Friday, October 4, 2013

How They Made Us Poor

What the Illuminati giveth, the Illuminati taketh away.

A sparing look at the present state of our economy can confirm that what we had has most certainly been taken away.

Anyone old enough to remember the solid economy of 1950-1965, the Reagan Recovery of 1984-89, the economic upsurge of 1994-1998 or the brief housing boom of 2003-2008, can relate to just how badly off we are today.

There are no and if or buts about it.

People...we have been impoverished!

A cursory look at the downtown scenery reveals a collection of strip malls consisting of by plasma centers, marijuana clinics, medical experimentation clinics, cheap clinics (designed to cash in on Obamacare), payday title loans, massage parlors, smoke shops, dives, Mexican joints and thrift stores give you a gist of where our society stands.

Night out on the town, anyone?

But how did it come to this?

This is how: the Illuminati have used methods of smoke and mirrors to confiscate our wealth.

They have used government, finance and the law to do it.

They have done it secretly, under the table and beyond the perception of those being robbed, using the tools they always use: government and the banks.

But whether you know how it happened or not, the present state of American poverty can no longer be ignored.

How did they make us this way?

How did they take it all away?

The purpose of this blog entry is to explain just how they did it.

What follows is a simplified description of how the Illuminati took away all our wealth, our prosperity and our standard of living.

Here goes:

They made us poor by confiscating our retirement accounts in a glorified shell game.

They created a new type of retirement account ('that you could take with you' as you transition from one job to another in this unstable socioeconomic matrix).

This retirement account is based on getting your money 'invested' to make the account grow even faster.

A few people were hesitant until they saw the retirement account of others blossom into gigantic bonanzas, then they joined parade.

401Ks grew to incredible amounts, making many into virtual millionaires.

It never occurred to anyone that investing your retirement money amounted to GAMBLING with it.

Everything seemed rosy until 2008, when the bottom fell out.

When the bottom fell out of the speculative mortgage market, it also fell out of the 401K retirement accounts.

All that money that had been promised to prospective retirees suddenly disappeared and many 401Ks ended up losing most of their value.

It turns out the banks had been trading junk IOUs called mortgages (granted to just about anybody) in exchange for their depositors money!

Many of these 'depositors' turns out, were 401K plans.

Get it?

They agreed to sell each other crud in exchange for the money in your 401K.

In return, as the 401K dollars were replaced by worthless, unpayable mortgages the banks were treating as capital as they continued to increase the value of the 401Ks...on if all those IOUs were worth anything.

So people continued to see gigantic increases in their 401K accounts and imagining they would all retire millionaires while the truth was their accounts (now holding nothing but junk) were being over-valued (and that is an understatement).

So not only did the Illuminati-controlled banks NOT add any value to your 401K account, THEY TOOK ALL THE MONEY YOU PUT IN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

They made us poor by exporting our industrial jobs to China.

In 1974 China established diplomatic relations with the US.

In 1979 China opened itself up economically to the US.

At the same time of China's economic opening, John Naisbitt wrote a book called Megatrends which glorified the end of American Industry and the beginning of a new modern economy founded on information.

By the 1980's, Ronald Reagan saw the solution of solving American inflation by turning the country into an importing nation (import everything so all our inflationary dollars leave) and our Industries began to shut down.

By the 1990's NAFTA was passed and China was given 'Most Favored Nation' (MFN) status by the Clinton administration (which means they export to us while blocking our own exports to them). The de-industrialization of American accelerated as entire industries were exported to China with the help of the Illuminati banks and American government subsidies.

Within ten years American industry (and jobs) had been mostly exported to China.

The manufacturing base (and all those high paying industrial jobs) which had been America's backbone had been taken away.

As for Naisbitt's data revolution?

I recently saw a guy at a Walmart with ear phones and a small metal box that beeped every time he scanned an IPC code on a shelf sticker. I asked him for help, but there was no human reaction from this 'cyborg' with a totally blank stare.

I guess this was the data revolution Naisbitt was talking about.

But regardless...the fix was in.

And the de-jobbing revolution continues as even customer service, technical support and even medical analysis jobs are exported to India, while Americans are left with service industry and stocking jobs.

They made us poor by reducing our wages through the importation of cheap labor.

Immigrants have always been with us.

The New England colonies were speaking in seven different languages before they became independent.

Black immigrants were made part of the American system in the worst way possible – slavery.

The industrialization of the country which began in the 1840's was kept going by a steady inflow of immigrants

Chinese and Irish immigrants built our railroads.

Labor from Mexico made California blossom and the Southwest mines prosper.

Immigrants have always been an important factor of American growth, that is, until the 1990's...when the government began flooding the country with immigrants in a final effort to destroy the American society, culture and economy.

The latest need for the immigrant, it seems, is to help destroy us.

Immigrants used to come in at the port city of New York, where many congregated and spread out from there to the rest of the country as the immigrants assimilated.

But the newest, latest wave has taken over entire neighborhoods across America and converted them into 'barrios.' Even putting up signs entirely in Spanish (meaning gringos keep out).

So as not the bother the new arrivals with learning the English language, government and corporations have bent over backwards to supply them with services in Spanish.

During my more desperate days in the early 1990's, I remember coming across entire companies which specialized in hiring nothing but Mexican illegals (as soon as I applied, I knew I was not going to get the job). It was a weird and sickening feeling. Not being able to get a job in your own town because it was all being doled out to illegal foreigners who were somehow perceived to be better workers than you were.

Meanwhile, what was passing as the legitimate government of the United States was supplying these illegals with free schooling (babysitting) for their kids, free health care and free drivers licenses.

One day, I want to do an experiment.

I want to illegally immigrate to Japan or Norway or even to Mexico...and see how well I am treated (especially when I request free schooling for my kids, free health care and a driver's license).

But back to our illegal government-sponsored invaders.

Soon the illegals were taking over not just agricultural, janitorial and fast food jobs, but construction and industrial jobs as well.

I am sure there was a good reason for this.

They did work very hard for very least in the beginning...then they get acclimatized and started demanding more money, which led to the need for importing more desperate illegals...which we did.

And the vicious cycle continues today.

MORE illegal immigrants MUST be imported every day in order to replace the ones who came before them and have begun to requests higher wages (this is an aspect of illegal immigration that is often ignored). The result? An unending parade of illegal immigration in the interest of corporate profits.

Needless to say, the criminal and out of control immigration policy of our illuminati-controlled government has led to the cheapening of our wages to the point that one has to live like a freaking illegal immigrant (rooming with multiple room mates) in order to survive at all.

And it doesn't get any better in regards to White Collar Jobs, which are being crushed through the mass-importation of Third World B1B visa holding workers.

For those of you that don't know, the B1B Visa Program is the white collar equivalent of manual immigrant labor.

Unhappy with and hateful of the American worker, the corporate world has teamed up with the Federal Government for the mass-importation of professionals who work for peanuts to shut down the American Middle Class.

American professionals are being replaced by highly educated but amazingly cheap immigrants from India and China, who are willing to work for a fraction of what American professionals normally get.

This legal thievery of the American standard of living is called the B1B Visa and represents a fascist alliance between the government and the globalist New World Order.

So yes, they made us poor by importing cheap manual and professional labor to the point of impoverishing American manual, blue and white collar workers.

They made us poor by making us into part-time workers through Obamacare.

As if that wasn't enough, it seems that an obvious (yet media-avoided) side-effect of Obamacare (a.k.a. The Affordable Care Act) is to turn us into a nation of part-time workers.

That's right.

Businesses, corporations and even government cannot (I repeat, cannot) pay the extra premiums required by Obamacare for full time employees, so they are doing the only thing they can do: they are firing all their employees and re-hiring them as part-time workers.

This cuts across the board – professional and manual labor, salary and hourly pay.

As such, Obamacare is simply the straw that broke the camel's back.

American business is already heavily penalized by having to pay social security, medicaid, health insurance, unemployment insurance and workers compensation insurance taxes for EVERY worker they hire.

The gall of the government's arrogance in deploying Obamacare is a direct assault on the American worker, who is now being reduced to the status of a part-time worker dependent on government welfare.

But that's the way the government wants us: under-employed, impoverished and DEPENDENT on government welfare (so that we become duly submissive).

As if that weren't enough, Obamacare forces the working poor ($25,000 or less a year) who will be UNABLE to afford ANY health insurance to pay a penalty of 10% of their income to the IRS.

How will these people be able to survive without resorting to the government dole?

The truth is they won't.

And that's the way socialism wants it. It wants everybody dependent on the government, and if it isn't that way, it passes laws in order to MAKE IT that way.

Obamacare impoverishes the working poor to ultimately give them no alternative but to become dependent on government (like the mob of Rome).

As such, Obamacare represents the concluding stage of economic assault on the impoverishment of the American middle class.

They made us poor by increasing the rules and regulations to the point of destroying the small businesses which supply our jobs.

Along with Obama comes a wave of stifling government rules and regulations which have no other purpose than to squash business and trade.

Hear the story about the Magician who was forced by the USDA to get a license, training and a written disaster plan for the rabbit he pulls out of his hat?

This is just a small example of how the regulatory hammer is squashing American small business.

(Newsflash: small business (a firm hiring 100 workers or less) employs 90% of the American workforce)

And it doesn't end there.

The environment, human rights, the handicapped, building integrity, product safety, you name it, is being used as an excuse to force extra expenditure through extra training businesses have to pay for, extra construction, extra expensive paperwork, extra equipment, extra lawyers, extra penalties, extra suits by the government.

The small, hard-pressed business trying to survive these hard economic times just can't handle economic harassment of this sort.

Many are closing down.

On the other hand, for a government which is technically bankrupt, there seems to be an endless amount of money to hire large numbers of bureaucratic thugs to harass the living out of hard working Americans just trying to survive.

Businesses are being hit by a tidal wave of Federally sponsored and subsidized bureaucratic harassment (started right after Obama's second term) which are basically forcing them to cut back if not shut down.

They made us poor by Increasing taxes during a time of economic recession.

And as if all that weren't enough, Obama is following the example of his hero, FDR, by increasing taxes during a period of economic depression (and the public wonders why the Great Depression lasted so long).
That's right.

The worse the economy gets, the higher the taxes get.

If that's not a sure recipe for disaster, I don't know what is.

But it's true.

Taxes have been going steadily up for those able to pay: the middle and upper classes....but don't worry big corporations and billionaires never pay any taxes.

Obama has made a sport of playing the lower classes against the upper classes, crowing about how only the 'rich' will pay (typical communist tactic).

It sounded nice, but...

...well, the results are in, and guess what?

EVERYBODY is paying more in taxes!

Increasing taxes in a time of economic stress is something that could only make sense in the twisted labyrinthine mind of a liberal democrat and socialist.

So how'd they do it?

They made us poor by increasing our taxes during a time of economic hardship.

The made us poor through inflation by destroying the Dollar.

The king of all poverty-makers is inflation.

There's not much you can do when your own money loses its value by the day.

The Third World has been coming up against inflation for decades as it keeps trying to print its way into prosperity, only to find that over-printing devalues their currency to the level of crud.

Well, guess what.

We've learned nothing from them.

We have (through our Illumnati-controlled government) accumulated a stratospheric national debt of $17 trillion...and counting.

This debt is not only unpayable, but debasing – in that it is debasing (reducing) the value of the American Dollar.

The writing is already on the wall.

Many countries are no longer accepting payments in dollars.
Others (like Russia and China) are already lining up to come up with its replacement.

An alternative could be a new international currency like SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) currency being sponsored by the International Monetary Fund.

But in the meantime, Americans have to deal with an ever shrinking dollar, ever increasing prices...and a possible collapse of the dollar leading to possible hyper stagflation.

For all of you who don't know it, stagflation is inflation without any economic stimulus.

In other words, prices increase while people have less and less money with which to pay them.

Given the unique position of the dollar on the economic cliff, the inevitable dumping of the dollar and the accompanying return of the world's inflationary dollars to America, this is a very real, very possible and very terrifying possibility.

So yes, they did that to.

They made us poor by eliminating our savings and the fruit of our labor through the destruction of the dollar.

In summary:

They Made Us Poor by...
       ...Confiscating our Retirement Accounts
       ...Exporting our Jobs and Industry to China
       ...Importing Cheap Labor
       ...Making Us into Part-Time Workers Through Obamacare
       ...Smothering the Small Businesses which Hire Us Through Excessive Regulation.
       ...Increasing Our Taxes in Bad Economic Times.

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