Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Treacherous 50 States

For all the patriotic talk about State Courts, State Legislatures, County Sheriffs, local government and local law enforcement standing up to the New World Order, guess who's bringing in the New World Order.

That's right.

State Courts, State Legislatures, Country Sheriffs, local government and local law enforcement.

From California's Three Strikes Your Out and total disarmament to Louisiana's use of the National Guard to disarm citizens during Katrina to Massachusetts' Gestapo-like clamp down following the Marathon Bombings to locally enforced Agenda-21, it is the state and local authorities who are collaborating with the New World Order.

Our local cops now resemble imperial storm troops as they all wear the same uniforms and body armor issued by the Feds, drive around in identical cars and parade in Fed-issued armored tanks...while imposing some of the most draconian laws in human history.

Our local courts impose some of the most tyrannical and perverse interpretations of justice not seen since the time of Ivan the Terrible.

Our schools and local authorities love 'zero tolerance' and impose it with an iron fist.

It's all subsidized by the Feds and Illuminati lobby money.

It seems our local courts, our local legislatures and our local police will do ANYTHING as long as it has a bag of money attached to it.

I just got done watching on TV how they arrested a teenager for cyber-bullying and then arrested her mom for hitting her kids...the newscaster announced with a serious face the mom could get 30 YEARS for her crime.

Another case, a teenager who tried to contact Al-Aqueda will get LIFE.

Arrests and prison sentences are handed out like confetti at a New Years parade.

I can't comment on a state by state basis, but I can simply relate what is happening right here in Arizona - said to be one of America's “freest” states.

In a sense, it was (past tense), it doesn't seem that way anymore.

Just recently, a cop turned on another cop in court when he saw his partner execute a 20-something kid after shooting the kid's dog and being 'provoked' by the kid giving him his back and saying he was leaving on his bicycle. The 'executioner' ended up heading for some prison time (or so it seems) but it was SO VERY HARD FOR A COP, THE JURY AND THE KIDS FAMILY to get the system to supply this murderer with any type of prison sentence.

In another instance, a young man's family swear he went outside with his hands up in the air and was shot in the chest while facing the cops.

Never mind the guy who was tased off his roof and then choked to death as his murderer repeated over and over again “do not resist” (this was treated as a legal kill).

Road blocks, blood draws, detentions and searches are the order of the day by LOCAL police and LOCAL Sheriffs office.

Its the local police and sheriffs supplying all the muscle behind legal Federal child abductions, property confiscation and arrests.

They all have their grubby hands in the till as the Federal Laws have given local police the power to confiscate private property based on mere SUSPICION. And they ARE confiscating like crazy.

I still can't forget Sheriff Joe Arpaio's random arrest of the Maricopa Country Board of Supervisors...just because the attorney general and the Sheriff decided it was time to do so (none of the charges held and they all later had to be released).

Presently the Federal Government has seen fit to provide Sheriff Arpaio with a Commissar to keep him on a short leash (no complaint from the Sheriff's office that this is also completely ILLEGAL).

Arizona (the “freest” state) is now making E-Verify OBLIGATORY, meaning Arizona employers must ask the Federal Government whether they can hire any particular job applicant. Arizona is doing this in spite of E-Verify being presently voluntary.

Arizona is also upping the ante on guns, giving the police the power to confiscate all your guns and put you in jail just by being made 'uncomfortable' by them.

Arizona (with its brain-wipe governor Jan Brewer) has also thrown itself at the feet of Obamacare, establishing full collaboration with the Federal Government in enforcing this illegal and unconstitutional law.

Presently, the criminal is so protected in Arizona that people are afraid of shooting any in self-defense.

Here's one more example of how far the 'free' state of Arizona has degenerated.

A middle-aged family man named Shannon Connely was awakened at 9 pm to the sound of tires squealing, dogs barking and his garage door rumbling...and his wife and daughter not at home.

Due to a recent increase in crimes in the neighborhood, Shannon holstered a gun and open-carried it to his front yard where he found his wife and daughter talking to a man.

Before Shannon could realize this was a police officer, the cop went ballistic, screaming at him to turn towards the house, drop his gun and get on his knees.

Shannon had a natural and instinctive reaction – after all, he was in his own front porch and had been rudely awakened from his sleep – he argued with the cop.

Big mistake.

Shannon dropped the gun, turned towards the house, but continued arguing with the officer, saying this was his property and that he was legally carrying a holstered gun.

The cop then shot Shannon in the back with a Taser.

But that was not the end of it.

In the state of Arizona, it turns out you don't have to touch a cop in order to 'assault' him.

You only have to create a “reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury.”

How a disgruntled, disarmed, kneeling middle-aged man facing away from you can cause “apprehension of imminent physical injury” is beyond me, but Shannon was charged with ASSAULTING A COP.

From there, it turns out the Arizona Legislature had pre-set the sentence for “assaulting a cop” to 10 years in prison.

Shannon was informed of this, but he was still living in the real world, not the fantasy land of modern law.

He refused to plea bargain, believing he would never be found guilty of assaulting a cop after lamely being victimized by one.

He was wrong.


Now here is the shocking part.

The Judge was sorry.

The Jury was sorry.

The freaking cop was sorry.

But there was nothing they could do about it.

Assaulting a cop had been defined as causing the cop “reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury” (which means its' now illegal to get angry in front of a cop).

And the penalty for 'assaulting' a cop had been pre-set by the Arizona Legislature as 10 YEARS IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE.

So the jury found Shannon guilty and Shannon got 10 years.

And there is an epilogue to this story.

The Arizona Board of Executive Clemency (doing its job) saw the unfair circumstances of Shannon's imprisonment and recommended to Governor Jan Brewer that the sentence be reduced to time served.

But Jan 'Gestapo' Brewer, the smiling mind-controlled shriveled up Barbie doll was in the middle of a political “zero-tolerance on crime” posturing campaign.

She rejected the Clemency Board's suggestion (and has recently fired the entire board).

How's that for clemency or even common sense...or even being human.

Shannon got his ten yeas and has been serving them since 2009.

The amazing part is that (in the 'free' state of Arizona) the judicial process has been preempted by automatic sentencing and executive fiat.


This is not a 'free state' this is Stalinist Russia.

So you see what I mean when I say that the very states who are supposed to be opposing the New World Order are becoming mini-versions of the same.

The example I give of Arizona is just a small sampler of what is happening across every state of the Union. In other places it is worse.

The states themselves are turning into little North Koreas.

Basically the Cops are demigods, the Governors are gods and the local government rules by executive fiat...enforced by draconian prison gulag sentences.

Land of the free and the home of the brave my ass.

The States are setting the standard for New World Order tyranny.

THEY are establishing the Fusion Centers to collaborate with the FBI, CIA and NSA.

THEY are enforcing Agenda-21.

THEY are militarizing the police.

THEY are imprisoning innocent Americans for no good reason.

THEY are patrolling jointly with the Army and National Guard...and now Russian troops.

THEY are setting up road-blocks where Americans are questioned, groped, strip searched and drawn of their blood and property confiscated.

THEY are assaulting American homes with SWAT Teams.

THEY are acting as the obedient gofers on behalf of the FBI.

So if THESE are the states that are supposed to start the next Civil War, its probably gonna be to help the Federal Government consolidate its tyranny.

The States and local authorities have been a huge let down.

They are not only sell outs of the finest order, but obedient employees of the Federal mafia.

Don't trust these mobsters when they start talking about “opposing” the's more likely a scam to get you arrested, caught or killed by the Federal Government...with their help.


  1. Here we are again. You pulling shit right out of your ass and me here to point out that you are completely and totally out of your mind. I have already tried to point out that your unsubstatiated claims that law enforcement (Local, County and State) are tools of the dark side is a load of crap. I could not find a great deal of information on the Connelly case. (Since I, by the grace of God, DON'T live in Arizona). Since I am not familiar with Arizona State statutes, I will not comment on the actions of the Police Officer in question.
    Instead, I will comment on Agenda 21.
    1) It is a NON BINDING AGREEMENT! (That means the United States does not have to follow it). It is only a suggestion. It is NOT A LAW under Article Six of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION! (You know, the Constitution, that great piece of genius constructed by the founding fathers) So therefore, it can not be enforced legally. Of course from the quick glance (the actual document is over 300 pages. I know, that's a lot of reading for you to do while sitting on the toilet in your "bunker"). The main focus of Agenda 21 has to do with:
    1) Combating Poverty (Might be a good thing, don't you think?)
    2) Environmental Protection (You know, outside...where you never go, because the CIA might beam thought control waves into your brain. Outside, where normal people go)
    3) Pollution Control (Once again, a good thing), Management of Resources (water, air, food, the stuff that keeps your sorry ass ALIVE!) and Management of Radioactive Waste (Might be a good idea to keep stuff like that out of the hands of terrorists, criminals and nut jobs like you who have just enough knowledge and access to the internet to maybe build a device that could ruin the day of a lot of people.
    The Police patrolling with the National Guard??? and the Russian Military??? Please oh Please, provide some kind of proof that this is happening. If you can provide me with one credible shred of proof that this is happening, I will start to take your claims seriously.

    (Of course you won't, because you're a coward and a pussy and dream all this shit up while listening to Alex Jones and wacking your dick over the latest edition of the Weekly Word News)

    Your Friend


    1. Uh...remember the cops at Columbine, John?

      Who are the real pussies?