Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We Are All Being Bribed

The Illuminati are like vampires.

They must be invited into someone's house before entering.

They frequently arrange their 'invitation' by corrupting the leadership, the statesmen, the oligarchy and the business leaders of a society.

How do you think France fell to the bloody Jacobins, Russia to the murderous Bolsheviks, Germany to the killer Nazis or China to the genocidal Maoists?

Before taking power, the Illuminati understand a society must be completely corrupted.

Secondly, the Illuminati understand a corrupted society must be seduced or bribed into accepting their new order of things.

And by corruption I mean from the top down.

From the most influential leader to the most humble worker – the entire thing.

It is time we noticed just how we are being corrupted and bribed into accepting the New World Order.

How is it that America is slowly being submerged into the most tyrannical and totalitarian system without a whimper?

People, towns, cites and states are being bribed to go along with the program.

Most of the public servants committing atrocities on behalf of the Federal Government are local law enforcement officials...not Federal personnel.

Many of the 'snitches' reporting 'suspicious persons' to the Federal authorities are not Federal employees, but your local friendly American neighbor.

Most of the city-government officials bowing before Agenda-21 are not members of the Illuminati, nor even members of a conspiracy – they are mere corrupted and bribed assets going along for the ride because there is MONEY in it.

Most of the loyal Obama followers are not conspiracist, but people desperate for representation and a 'piece of the pie' who are being promised just that by the Obama administration.

Our police, our government and our people are being bribed and corrupted in order to go along with the New World Order agenda.

We are being provided with a lot of goodies...for the moment... in order to go along.

In order to stay passive, content, happy, indifferent, even cooperative to the political developments which will end with out enslavement, we are being 'bribed' in the following manner:

Unemployment Compensation, Welfare, Social Security, Educational Grants, Disability, Student Loans, Food Stamps keep us going as consumers in spite of there being scarcely any job worth having.

99 Cent Stores, Walmart, Made-In-China Products make cheap quality products available to everyone as a form of unlimited Horn of Plenty. 'We're rich' we say as we bite into subsidized delicacies and open up a shiny new package of a product produce by slave labor in China.

Government subsidies keep our food dirt cheap and our stomachs pleasantly full. Unlike in many other countries, we are being granted the luxury of growing fat and eating in excess...just like cattle before the slaughter.

Satellite TV, Cable TV, HDTV, Netflix, DVD, BluRay keep us distracted with what free time we have left. So distracted, in fact, that we totally ignore the socio-political revolution that is happening around us.

Prozac, Zoloft, Marihuana, Cocaine, Heroine, Meth, Spice, all drugs both legal and illegal, especially the prescribed ones which have PERMANENT mind altering effects are there in quantity and available to anyone for the asking, who wants their mind blown so that they don't have to witness (or mind very much) the fall of our nation and our society and its replacement by totalitarianism.

Everybody going to bed with everybody without the structural encumbrance of marriage. Gone are the days of healthy sexual frustration which might translate into political resistance or marriage which might create independent family units. Have as much sex as you can with as many people as you can is the norm. Indulgence and fulfillment is the call of the moment. People preoccupied with satisfying their sexual appetites seldom have the time or will for politics. Besides, have you seen the Seinfeld episode where too much sex actually makes you less sharp?

Working parents love the free babysitting provided through free public education, never mind that their children are being corrupted while learning next to nothing and becoming submerged in a culture of sex, drugs, violence, disrespect, oppression and socialized sameness. Hey, lately, the 'educational establishment' has been caught teaching sex ed to second graders and teaching children about the benefits of universal acceptance, sameness, socialism and basically everything being relative. Yeah, you get the free babysitting, but you have to pay for it with the minds of your children.

The Internet is sucking in more people as it replaces books, magazines, movies, comic books, video games, radio and TV. Many people no longer read or watch television, preferring to submerge themselves in the Net, which provides all the things they want...and more. People are becoming constantly connected to the Internet as web gadgets like Email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Social Media Sites, Ebay, Amazon, and Google get them addicted. Once you are in the Net, nothing else matters. Internet 'addiction' is a palpable reality which is being ignored by the establishment media.
As something that contains everything, the Internet instead of a source of information, has become a MAJOR addictive distraction to most of the population.

Do you think the price of booze is a accident? Booze has never been expensive in this country, but is it a coincidence that the worse things get politically, socially and economically, the cheaper the booze becomes? Many people start drinking in high school, start becoming regularly drunk in college and then proceed to get blasted on a daily basis after work, existing in a permanently semi-buzzed state for most of their adult lives. It all reminds me of the Soviet Union, where the only thing cheaply available to all was vodka.

Some seniors are barely making it, but a lot of other not so senior retirees are living high on the hog on city, state and federal retirements...many while continuing to work. The public pensions back east are ridiculous (especially for union workers) and are bankrupting the cities...while keeping a lot of contented pensioners quiet. Our retired senior citizens are being kept happy and content with the value of their retirement accounts and lies about how much their retirement accounts are actually worth. They 'feel' rich, content and secure. As long as the payments keep coming, they'll be quiet, inactive and indifferent.

So much for the bribery of individuals.

But our institutions are also being bribed – every single last one of them.

Our States are being bribed with endless Federal dollars for everything from education to transportation, to law enforcement and agriculture. The States, in return, agreeing to all Federal policies, programs and regulations.

Our Governors are bending over backwards to find out what they have to do in order to their yearly receive allotments of Federal Subsidies and regularly accept Federal (now international) mandates of what the central government wants them to do in their states.

Our Police are being bribed by Federal subsidies which make it possible for every police chief to buy the newest, best and most glossy law enforcement toys available. In return, the police follow Federal policy, which is turning them into storm troops and thugs at the service of the Federal Government.

Our School Boards and Education Departments are being bribed with a waterfall of Federal funds and their curriculum (inane, destructive, federal crud) shows it. Presently, the educational establishment of each state (the Constitution puts education in the hands of the states) is waiting like an obedient lap dog for the next education command from the Federal Government. In fact, their entire curriculum is coming directly from Washington D.C. The continued receipt of Federal money is totally dependent on their blind obedience to Federal mandate. Meanwhile, our kids get to go to all these new modern schools which local towns and cities would have had no possible way to pay for themselves.

Our Businesses are being bribed with juicy Federal contracts (the Feds have become the number one customer in many instances) and sweet tax deductions. All of this dependent on their non-criticism of Federal economic policy (like the shipping of our industry to China) which is destroying us. Oh well, just keep those juicy contracts and neat tax deductions coming and business won't care what laws and regulations you're passing.

Our Corporations continue to lounge in a pigsty of total tax deferment while receiving Federal subsidies and gigantic Federal contracts. Why waste time even talking about them. Most of our largest corporations are owned lock, stock and barrel by the international bankers who are creating the New World Order. And woe to any corporate employee who starts upping the ante about the NWO.

All this BRIBERY goes far and wide in explaining why, as the shackles are securely bound around our ankles, so little outcry is heard by America.

We are all too content with the goodies we are receiving. And we imagine we will receive them in perpetuity.

So we will perhaps continue to partake of all these goodies, which will continue to keep us lulled and contented right up to the moment the mechanism of control is in place and the table cloth is pulled off the table while the stage curtains are ripped off...revealing the brick wall.
At that time, all the goodies will stop and we will be shown the iron fist of the New World Order.

Will the bloated, dependent and anesthetized American people eating out of the trough have the stamina and the natural gut instinct to rise up and resist this new tyraany

One can only hope.

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