Monday, September 2, 2013

They Will Launch a False Flag to Make Us Hate Syria

Welp, looks like Obama's sudden lunge towards war wasn't was popular as the Establishment thought it would be.

Big disappointment – all those people not wanting wanton chaos and destruction for no particular reason.

This won't do. Won't do at all!

The Illuminati are now probably figuring that what we need to get our rear ends in gear is a nice false flag operation.

You know, ala 9/11.

Assad's 'advisors' have already stuck their foot into it by advising the Syrian President to tell the West that 'he has his finger on the trigger.'

Just what trigger might that be?

That statement will fit in perfectly with whatever false flag operation the Illuminati will decide to launch through their tools, the NSA, CIA and Mossad.

Syria has made an even bigger mistake by what seems to be a limited small-scale cyber-attack on some American sites.

Real dumb, Assad.

Who is advising you, anyway?

Is it the same people who failed to predict a giant uprising against you and then planted bombs right outside their doorstep?

The problem with any type of 'reaction' or even threat of a reaction by Syria is, of course, that it could be used as a basis of a false flag operation against the United States by the nefarious powers in charge.

You got your hand on the trigger?

Boom! (fill in nightmarish false flag operation of your choice here)

Oh, THAT trigger!

Syria launching cyber attacks?

How about attaching some Stuxnet magic to those cyber attacks?

You know, make some nuclear plants fail catastrophically, erase banking computers or shut down the electric grid (and the electric pumps that maintain our water supply).

After all, Syria DOES have cyber-attack assets and it DID say it had its finger on the 'trigger.'

The US has already declared a catastrophic cyber-attack an act of war.

So, if the Illuminati time one of these false flag picadillos just right, we could be at war with Syria (and Iran, for that matter) sooner than you can say Middle Eastern Quagmire.

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