State and local level (all facilitated by Federal subsidies, of course).

It would therefore behoove the Christians to be prepared for this line of questioning coming from the Armed Forces, the Police, the Federal Government…and eventually your local school.

And let’s stop pretending.

They are coming for us.

This line of questioning is merely the first step in the legal labeling of Christians (and any religious people) as suffering from a type of insanity.

After all, many aspects of religion (visions, appearances of angels, voices from God) can be attributed to schizophrenia.

So yes.

If you believe in Santa Clause…or God…or any other religious figure, you are about to be considered mentally imbalanced (especially if you are willing to act on the basis of this belief).

If you state in the affirmative to the question that should you hear a ‘voice’ from God telling you to do something, that you would do it, then your are opening yourself to be labeled ‘a potential danger’ to the public.

After all, who knows WHAT God might tell you to do (ever hear of those nasty religious Muslim terrorists?).

A clever variation for Catholics consists of asking the poor unfortunate that “if the Pope told you to (insert wanton act here) what would you do?”

So keep in mind, the questions are designed to 1) to make you feel uncomfortable as you find yourself in a position of DENYING GOD and 2) pressuring you to give a positive (Christian) answer in order to mark you as mentally disturbed person.

And you know what?

Maybe, just maybe the ‘Mark of the Beast’ will involve such a DENIAL in order to get it.

After all, we don’t want any 'crazies' become New World Order citizens, do we?

So yes, “Do you believe in God?” might just become THE mental health question of the 21st century.

Could this be the reason the Bible promises perdition for all those accepting the Mark of the Beast?

After all, if it is a requirement to answer in the negative that should God tell you to do something, that you won’t, isn’t that the equivalent of DENYING God?

Things are changing fast.

God is not IN anymore.

And there is a reason for this.

One has to remember that the New World Order is Marxist.

And a basic tenet of Marxism is atheism.

Under Marxism, if you are a Christian, you cannot be trusted, or employed in any position of importance, or perhaps even left at liberty.

Under Marxism most dedicated Christians ended up dead or in the Gulag.

The manipulations of the Illuminati are ingenious.

Meanwhile Islam is being perverted into a grotesque religion which will take over the Middle East, become hated by its (forced) followers, and ultimately be rejected in a huge counter-religious reaction.

On the other hand, Christianity is being relabeled as a mental disease.

The end of religion is coming to a head and, as always, it is the government forcing the policy on the masses (how do you think Christianity and Islam established themselves?).

Hand in hand with this destruction of Islam and Christianity will be the birth of the new religion of the New World Order, which is even now making itself slowly apparent.

The persecution of Christians is no joke, and, in fact, has already begun.


  1. Christians are not insane. You are. I know it's hard for a narrow minded, self centered asshole like yourself to realize, but there are people out there that have different views than yourself. Once you start to see that, maybe other people will actually associate with you. Of course, you'd have to shower and take the tin foil off.


  2. BTW, you're an idiot. And as always... WRONG!

    1. I feel so safe being under the authority of people like you John. You are certainly a New World Order approved thug.