Monday, September 9, 2013

Breaking: Illegals By the Busload

The federal government continues to import foreign nationals, this time through a seeming underground network.

The new clarion call is ‘political asylum.’

You’ve got Mexican nationals now crossing the border, turning themselves in to ICE and signing themselves up as political refugees.

Instead of drop kicking these individuals back across the border, ICE (department of Homeland Security) asks them all to have a seat as their requests are seriously reconsidered.

I have been unable to come across any new data on just how many of these ‘political asylum’ seekers have been granted residency by ICE.

But that is the new trend.

The Mexican nationals (ever increasing numbers of them) are flooding into America saying they are in danger of being persecuted and killed by the Cartels and even corrupt elements inside their own government.

ICE is keeping the whole affair hush hush as it processes busload after busload of these foreign nationals.

But there’s even more.

It’s not just Mexicans coming across.

The word seems to be out within illegal immigrant or the Mafioso underground institutions that smuggle illegal aliens to America: ‘ask for political asylum and they will let you in.’

ICE is now processing busload after busload of foreign nationals from INDIA coming through the border right here in Arizona.

They are all asking for ‘political asylum.’

They come in EVERY NIGHT by the busload and are unloaded by ICE personnel at the Greyhoud bus station at 24th Street and Buckeye near Sky Harbor Airport.

The ‘new arrivals’ are not very open and refuse to talk to reporters.

After being ‘processed’ these foreign illegal aliens are let go by ICE!

That’s right, go out on the street and do what you want until we notify you of further proceedings!

Way to go, Homeland security, keeping the homeland more insecure than ever!

The thought that some of these people might be terrorists not from INDIA at all but imposters with good facsimile IDs doesn’t seem to cross the Homeland Insecurity Goon’s minds at all.

Let loose into the streets?

Busload after busload late at night?

Homeland Security WTF?

The newspapers themselves call this a ‘mysterious surge in migrants’ which seem to be coming into the United States in this manner.

So let’s see.

Foreign nationals coming into the country en masse on buses in the middle of the (like contraband), transported around by ICE and then LET GO to wait processing?

What this amounts to is a new underground program of the babylonification of America by the Department of Homeland Security – the mass transport and processing of foreign nationals by ICE into the United States.

I think I have to underline that the buses arrive on a daily basis…always late at night, with people who have been instructed not to talk to reporters.

The media says it costs one of these untouchables $35,000 to get ‘smuggled’ into the United States.


It would take one of these untouchable dirt bags a lifetime of work to make such an amount of money.

Of course they don’t pay that amount themselves!

The amount is loaned or accredited to them by the smuggling institution and they are held accountable as their stay in the United States begins to serve either as virtual slave labor or facilitators for foreign mafia.

Homeland Insecurity remains clueless as it goes about its assigned job: destroy the United States of America and bring it into the new global economic order.



  1. How does it feel to be WRONG all the time????

    1. This is the third time I have posted a response. I figure you're blocking me.
      Once again you're WRONG! No one pays me to read your deranged rantings. I do it of my own free will, and for laughs. Do you actually think that there is ANYONE out there who takes you seriously??

      And you still haven't answered my question. How does it feel to be WRONG all the time???

    2. Let me guess...your parents were so very hard to please.

    3. So do you actually believe the stuff you post??