Monday, September 16, 2013

US and Russia Disarm Syria

It was seriously disgusting to see Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov smile, touch and embrace each other following the 'agreement.'

It was especially sickening to see them both 'acting' relieved at supposedly having averted WW-III.

They are both bad actors.

Their 'act' consisted of blow-holing air through their mouthes as they spoke about the new agreement they had with Syria. Well (fooooof), here we are (fwooooof) still in one piece (fwoooooooof). We made it (fwoooooooooooof).

It reminded me of the bad acting carried out by Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson during the 2008 financial crisis to scare up the bailout.

It also made me realize the true scale of what had just happened.

America and Russia had just teamed up to disarm Syria.


As unbelievable as Russia selling the Arabs debased tanks with which to fight the Israelis?

As unbelievable as the Russians shutting down the (Russian-built) Egyptian early warning radar system (and evacuating their personnel) just prior to the Israeli 'surprise attack' of 1967?

As unbelievable as a largest sector of the Israeli population consisting of Soviet expatriates?

As unbelievable as Russia pressuring the Arabs to cease fighting following Israeli gains in all four Arab-Israeli Wars?

Rowan Gaither was right when he quipped to Reece Committee Special Investigator Norman Dodd that Russia and America were working together in order to 'merge.'

Russia and America work together.

In this instance, they worked together to disarm Syria of chemical weapons.

America played the bad cop trying to start WW-III and Russia played the good cop trying to avert it.

They scared the world and certainly scared Syria into disarming.

Who did they disarm?

Israel's number one enemy.

The Mossad Intelligence-run Israeli Government has always felt insecure against Syria because of Syria's massive chemical stockpile.

That stockpile is there for a reason: to dump it all on Israel the minute Israeli nukes devastate Syria.

Its Assad's only ace in the hole when it comes to Israel-sponsored nuclear annihilation.

And it's there for a reason.

You see, in 1973, when Syria destroyed the Israeli armored force defending the Golan, Israel gave Syria the nuclear ultimatum – stop now or we nuke Damascus.

The Syrians stopped...but they didn't forget.

They built up their chemical and biological stockpile as the only deterrent to Israeli nuclear fire.

Now that deterrent is being taken away.

And don't think the Syrians won't get nuked.

Damascus is toast, no matter how wishful the weak-kneed Assad gets.

The sickening display of camaraderie by Kerry and Lavrov in front of the cameras was much like the coming together of the cast of a play backstage after the production.

There you see the villain sharing a beer with the hero and the evil step mother laughing and gossiping with her abused step daughter – the roles they played meaning nothing.

I always thought the media and the conspiracy pundits were pushing 'the end of the world' talk far too much.

And this is the image I got from Kerry and Lavrov:

Two cast members relaxing and laughing after the play is over (oh, and don't forget the comical blow-holing at the end just to remind it's no joke!).

Kerry was all smiles. He could help flashing those dentures and pawing and embracing Lavrov.

Does it even matter that both men are Jewish? (Kerry a crypto-Jew whose grandfather's surname was Kohn).

Of course it does!

And I wonder who was pulling the strings under the table all along?

Now Russia AND America are both continuing their collaboration by jointly putting pressure Syria to turn in all her chemical and biological arsenal post-haste! (Israel can't be kept waiting).

I am very disturbed by this.

It's not just Syria's preparation to be turned into a crispy critter, its not just Assad's compromised security apparatus or Russia's betrayal of her 'friends' or of Putin's staged elevation to the world stage by fellow communist Barak Obama.

Its the farce and delusion of the whole thing.

The message is “We Are On the Brink of Annihilation!” so...disarm.

They are going to play the same game during WW-III - the war that is supposed to bring in the New World Order.

The technique will be the same – menacing posturing combined with fear and threat...and some death, all averted at the last second by the final solution: the New World Order.

See the scenario described below:

Meanwhile it has become apparent that America and Russia are collaborating, Putin and Obama are bastards working for the same boss and that the stage is set for the drama that will issue in the New World Order.

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  1. I would state the obvious and tell you that you are once again WRONG!, but that's sort of like stating that the sky is blue and that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

    One question: Kerry's real name is Cohen?? Please elaborate.

    Thank You