Tuesday, October 15, 2013

They're Poisoning Our Food

It seems that poisons are becoming a staple part of our daily diet.

More and more poisons are showing up in more and more of our foods.

The media explains it all away as some sort of naturally occurring event, or, if they can't, they just off-handedly mention that it has been occurring for years.

Arsenic started showing up in apple juice (most of the concentrate from which it is made comes from China).

Does our apple juice contain arsenic because most of it comes from China?

Arsenic then started showing up in our rice.

A humorous paradox is that brown rice (which the health conscious eat) has more arsenic than white rice.

They say that all that arsenic occurs naturally in the soil, so there's no avoiding it.

Is the soil starting to contain arsenic because most of our chemical fertilizer is now coming from China?

Now arsenic is showing up in our chicken (which has become the food of choice of late).

Something to do with what they feed the chickens.

Can't be helped, been doing it for decades, they say.

Is our chicken saturated with arsenic because the crud that they feed the chickens now comes from China?

Eat your chicken and shut up.

And let's not forget the melamine in the baby formulas we feed our little precious ones.

Remember melamine?

It was the cause of all those beloved pets dying when their little livers shut down a few years ago.

Apparently the thrift-minded pet food manufacturers were getting all their pet food ingredients from China.

Now it seems our trusted formula makers are are importing the ingredients we feed our babies from China.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Anyone?

(You'll probably get blamed for it too)

There are now rumors the Chinese are also cornering the powdered milk market (melamine for you too, not just your kid).

Show me that milk mustache, matey!

The water that comes out of our faucet is supposed to be drinkable.

Recently this has become debatable, especially considering the radioactive fluoride we have been importing from China.

That's right, folks.

All the poison of fluoride combined with the hard punch of radioactivity.

Could it be too much to ask the water authorities to poison us with non-radioactive fluoride?


OK, sorry I asked.

No alarms have been sounded and no procedures taken to somehow stifle the importation of radioactive fluoride from China.

Bottoms up.

My friends, pay attention to what you eat, for the sake of yourself and your loved ones.

You can do without arsenic, melamine and radioactive fluoride in your life.

Through 'deregulation' the 'authorities' have somehow been reduced to the level of corrupt clowns.

There doesn't seem to be any more rules as to what they can put in your food anymore.

Anything goes.

Hear about the chicken salmonella scare?

Oh, it was Foster Farms – elite corporate capital – of course, there was no recall... just a warning to 'cook yer chickin' good, hear?'

Compare this to what happens to small town American capital when THEY get caught with any salmonella in their products – total and complete shutdown.

You see, the clowns are working for somebody, and it ain't the American people.

So listen, in the interests of health, pop a few vitamins to help you...oh, wait!....90% of the elements going into our vitamins come from China.

Well, you gotta trust somebody sometime.



  1. Wow, thanks for the heads-up. I know about the poisons, just didn't about it coming from China. I do a radio show about health, so I can warn my listeners about what I just read!

    1. You can add orange juice, breaded fish and honey to this list of Chinese-made goods - in fact, a move is being made to process ALL our chicken in China.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.