Friday, September 6, 2013

Syria: Obama Prepares a Quagmire

A bit more maneuvering is happening behind the scenes than is apparent, I'm afraid.

It was particularly funny to hear people say Obama had become 'afraid' or 'hesitant' about his Syrian adventure.


Obama is a Manchurian candidate and a Communist agent whose purpose is to run America into the ground.

The 'game' will become a lot clearer once you understand this simple fact.

The only reason Obama's handlers told him to get Congressional approval before attacking is to involve the entire Congress and the entire country in on this folly.

It wouldn't do just to blame the upcoming quagmire on Obama.

You need a lot more reputations and careers involved in order to keep the quagmire going.

And don't worry about approval.

Congress is being blackmailed as you read with spicy videos, pictures and mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night threatening to expose their corruption and debauchery (in fact, this is precisely why these people were selected for Congress).

And don't worry about the American public.

Very soon a false flag will take place being linked directly or indirectly to Syria.

It could be a cyber attack which shuts down our power grid..

....or a computer virus which erases our banking accounts...

...or, perhaps, one of our ships in the Mediterranean could suddenly blow up and sink (plenty of Israeli assets to make it happen).

Chances are it could well be blamed on Hezbollah if not Syria directly.

But back to our Machiavelli-in-Chief.

There really is no insecurity, fear or doubt in this well oiled manchurian machine called Obama.

This guy has been messing up the Syria situation from day one to SERVE US A DISASTER.

The Syrian rebels have been asking for anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons from the beginning.

Obama has steadfastly refused.


To provoke the desperate situation which is now occurring – the rebels are being routed and 'something' must now be done 'immediately' – that's why.

Now that the 'situation' is sizing up, the same formula used in Vietnam is being dusted off.

Words like 'limited strike' 'parameters' 'rules' 'limitations' 'limits' 'agreements' which all mean 'pulling your punches' limiting our military effectiveness, not finishing the job and making the whole affair drag on forever.

Obama not only created the situation that is provoking the American attack (the defeat of the Syrian rebels) but is now planning an attack that will prove ineffective and prolonged.

The same bogey men that were used during Vietnam – Russia and China – are being used as an inspiration to limit everything we do in Syria.

And it WILL be OUR war.

None of the other countries, whether it be England, France or Israel will deploy any significant amount of men and materiel into the conflict (they are just cheerleaders).

The blood, treasure and reputation will be all American.

And don't forget.

The Communists (Russia and China) have THEIR man in the White House.

So there is no better time to go to war against America than NOW.

So let's get it straight.

Obama is cutting the military budget, down-scaling the military, refusing to supply the Syrian rebels and limiting the scale of the strike against Syria.

In short, Obama is preparing to involve us in a quagmire.

The Middle East quagmire will just be an appetizer to exhaust America militarily, psychologically and financially prior to the Russo-Chinese 'military initiatives' across the globe.

The long-term plan of Comrade Obama is to sink us in the Middle East and submerge our country in chaos and controversy while Russia and China prepare to attack elsewhere.

Count on it.

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