Sunday, August 18, 2013

Police Making Stupid Mistakes

State, County and City police are playing the part of fools as they begin serving as extensions of the Federal Government and its intelligence agencies.

This pathetic game will end with the loss of their sovereignty, their independence and, eventually, the police departments themselves.

It's truly shocking to see that the most enthusiastic enforcers of the new unconstitutional, illegal New World Order mandates have been the local police.

In the spirit of this phenomenon, delineated below are the steadily ascending levels of stupidity our police are accomplishing. can't be stupid and thrive.

In this sense, the local police are acting towards their own extinction.

Stupid Police Mistake #1
Become dependent on Federal money

Stupid Police Mistake #2
Agree to Federal policies in exchange for the Federal money you have become dependent on.

Stupid Police Mistake #3
Hold Federally-funded workshops which turn your police into brutal, murderous thugs

Stupid Police Mistake #4
Make use of your new expanded powers to abuse, threaten, degrade and kill the Americans

Stupid Police Mistake #5
Use Federal money to turn police into heavily armed, helmeted and armored storm troops

Stupid Police Mistake #6
Carry out murderous SWAT raids on American homes for the thinnest of reasons

Stupid Police Mistake #7
Fuse with Federal agencies to the point where they give you information, suspect lists and orders

Stupid Police Mistake #8
Act as if you are a branch of the Federal Government

Stupid Police Mistake #9
Allow the Armed Forces to collaborate and even supplant you in law enforcement

Stupid Police Mistake #10
Serve side-by-side with foreign troops (this is coming up)

(warning to police: when the foreign troops appear, you know your end is near)

Stupid Police Mistake #11
Obey foreign and international officers and officials

Stupid Police Mistake #12 (THE FINAL MISTAKE)
Disarm and turn in your weapons and uniforms when asked to do so by Federal and International authorities

Stupid Police Mistake #13
There are no more mistakes to be done...YOU'RE DEAD.

Please report quietly to the nearest UN run FEMA concentration camp for EXTERMINATION
(During the Bolshevik Revolution they dragged the naked corpses of police through the streets)

Fair Warning to local Sheriff, Public Safety and Metropolitan Police Departments

After everyone else is purged, they will ultimately come for YOU

Stop behaving stupidly.

Stop collaborating with Federal Police, Intelligence and Internationalist authorities

Their ultimate goal is YOUR OWN ELIMINATION.

Get back YOUR sovereignty, YOUR authority and YOUR own law enforcement departments.


  1. Hey asshole,
    as a law enforcement officer of over 20 years, i take great offense to your comments. I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. My fellow law enforcement officer and I go out everyday to protect your sorry ass, whether you like it or not. When was the last time YOU did anything worthwhile?? When did you put your self on the line for a stranger?? Or do you just sit in your basement wearing a tin foil hat whacking off to the latest National Enquirer. So when you get off your fat ass, and actually patrol the streets and deal with traffic accidents, domestic violence and abused kids, then maybe you can talk shit about Cops, Until them FUCK OFF!

    1. Dear John:

      Did you even read the article before going into a roid rage?

      It's about your police department surrendering your sovereignty, your police powers and finally yourself to international authorities...for extermination.

      Meanwhile, I invite you to check out this entry:

      Thank you for your time.

    2. To john, your government and constitution you protect will drag you in the dead bodies of your family through the streets you've been seriously deceived Johnny boy bye bye now

  2. Let me be honest. I only started reading your website for the comic value. I really and truly thought this was a humorous website.
    I am going to address some (if not all) of the statements made in this posting.
    I have been in law enforcement for over 20 years. I have attended numerous training classes (and I have even taught a few now and then.) I have been trained in self defense, how to write reports, the United States Constitution, and even how to talk to those in the community needing mental health support (comes in handy, dealing with you.)At no time in my career have I attended any training by the Federal Government on how to be a murderous thug. I guess I called in sick that day or was on vacation.
    Now, the days of the police officer armed with only a .38 Police special and 18 bullets is long gone. The Law Enforcement Officers of Today carry semi automatic handguns, 30 to 40 rounds of extra ammo, TASERS and have AR15 semi automatic assault rifles in their patrol cars. WHY? you ask, why does Officer Friendly need such weapons??? Because the bad guys, (Drug Dealers, Bank Robbers, Gang Members, generally nasty people) HAVE THEM!!! Now you ask, WHY, OH WHY< do the bad guys have access to such firepower?? Because this is America. And guns are everywhere. A few years ago in California, heavily armed and wearing body armor, bad guys entered a Bank Of America Branch to rob it and ended up in a monumental gun fight though out Los Angeles. The Police had to go to a local sporting goods store to get the weapons they needed to take on the bad guys. That is why police officers wear body armor and SWAT Teams have helmets.
    I have NEVER had my lawful chain of Command supplanted by any type of military personnel. The only times I have ever worked with members of the armed forces is when I worked for the local charity collecting toys with some Marines.
    I have never taken orders from a foreign military member either. Wait, I take that back. I worked for a Sergeant who was originally from the United Kingdom and served in the RAF (Royal Air Force) who immigrated to the US and became a police officer.
    And Finally:
    THERE IS NO FEMA CAMPS. I have never rounded up law abiding citizens to send them to FEMA DEATH CAMPS.

    Please oh Please, get some help.


    1. Oh, uh, Hi There, 'John.'
      I just took my meds like you said and feel a lot better.
      A lot of the things I've said are just paranoid delusion, it turns out.
      Such as the police being Federalized, for instance.
      What nonsense!
      -Those places called Fusion Centers where local police sit side-by-side with the CIA, FBI and NSA personnel are really just friendly get together places. You know, a place to relax, have some coffee and exchange recipes.
      -It's just my imagination after all that all police uniforms are turning black and that all squad cars are being painted black and white. Its just a coincidence and so is the Federal money that's paying for all of it.
      -Expensive toys? The police work hard to buy all those fancy helicopters, armored vehicles and newly acquired drones - cookie sales and community donations, not Federal money with strings attached.
      -Increased SWAT Teaming? What nonsense. Didya hear about the 90-year old man who got tased and bean bagged to death by a SWAT team cause he didn't want his operation. That was just a practical joke gone bad. Just ma magination every police department now has a SWAT team it likes to use for reasons like unpaid student loans, a neighbor's rumor mongering, domestic abuse or an old dude not wanting his operation.
      -Increased police brutality? All those YouTube videos are just fake, I discovered.
      -Police training in paranoia? You know, the one where they tell you a small jacknife is a lethal weapon...or perhaps even a very sharp pencil, requiring the 'peace' officer to practice extreme prejudice
      -My insanity reached a peak when I started noticing all the traffic cameras, which, of course, don't see anything, they just 'perceive' cars
      -More nonsense: Fed training where police are taught that people mentioning the word sovereign or constitution or Bill of Rights could be dangerous
      Like I said, I took my meds and feel a lot better.
      Police brutality has not increased.
      Police training and equipment is not Federally funded.
      Filming in public is not illegal.
      Finally, as I got better, I started looking around and asked myself,"what am I doing in this basement?"
      I then went upstairs and started living in the upper levels of my home.

    2. Hey Numbnuts:
      Here's a little reading material.

  3. Glad you took your meds. Too bad you might have to up the dosage. Please provide verifiable sources to any of your claims. Citing your own blog does not count as a verified source. Neither does stating that you know a guy who knew a guy who heard about a guy who read something on the World Net Daily website.
    I will give you one. Black and white patrol cars. True, most police cars are black and white. There are two reasons. 1) The iconic notion of the black and white patrol car. Ask anyone what colors they associate with a police car, they will tell you black and white. My agency does not use black and whites, just white with blue and grey graphics. The other reason is because of the the Department of Homeland Security (OH SHIT!!!!! THE FEDS!!!!!) Many agencies adopted the suggestion of the black and white patrol car by DHS because in the case of a natural or national emergency(HOW SHIT!!!!!) people would easily find the police.
    What the hell is a FUSION Center??? Never heard of that one. Maybe you should adjust the antenna on your tin foil hat.
    Pen knife as a lethal weapon?? Have you ever been stabbed or in a knife fight?? What about the box cutters that the hijackers used during the 911 attacks? As for the pencil, I worked in a county jail at the beginning of my career, and I saw first hand the damage that a sharpened pencil can do.
    I have attended training regarding sovereign citizens. The main purpose of this training was to help police officers who contact them during routine patrols a means of doing it safely, for both the police and the citizen. Of course they also trained us on the tactics used by the sovereign citizens used to intimidate the police. Like filing false or bogus liens against the officers home, bank accounts or posting "Arrest Warrants" for police officers who had the nerve to actually point out to these individuals that they were breaking the law. (Oh wait, you only have to obey laws that you actually agree with. Traffic laws don't count).
    Are there cops out there that use excessive force. Yes. It is a plague on my chosen career. Have I ever used excessive force? Probably. But I never beat a suspect down when he was in cuffs, never used my TASER in a way that was unacceptable to both my agency and my own morals.
    Some agencies may have fancy toys. Not mine. my assigned vehicle has over 100,000 miles on it and it's not due to be replaced for another 3 years.

    This is an interesting discussion. As I said, Please provide some sourced materials for your claims. Glad to see you moved into the light.


  4. Figured you were too much of a pussy to want to debate this. I guess it's easier to whack off to the latest WND than engage in a debate. Try and use some baby oil, don't want to get Mr. Willy all sore and chaffed.