Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nairobi: One More Illuminati False Flag Attack

The 'terrorist' attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya is already hemorrhaging tell-tale signs of a Mossad-CIA-MI-6 operation.

To begin with, Westgate Mall is an Israeli-owned piece of real estate and most likely Mossad property.

Al-Shabab, the Somali terrorist organization purported to have launched the attack, managed to recruit a potpourri of terrorists from at least 10 different nations: Britain, the US, Australia, France, Netherlands, Canada, India, Ghana, South Africa and China – to assault the mall.

It beggars the imagination how an impoverished backwater Somali terrorist organization like Al-Shabab would have the means and wherewithal to recruit a large international mix of terrorists (International recruiting is actually the expertise of Saudi-funded Middle East terror organizations).

A large portion of the terrorists (at least 6) were British – a suspiciously high number.

To add even more suspicion, it turns out foreign 'security officials' from Israel, the US and Britain were immediately on the scene, not only to observe, but to help direct the carnage of the counter-attack. (Isn't it nice to have foreign security officials from the US, Britain and Israel on hand to help keep an eye on things when terrorist attacks happen?)

And speaking of other things on hand, it turns out that many of the assaulting troops turned out to be 'Israeli forces'(how much you want to bet they were special forces?). Isn't it nice to also have Israeli special forces on hand when you need them in a pinch? These 'Israeli forces' actually forced themselves into the mall.

The bloody counter-assault itself was carried out in typical Illuminati-controlled-government fashion. This means it was based on a policy of 'no negotiation' and executed mercilessly and brutally, completely ignoring the fact that the terrorists had hostages.

The result?

Probably more than 100 innocent people killed in the resulting battle in addition to the terrorist hostage executions.

The explosion and resulting collapse of an entire section of the mall which killed at least six people is being blamed on Kenyan troops firing rocket propelled grenades repeatedly into a support column to get the attention of a sniper (yeah, right). One more unexplained bombing not fitting the official version of the false flag justified by a weak cover story.

But don't worry, the final marker of a false flag happened soon afterwards, as FBI agents descended on the scene like buzzards on a carcass to seal off and investigate the mass murder scene.

This is always a bad sign.

When the FBI shows up immediately after a bloody tragedy (like an air crash, a bombing or a massacre) you can bet the US government was involved in the tragedy.

The FBI has expanded.

It not only seals off mass murder scenes in America, but now it does so the world over.

A Third World contact told me of a suspicious mass roasting at a supermarket in the Third World – guess who showed up right after the fire and before anybody could showed up to seal and secure the barbecue. Yup...the good old American FBI.

So yeah, it IS suspicious to have the FBI show up at the scene of a KENYAN massacre over which the KENYAN POLICE have jurisdiction, order everyone away and seal up the crime scene.

How did the FBI get there so quick?

The same way the FBI beat the NTSB to the remote suspicious crash site of Senator Wellstone, perhaps?

As I have said many times before, the FBI has become the crime scene janitorial squad not only for the US government, but, it seems, for the New World Order.

Any time you have the FBI show up, you can bet they are there to seal, clean up and re-arrange the crime scene to fit the official version of events.

So yeah, the FBI showing up and sealing the scene of the massacre moments after its conclusion is a major suspicious event by any standards.

And yes, you guessed it, Nairobi Westgate Mall was ONE MORE FALSE FLAG OPERATION launched by the Luciferian triad of Britain, US and Israel in order to manipulate humanity towards giving up more freedoms and rights before the altar of the New World Order.

And let's not forget the message!

The carefully selected and assembled UN of terrorists launching the attack has put another spin on things: that whether you are Australian, or British or American, YOU could be a terrorist.

That's right, EVERYBODY is now under suspicion, not just Muslims, which fits in perfectly with the confiscation of everybody's rights.


  1. There was a traffic accident today that delayed me 20 minutes getting home from work. Was that an Illuminati false flag?? It rained a lot in Colorado, was that an illuminati false flag?? My coffee was too hot and I burned my lip, was that a flase flag too??? Maybe the Israelis and the Illuminati and Green Peace and my ex wife are all plotting against me.
    Maybe the terrorists were just evil fucking people who decided to kill a loit of people.

    You're an idiot.

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