Thursday, October 24, 2013

NSA Data Center: Hungry, Thirsty Monster

The secretive NSA Data Center in Utah is making itself out to be a monster of a facility, with a monstrous appetite for both energy and...water.

Just how much of the facility the visible surface structures represent is open to debate, but if the figure indicates anything concrete, it is that the facility is as gigantic as it is subterranean.

The NSA Utah Data Center will be using more than 64 megawatts per year...or enough electricity to power a city of 64,000 homes ( a respectable medium sized city) for the span of a year.

In addition to all that power, the Center will also be needing a whopping 1.7 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER PER DAY.


Which is a hydro-electric dam controlled release level of water.

All this in an area which has been under emergency drought condition for years.

How are they going to do it?

They will cut off the water to the Utah area ranchers and farmers, of course.

Let their fields dry up and all their cattle die.

What these ranchers and farmers are doing goes against Agenda 21 anyway, and pretty soon their residence in these areas will be declared illegal anyhow.

So just cut off the water and drive 'em all off.

Vacate our pristine earth of human habitation.

Well...all human habitation except the egg heads inhabiting those secret underground bases, of course!

So what's the story with the Utah Data Center anyway?

Is it an underground base?

Is it a secret alien bridgehead?

Is it an underground city?

Well...whatever it is, it uses up enough electricity and water to service 65,000 family homes a year, so yeah that is pretty much underground city size.

Getting the water is easy, just take it all away from the farmers and ranchers.

Getting that amount of power might be more of a challenge.

Which leads to speculation that the facility might have its own nuclear power plant.

On the positive side, look at what we are getting for our money.

The Center is supposed to have the capacity to monitoring and store the ENTIRE WORLD'S telephone and Internet traffic.

For the moment, though, chances are it'll be used to track and store information on the 300 million uppity Americans who are presently having issues with the new Homeland Security Police State.

It should make us all happy that in these hard and trying economic times (when the nation stands on the brink of bankruptcy) that billions our dollars are being spent to create a hungry and thirsty control freak base underneath the Utah desert to keep tabs on us.

Thanks Again, so called, 'Federal Government.'

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  1. Aliens in an underground bunker in the Utah desert??? God, you are batshit crazy!