Monday, October 14, 2013

India's Civilization Beginning to Shine

It is a mystery which civilization will ultimately be the one to launch man to the stars.

Will it be Euro-America, with its non-existent morality, its declining population, its diminishing industry, its bankruptcy and its collapsing social sphere?

Will it be China, with ITS diminishing population, its polluted environment, its unstable and rebellious peasants, its lack of resources and its suffocating Marxist government?

Will it be the Muslim World, with its new brand of murderous fundamentalism, collapsing social and economic conditions, and its new found suppression of knowledge and education?

Will it be Latin America, with its teeming masses, its poverty, its instability, its corruption and its great division between rich and poor?

...or will it be India?

Unlike the other civilizations, India is showing the first signs of a developing and advanced civilization.

Not just technologically, mind you, but where it counts: socially and psychologically.

Technology matters little if a civilization is psychologically and morally under-developed.

We all know what the great civilization of Britain did at Hamburg and Dresden.

We all know what the great civilization of America did to the Native Americans...and at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The testament of the Soviet slaughter in Afghanistan or the Chinese-sponsored Cambodian genocide and the mass murder at Tienamen puts the development of those two societies in doubt. Not to mention Russia's collapse back into a mafioso state and China's step back into virtual feudalism.

Or how about the enlightened slaughter of whales and dolphins carried out by technologically advanced Japan?

To put it lightly, Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Afghanistan, Tienamen, dead whales and dolphins put the moral, psychological and moral development of all these societies at about the level of the STONE AGE.

To an extent they are all murderous and continue to be murderous with their philosophies of abortion, concepts of MAD (mutually assured destruction) and euthanasia, their slaughter of animals friendly to man, murderous occupation of foreign lands (look at Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tibet), their poisonous medicine, and their bloody media.

Socially, psychologically and morally they are all backward.

Now imagine a cave man with an iPhone.

What do you think could happen there?

Would it be a surprise if it he ended up BREAKING it?

The one civilization, on the other hand, that is showing the moral and psycho-social advancement that could lead to a great space-going civilization in the India.

Not at the lower ranks, mind you.

India still has its problems of poverty, socioeconomic segregation and wife burning (of all things), but at the top levels (where it counts) India is showing signs of an enlightenment which could propel it toward a bright future as a bright example to the entire world.

Morally, psychologically and socially...India is beginning to shine.

You need those three building blocks to propel any civilization to greater heights.

Amongst all the existing civilizations presently on the face of the earth, India is perhaps the only one putting it on display.

Let me explain.


Amongst the Andaman Islands of the Indian Ocean is an isolated spot of earth called North Sentinel Island.

400 tribesmen live there perpetually suspended in their Stone Age culture neither knowing nor wanting to know of the outside world.

Visits by outsiders (mostly from helicopters) are met with hails of stones and arrows.

As recently as 2006, two Indian fishermen were killed when they ventured on its coasts.

What did the Indian government do?

Did they launch a giant SWAT raid?

Did they land the marines?


India declared North Sentinel Island off limits - a sovereign entity under the protection of the Indian government off limits to the rest of the world.

Again, what did the Indian government do?

It respected the wishes and the sovereignty of human beings inhabiting that island and left them in peace...and protected that peace.

What would the West have done?

Send in a platoon of Marines guarding a well meaning group of scientists and psychologists perhaps?

Within a decade those tribesmen would have been exterminated by way of the soft-kill methods of culture kill, public education, media, booze, vaccination and junk food.

No, powerful India saw and respected the value of human will and human sovereignty.

It left the islanders and their world to themselves...and protected them.

Again, what would the 'well-meaning' West have done?

We can't help ourselves.

We would have forced ourselves on those natives, forced them to see the outside, forced them to see us and accept us...and probably destroyed their way of life (which we would have already condemned as undesirable).

That's what WE would have done.


Another indicator of India's advancement is its practice of 'minimum nuclear deterrence' (just enough nukes to create a deterrent) and its policy to never use nuclear weapons first.

In other words, India is ready to accept defeat on the battlefield without resorting to nuclear weapons (compare this to NATO's policy of immediate use of nuclear weapons should the front begin to collapse).

A radar malfunction will never trigger Armageddon between India and some unfortunate country because India will wait until the tracking of incoming nuclear weapons and their detonation on Indian territory confirms that India has indeed been attacked with nuclear weapons.

Compare this to Russia and America's policy of instant retaliation as soon as any indication of preparing to launch or indications of initial launch and America and Russia's policy of preemptive nuclear attack.

Unlike the rest of the world, India knows and respects nuclear weapons.

They understand both sides will lose and has done everything possible to not only avoid triggering nuclear war but prevent over-kill should it ever happen.

Compare THAT to the rest of the world.

But the evolution of Indian government policy does not end there.


India has taken a step in not only having, but acting on compassion for the few sea mammals who share a close kinship with mankind - dolphins.

Dolphins are not normal sea creatures.

Despite the enormity of the ocean, somehow they relate to man.

The come close to him in the open ocean.

Stories are legion of dolphins coming to the rescue when they see a human drowning and pulling the unfortunate ashore.

Dolphins approach boats in open sea just to be close to their pilots.

A Dolphin is not just an animal.

It has a special affinity with mankind.

And the feeling is mutual.

People in general have a special affection for dolphins.

India has taken unashamed note of this special bond and has ACTED on it.

It has declared the dolphin a 'non-human person' and has granted them rights and protection.

Dolphins will no longer be victimized, hunted or captured in Indian waters. The breeding and capture of dolphins for exhibition will no longer be allowed.

India has acknowledged the uniqueness of the dolphin and has used its power to protect it.

Compare this to Japan's and Denmark's inexplicably cruel government-subsidized hunting of dolphins (a creature that innocently approaches its killers!)

India, unlike 'advanced' Japan and 'sophisticated' Denmark has called the hunting of dolphins murder and their abuse victimization..and, as a civilization, has acted on it.

What a futuristic and positive concept that is.

But India's future prospects do not rely solely on the social and moral principles of tis government.

India has a quietly respectable army, composed of professional, capable and brave soldiers, whose capabilities have not been trumpeted simply because India is not a militaristic country.

The Indian Army's actions in the Indo-Pakistani Wars have been anything but incompetent against a well-armed and tough opponent.

Recently Indian pilots quietly thrashed American F-15 pilots in the COPE India 2004 war games (the details of the 'results' of these war games are still very hard to decipher) in which American fighter jocks were distinctly humbled.

Indian occupation of the disputed Kashmir region (despite Muslim propaganda to the contrary) has been surprisingly soft-handed (i.e. professional and civilized) despite a steady flow of casualties inflicted by Muslim guerrillas on the Indian Army.

Compare that to OUR occupation of Iraq, or, for that matter, Afghanistan...or the continued drone massacres in Pakistan.

Last but not least, India has a precious deposit of human resource (the same type of human resource that made Japan a great power).

India has the brains to make it big.

Its scientists, doctors, researchers and engineers are world renown.

Indian scientists and engineers are not only good, but brilliant...and ingeniously creative. They are sought after internationally and put to work in cutting edge industries.

In America it has become an embarrassment to see how many of our top scientific positions in research and development have been taken by Indian scientists (same in Europe).

India's unfortunate socialist-imposed economy has not created a job market for its huge brain trust, so most of its talent is exported instead of used at home.

But in the future, should India organize its economy to fully utilize its talent, Indian technical progress will not only thrive, but skyrocket!

It could very well be that in the distant future, it will be Indian core civilization which will launch man towards the stars.

So if you want to see a future...a positive and brilliant future...

...the civilizations of the world might very well start looking towards the rising star of India.

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