Thursday, October 17, 2013

NOT Jews: Talmudic Cabalistic Luciferians

In forthcoming articles I will be addressing the preponderance of Jewish power, Jewish money and Jewish personages when it comes to making bloody horrible things happen.

The operations of the Illuminati and the so-called Crypto-Jews are about as entwined as rope.

This will probably earn this site the stereotypical title of 'anti-semitic' - a title invented by the above elite who are hiding amongst the Jews.

But I must stress that these people I will be referring to are NOT Jews.

Some Christians like refer to the biblical passage from Revelation 3:9 in which it says “the synagogue of Satan – those who profess to be Jews, but are liars, because they are no such thing.”

I can't find a more accurate description than this.

From my research I have gathered that so-called 'Judaism' is just the latest incarnation of a socioeconomically powerful cult that has been with us perhaps since the beginning of civilization, always maneuvering itself to the top centers of power...almost always through mass murder.

Blood, it seems, is a requirement.

They drink blood and they spill blood in great quantities.

They don't consider a deal closed until it has been sloshed in blood.

But let's get back to the topic at hand.

Real Jews?

Did you ever stop and ask yourself why the majority of Israelis (God's 'chosen people') are ATHEISTS?

Why the Israeli Mafia is the center of the 'ecstasy' trade and human sex trafficking?

Why Israelis were caught filming and celebrating the collapse of the towers on 9/11?

Why Israel can't stop murdering Palestinians?

No, the leadership of Israel are not Jews.

They use 99.9% of the Jewish population as useful tools and as cover for themselves.

Yet have no aversion to slaughtering their fellow Jews (who are really seen as cattle, just like the rest of us)

Let's get it straight on who these people are:


In other words, elitist practitioners of satanic magic.

They are a very small elite who hide, victimize and make use of a population group known as Jews.

'Jews' are just the most recent incarnation of this host population group.

Before that they were known as Israelis.

Before that they were known as the Hebrews.

Before that they were the Hyksos.

Before that they were the Amorites.

Always polyglot, always nebulous, always on the move...always murderous.

You don't have to use much imagination to see that when you are dealing with these people you are dealing with the Devil.

It comes as no coincidence that the most blood-drenched ideology in the history of the world – Communism – was created and directed by Jews.

Hey, Communism murdered 100 million human beings in the last century, making Genghis Khan and Tamerlane look like amateurs.

It's no coincidence that 6000 JEWISH children were irradiated to death by 'Jewish' doctors in Israel.

It's no coincidence that cancer rates in Israel surpass that of most of the civilized world.

It's no coincidence the Jews are NOT being protected, they are being victimized by those calling themselves 'Jews.'

It's no coincidence that Israel regularly collaborates with Communist countries AGAINST the United States.

It's no coincidence that the 'Jew' Henry Kissinger has said as a statement of fact that “in ten years there will be NO MORE ISRAEL” (and he didn't seem bothered by it at all).

It's no coincidence the Zionists told Hitler he could keep the Jews and surrender only those who had the means and the will to emigrate to Palestine.

It's no coincidence the Jewish-owned New York Banks financed Hitler's rise to power.

It's no coincidence Jewish-dominated Hollywood and the media were mute during the 'Holocaust.'

It's no coincidence that actual Hasidic conservative Jews neither support nor believe in the State of Israel (and in fact oppose it).

So no, these people are NOT Jews.

And the Jews would do well in outing them as the Satanists they really are.

But alas, the large mass of the Jewish population is just as asleep as we are.

Those Jews who dare criticize Israel, the Mossad, Shin Bet or Talmudic extremists are labeled “self-hating Jews” (and many are killed).

Those non-Jews who try to single out this Satanic oligarchy hiding amongst the Jews are called “anti-semitic.”

Any description of these devil worshiping warlocks carrying out human sacrifices is called a “blood libel.”

They protect themselves by hiding out amongst the Jewish population (predominantly its highest circles) and deflecting all accusations against them as being against all Jews in general.

Their rotten characteristics can be seen in music, film and art which THEY control and use to degrade humanity.

They use well-financed intelligence organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to label anyone criticizing any of their inner circle as “anti-semitic.”

Their dream is to create a world empire under a “King of the World.”

But their curtains of secrecy are like onion peels

Many chauvinistic Talmudic Jews (who practice neither Cabala nor Luciferianism) embrace the project of a New World Order under a “King of the World” in ignorance as a new world system which would project Jews to the apex of power and prestige.

But this is a lie.


They will simply be the last set of human sacrifices that will bring in the New World Order.

I wish there could be another way of addressing these people instead of the inappropriate term 'Jew' behind which they are always hiding.

Please note that they also frequently pass themselves off as Christians or Muslims, or whatever in order to accomplish their goal.

These are known as 'Crypto-Jews' by the conspiracy crowd.

Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, Roosevelt, Truman, Hamilton, Eisenhower, McNamara, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Paulson, Putin, Biden and Obama are all probable members of this distinguished elite.

The monarchs of Spain carried out the Spanish Inquisition to root out all the so-called Crypto-Jews because they had started to penetrate the higher levels of Spanish society. Unfortunately, they named one of them, Torquemada, to carry it out. The result? A lot of innocent Jews killed, while the Satanic Jews remained.

As to the Illuminati, their very founder, Adam Weishaupt himself, was a Talmudic Cabalistic Luciferian Crypto-Jew – his murderous legacy is the subject of this blog.

And how warm and cozy does it make you feel to find out that our strategic forces have been thrown into turmoil by an operation involving the illegal smuggling of our nuclear bombs by unknown groups and people while the top two men in charge of our nuclear forces are dismissed by General Robert KEHLER of Strategic Command and replaced by Major General Jack WEINSTEIN?

Is it of any importance that Kehler is a rewriting of the Jewish name 'Keller' and that both he and Weinstein are Jews?

It seems that Strategic Command's Kehler and his subordinate, Global Strike Command's James Kowalski did not like the reaction General James Carey and Admiral Tim Giardina had to the nuclear shell game, so they got rid of them and replaced them with General WEINSTEIN.

What do you think is going to happen now...rain Skittles?

(Reminds me of Prince Lvov being replaced by crypto-Jew Kerensky just prior to Russia being turned over to the Bolsheviks).

And it doesn't end there.

Presently a low key yet widespread PURGE of our military command is taking place under the orders of the 'Commander in Chief Obama – everybody that is not willing to go along with the covert activities within the military is OUT.

The rumor is they are planning to blow up one of our own cities with our own nukes in order to provoke war with Syria or Iran!

I hope that is not the case, but when I speak of THEM, please know I am not speaking of the Jews, but those who hide amongst them.

There simply is no other way to describe them.

The term 'Talmudic Cabalistic Luciferians' seems a bit long, but it describes them to a tee.

The 'Star of David' has no David in it.

It's a symbol of ancient Babylonian magic.

The five-pointed star is not American, it's an ancient magical symbol known as a 'pentacle' and is also of ancient Babylonian magic origin.

The Talmud was not written in Jerusalem, but in BABYLON!!!

The truth has to come out.

There is simply no better way to describe this group, especially in the light of present world events and the behavior of world 'leaders.'

How are our world leaders behaving lately?

Would 'satanically' be an apt description?

Enough is enough.

It's time for the Jews along with the rest of humanity to call out these warlocks for what they are: devil worshipers seeking to bring the rule of the Devil upon the world.

It's time to call out the Crypto-Jewish Talmudic Cabalistic Luciferians.

It's time to break the spell.


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