Saturday, August 31, 2013

War: Hey, It's the IN Thing!

War is In, folks!

It's once again popular!

It's the thing to do.

And more than anything, it's inevitable.

Once the Illuminati want start a war, there's just no stopping it.

The whole thing seems to roll forward with the impetus of a giant boulder going downhill.

Ergo the escalating events in Syria.

Not only is America on the bandwagon, but so are France, England (though Parliament disapproved, just watch Cameron go ahead anyway), Germany and NATO in general.

Hey, all these wimpy nations with lilliputian armies suddenly want war!

Reminds me of the beginning of Word War I. that was an era of unprecedented human prosperity for all of Western Civilization. The people never had it so good and the rich never had it better.

What did the Illuminati have us do?

Start the grossest war in the history of the world, and set the world on its way to a continuing state of crisis, that's what.

It was no coincidence that the Illuminati central banking system was completed with the founding of the Federal Reserve...a year before WW-I started.

Second World War?

Nobody wanted the damn thing.

Even the Germans became depressed when it became apparent that war was coming in 1940, with Berlin looking more like a funeral procession than a mobilization (the populations of France and England reacted pretty much the same).

But you know what became apparent the process?

That people don't want wars and that it is only those above who want wars while the will of the people counts for nothing!

Just like the German Chancellor Bethman-Hollweg telling the Kaiser there will be war whether the Kaiser wanted it or not. Or Russian Prime Minister Goremykin telling the Czar the war would happen regardless of the Czar's opinions. Or James Warburg telling Congress we WOULD have world government whether it be by consent or conquest.

These little war-mongering trolls are always at the key places just before hostilities commence.

Just like arch-bastard in charge, Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, who decided to destabilize Indochina on his own (without Kennedy's knowledge) and pave the way for the Vietnam War by having the President of Vietnam murdered.

Just like Secretary of State John Kerry (real name Cohen) who basically declared open hostilities against Syria last week (did Obama even know what this Skull and Bones troll was going to mouth?).

And so what looks like the opening shots of WW-III have begun without a hitch.

Russia is remaining suspiciously quiet on the sidelines, waiting for America to make its move.

China is simply building up and preparing.

America and its Manchurian-Candidate-in-Chief plods along expertly guiding our country to self-destruction.

It doesn't matter one peep whether the American people disapprove.

It doesn't matter one peep that Congress is openly opposed.


It's time!

War is an in-thing now!

We will have war whether we want it or not!

Our true overlords have decided!

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