Saturday, October 26, 2013

NSA's Realtime Reach On YOU

This last Thursday (10-24-13) former NSA Director Michael Hayden boarded a train from Washington D.C. to Newark New Jersey.

He began talking on his cellphone.

A passenger a couple of seats away heard what he was saying and began not only listening, but 'tweeting' the juicy results of what he was overhearing.

Within 15 minutes, Hayden finished his call and walked over to the gentleman who was tweeting about his phone conversation.

"Would you like a real interview?" Hayden asked.

You can imagine the alarm felt by this guy who thought he was in his own private space, getting the one down on the ex-director of the NSA.

But the truth was HE was being watched and real the NSA.

It seems the NSA computers instantly noticed someone tweeting something on the ex-director of the NSA, located the identity and location of the person and then texted Hayen of what was happeing.

How is that for real time intelligence?

This guy was located, identified and fixed within 15 minutes of starting a tweet on a 'sensitive subject.'

The target of his remarks was notified and the guy was targeted (how much you want to bet he was detained by Homeland Security moments later?).

The lesson here?

The Internet is a spy network.

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Google itself have direct connections to the NSA (and in fact ARE part of the NSA).

The NSA has he capability to track what you are doing in real time if you use these sites.

That is why this blog entry is being recorded and flagged by the NSA the moment it got posted.

Please be aware of this.

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