Thursday, September 12, 2013

Police vs Public: Divide and Conquer

The Illuminati program of divide and conquer is working when it comes to the public and public protectors - the police.

Society has to be torn apart into its basic components before being destroyed.

It is difficult to destroy a united, homogeneous, proud and collaborating civilization.

Too many cliques coming together to confront difficulties and challenges, too many groups keeping each other strong and informed.

So you have to break things up, isolate, alienate, plant seeds of distrust and hatred.

Which is what the Illuminati have been doing in this country for the last 100 years or so.

Men and Women, Parents and Children, Blacks and Whites, Rich and Poor, Liberals and Conservatives, Educated and Working class, etc have been set at each other's throats to the point where nobody is really talking or coming together with anybody else.

An important part of this equation is the Police.

A strong community watched over and kept informed by its police is a sure obstacle to the New World Order.

Why, God forbid, such a community might even come together to oppose it!

So a natural Illuminati necessity is to separate the Police from the Public.

Alienate the two sides.

Have them distrust and hate each other.

This Illuminati goal is presently coming to fruition.

Through a Federal Illuminati program of police training, the police have been taught that the public is dangerous, the typical citizen is an unpredictable crazed beast, that mundane objects like a sharp pencil or a chair could end their lives and that basically the minute they hit the streets they are in a fight for survival.

To survive, they are told, they must not only be pre-emptive, but commanding and brutal.

Take no chances! Your life is at stake! Trust no one! It's a jungle out there!

The police have taken the bait, participating in a record number of massacres of American citizens by way of Taser, gun, baton and physical crushing and asphyxiation.

Of course....cameras are filming all the carnage and putting it on YouTube...where the American public slowly learns to distrust and hate the police.

The majority of police are still decent, respectful, principled human beings.

How many YouTube videos do you have on that?

No, the majority of the videos film only the blood-thirsty gorillas hammering or ending some American's life.

The Illuminati courts have made sure to protect these brutal murderers, leaving them free to return to their jobs...and kill again...and again...and again.

The message is not lost on the American public: it's open season.

Some of these walking piles of stinking uniformed crud are neither accepted nor wanted by their own fellow officers yet they remain on the force backed up by the courts and the police unions (which also happen to be masonic organizations).

So it's a two stage program consisting of

1) training the police to act in such a way as to alienate the public


2) making sure the footage of the police acting in alienating ways gets a wide screening's working!!!

Few if any have noticed the sheer genius of the Illuminati Police Alienation program.

Gone are the days where you actually had conversations with the local beat cop.

Now the police are told NOT to communicate with the public in anything but official terms and definitely NOT to let them know anything that has come down.

You know, sort of like what PRISON GUARDs are told to do.

So in the interests of historical record, here is the Illuminati program to alienate the public from the police and vice versa:

Instill Paranoia
Train the police to distrust and be afraid of the public in general and to believe that instant death can be caused on them by the most mundane objects

Create and Use SWAT Teams
Create SWAT teams in every town and city, recruit the most hot-blooded police into the SWAT teams and USE THEM, and keep them in use for the most mundane of reasons, from unpaid student loans, to unkept front yards to weekend gambling.

Support Brutality
Set up a system of laws, rules, regulations, courts, police leadership and unions which support and celebrate brutality by letting the perpetrators go and making sure they get right back to work.

Start Confiscating
Turn the police into roving Sheriffs of Nottingham by not only giving them the authority, but encouraging them to confiscate property. Confiscate cars for pot infringements, confiscate guns when entering homes, confiscate houses for drug offenses, confiscate children because the parents do pot.

Start Violating People
Train the police to grab genitals, search anyone and everyone, forcefully draw blood. Make sure the methods are hurtful and degrading.

Turn the Police into Immigration Officials
Have the police stop people with funny accents and brown skin and arrest them if they can't prove citizenship or residence. Pretty soon they will lose all support from the Hispanic community (which they already have).

Prison System
Create a prison system where the inmates are not only educated in further crime, but are threatened, brutalized, raped and learn how to hate authority so that when they leave, they are ready to become dead-ender cop killers.

Dress Police Like Vagrants
Have you seen police 'uniforms' lately? It's hard to even tell they are police through all the baggy shirts and bermuda shorts. The police look more like vagrants than officers of the law. The unions say the new uniforms are 'more comfortable,' This they might be, but they certainly create no added respect from the public.

The results of this giant alienation program are becoming apparent.

As the police lose the support of the community (on which information they depend) less and less crimes are being solved.

The Hispanic community (peppered with relatives who are illegal immigrants) is no longer cooperating with the police out of fear.

The incidents of armed confrontation with the police are not only increasing, but are being censored (including SWAT team casualties).

A more disturbing trend is the increase of sniping incidents against the police.

It is my opinion a lot of these incidents are carried out by agent provocateurs.

But the end result will be predictable - the police treating the American public as if they were Viet Cong suspects.

The threshold is already here.

The loss of trust, sympathy, collaboration and support of the police by the public is palpable.

The police are seen more as an occupation force of hired thugs than servers and protectors.

The breaking of the bond between police and citizen is not noticeable.

People no longer greet or even acknowledge the police.

Police action is met by mixture of eye rolling and laughter.

Respect for the police is gone.

Witnesses no longer get involved in giving information to police.

Corpses are found on the street, in canals and dumpsters...and no witnesses come forth, leaving the police clueless and impotent.

Taking advantage of the chasm of trust opening up between the police and the Hispanic community are the Cartels, who are starting to up operations in the continental United States with the police remaining totally unaware and unable to do anything about it.

Any honest cop will tell you the police cannot solve crimes without the collaboration of the public (witnesses).

Now that this collaboration is diminishing or gone, the police are becoming nothing more than an impotent, brutal, despised gangs at the service of movers and shakers, who will seemingly follow any order, no matter how inhumane, unconstitutional or even criminal.

The Illuminati have succeeded in alienating the police from the public and the public from the police.

Divide and conquer.

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  1. Once again, you make slanderous accusations against my fellow officers and chosen profession. Once again, I ask you...please post a verifiable source for these wild rantings. Please point me to where you find this information. But I know you won't (and can't) because all you do is pull shit out of you ass (LITERALLY) and post it on the internet. 50 years ago, you'd be the crazy fucker, standing in the park with a sandwich board screaming at the pigeons. Now you sit at a computer and scream at the world. Why do you scream nonsense?? Why do you find conspiracies in everything and feel like you're being watched?? Because it's the only way anyone will pay any attention to you.
    Maybe if I stopped paying attention to you, you'd climb out of the tiny little hole you're hiding in and you'd get a life. But at the same time, you're so fucking easy to mess with. You're stuff is pure comedy gold.

    Don't worry, the Secret Illuminati Police have better things to do than worry about you.