Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Powerball PowerScam

Millions of citizens watched mesmerized as the media prepared to announce 'the lucky ones' who had won the almost half billion dollars in prize money for the Powerball lottery jackpot this August.

The winners?

Well...its complicated.

There were three winners.

One was in Minnesota, one was in Egg Harbor, New Jersey and a third was in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Now traditionally, a lottery has only ONE winner.

In this sense, Powerball has literally bent that law of physics...and lotteries.

But the complications don't end there.

The New Jersey winner was not actually one person...but sixteen different people.

You see, all these people pitched into a giant 'pot' to win the Powerball (have you ever tried to start a lottery 'pot' at work lately?)

But in Powerball World, 'Pots' happen all the time – yeah, everybody trusts one somebody to take their money and buy tons of Powerball tickets with it (I wonder if they even ask for receipts?).

And what is a Powerball win without a sense of mystery?

The Third Powerball winner (also from New Jersey) has yet to be revealed (and is not likely to ever be revealed). Which is not rare because many Powerball winners remain anonymous (lending an air of absolute zero sense confirmation and legitimacy before the general public).

So there you have it.

One man, an electrical engineer named Paul White, won in Minnesota. One mystery winner won in New Brunswick New Jersey and 16 different people won in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

Does it seem strange to anyone that 17 of the 18 Powerball winners come from the Soprano's back yard?

But yeah, that isn't something that is discussed openly in civilized lottery circles – that the lottery is run by the MAFIA.


Well, yeah, just like Las Vegas is run by the mafia.

But for some reason, the ownership of Vegas is common knowledge while the ownership of Powerball is a big mystery.

Well guess what.

The same outfit that has run gambling throughout US history – the Mob – runs Powerball! (a gigantic gambling operation if there ever was one).

And it's making billions...for somebody.

With all that nonchalant acceptance and trust in Powerball, you might assume Powerball is a publicly run service run by the government.

Alas, the real movers, shakers and owners of Powerball remain as big a mystery as all the anonymous mystery winners that keep winning all their jackpots.

Which is easily explainable because you CANNOT find ANY article asserting that Powerball is a fraud on the Internet .

What are the odds of that?

You'd think one of the thousands of paranoid, schizophrenic conspiracy theorists who plague the Internet – just one – would write ONE article saying that Powerball is a scam.

No such thing, says Google. Obviously, NOT ONE person or sore lottery loser has written something saying Powerball is a scam.

True, there are articles about scammers misrepresenting Powerball, or somehow scamming Powerball customers, but NOT ONE about the untouchable Powerball itself being a fraud.

Is that a miracle or what.

The Internet, that has a crazy article on just about anything (including that Earth is flat) somehow lacks any articles saying that Powerball is phony.

If that isn't a Goo-Miracle, I don't know what is.

And the PowerWeirdness doesn't end there.

Most of the winners seem to be geriatric cases who are about to kick the bucket (who knows what happens to their 'winnings' after that).

The jackpots are impossibly huge (now reaching half a billion dollars). It takes a gigantic lie to bring in the masses, I guess.

In spite of the humongous jackpots, the average winner manages to lose all the money within 4 years.

Listen, if you gave me $400 million dollars to mis-spend on purpose in four years, I couldn't do it even if I tried! (that's misspending at a rate of $275,000 per day!).

Have you ever heard of any of the 'winners' actually grabbing that half billion and actually starting a business with it?


Have you ever heard of any retiring into a life of wealth and luxury and then passing it on to their sons and daughters?

I sure haven't.

No sir, all the winners always seem to end up in broke-ville after a few years, many of them as dirt poor as they were before winning the lottery.

So the half billion dollar question is: what do they manage to do with all the money?

My opinion?

They give it all back to the mob, who actually run Powerball.

I still remember the story of a major jackpot winner who managed to run back to Atlantic City, New Jersey (of all places) so he could blow his entire winnings on casino investments...which, of course, went bad, causing him to lose all his winnings immediately.

The story is as old as J.P. Morgan, the capitalist powerhouse of America during the early 20th century, who died, it turned out, almost penniless. Of course, the truth was ol' J.P. Had no wealth of his own, but was merely a caretaker of Rothschild money.

Just like the Powerball winners are caretakers of Mob money (which they have to give back through the appropriate money-laundering channels).

This is the way I imagine things to really work:

The Powerball jackpot is pumped up to amazing heights by the phenomenon of no one ever being able to guess the right lottery numbers (another lottery first made possible by the fact that powerball numbers are chosen by a computer – the same computer that accepts the numbers you register when you buy a lottery ticket). The Powerball computer then proceeds to choose the number combination no one has selected. Please note that the numbered-balls-inside-an- air machine is a simulation device representing the numbers the computer has already chosen – notice they have done away with this fraudulent simulation as of late.

With the jackpot being jacked up to dizzying heights using this method, the Powerball jackpot becomes front-page news, drawing in millions and millions of lottery buyers (each buying dozens of tickets).

This represents a money making bonanza for the Powerball gang.

The illusion continues with no one being able to score the correct numbers as the jackpot continues to grow, along with the frenzy.

Meanwhile the mob contacts the designated 'winners.'

These are people with somehow connected or indebted to the mob (this is why there are so many New Jersey, Florida and Illinois winners).

The trained 'winner' is offered a carrot and stick deal he cannot refuse (especially if he owes the Mafia some money): you will win the Powerball and then you will invest (or mal-invest) all the money within four years in the manner we prescribe. In return, you will get to keep a cool million. Talk and you, along with all your loved ones will die. Appropriate accountants, lawyers and financial advisors recommended by the mob will be assigned to you to handle your money.

The appropriate winners are then announced and filmed for all the gullible to see (while the fate of previous winners are conveniently forgotten).

To top it all off, you know what?

The Powerball lottery is NOT even run from inside the United States.

It’s run from Italy (birthplace of the Mafia)... through an Italian lotto company called G-Tech...headquartered in Rome!

US law has no jurisdiction, regulatory or audit powers over the running of Powerball because it is run by a foreign company on foreign soil.

Meanwhile in Italy, Powerball is presented as a foreign operation which does not concern the government of Italy, who is told to send their investigators to the United States themselves.

The winners then go off into winner oblivion, as the dreaming crowd gets ready to plunk down their dollars in next year's Powerball scam.

And the Mob?

Yeah, the Mob gets all its money back – all 400 or more million (if there ever was that much to begin with) and readies to 'reinvest it' in next years fleecing of the gullible public.

Having a hard time believing?

Here are some quotes from a CTV News article entitled 'Why Most Lottery Winners End Up Losing Their New Fortune.' which can be found at

“The National Endowment for Financial Education points to research that estimates 70 per cent of people who unexpectedly come into large sums of money will lose it within seven years.”

“Last week, news broke of a Hamilton, Ont. woman who won a $10.5 million lottery in 2004, but is now living paycheque to paycheque. Haselton says that situation is more common than not.”

Want more info on lottery winners on a case by case basis?

The following article is priceless:

'The Tragic Stories of the Lottery's Unluckiest Winners'



  1. Excellent Blog! I have been impressed by your thoughts and the way you powerball

  2. G-Tech has been entrusted to run the Powerball Lottery. Check out their Board of Directors: Pellicioli, Sala, Ceretti, Drago, Busso, Dessy, Gatti, Mastrapasqua, Vasco. The company is based in Italy
    Via del Campo Boario,56/d
    00154 Roma
    ... just saying

    1. Valuable info....and where else to run Powerball from other than the headquarters of the international mafia.

    2. Thank for info. Make sense.

    3. In July 2014, Italian gaming equipment company GTECH agreed to acquire IGT. The companies would be combined under a new holding company based in the United Kingdom, and the IGT name would be used and the GTECH name will be dropped. On April 7, 2015, GTECH completed its merger with IGT. the new combined company's name is International Game Technology (IGT) PLC.

    4. So basically, Italian company GTECH (which runs powerball from Italy) has bought English company IGT (to run Powerball from the UK). Therefore US law has no jurisdiction or regulatory powers over Powerball. While in its home country, Powerball is presented as a foreign operation which does not concern the local government. Powerball is a piece of work alright.

  3. That make a lot of sense. If you take a look at winners and their locations you will see say of 10 winners 8 will be from California. Magical California!!! lol Weird right? And as you said on google you won't find anything about it, no thoughts, no opinions nothing! Winners usually losing their money within weeks or months which is completely not normal. Even one idiot can not spend all these millions in a weeks. They call it bad management lol how bad it should to be to spend 400 millions in 5 weeks?!

  4. Oh God please send the Mafia and the Lottery to Hell for everlasting damnation. Amen!

  5. It's all a hoax, only way you climb the ladder to riches in this world is with the Devil's permission. No such thing as a rags to riches story. This democracy of hypocrisy and all its cancerous motherless fucks are nothing but the bitches of the Devil himself.

  6. Disgusting rip off; There should be more winners more often not less and less.... When we get 1.3 billion and no winners it shows the scale of the rip off. This needs changing and yes maybe it should also only be one dollar to play too. Do I think its the "Mob" No i dont do I think its a scam YES I Do !!

  7. This is why I don't play these corrupt games. I don't believe anyone is actually winning, except the one's controlling the powerball. It's cruel to know people are spending their hard-earned money on this scam and winning nothing.

  8. Loved the posting. Also couldn't it also be a way for the government to make money seeing that is just about time for tax refunds? Powerball is bullshit and right as I spent my last $20 bucks, all of this clicked in my mind. I can't believe I let myself be suckered into the stupidity of the masses. Usually, I am not like that and this is strange.

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  10. The author paints a very descriptive image. I now feel as if I've known this information already but yet I continuously disregard the facts. You have millions of Americans purchasing tickets over the course of 60 plus days and to no avail, you have no winner. Suddenly, the next jackpot drawing which has increased tremendously, has multiple winners. It's all very suspicious and convenient to the lottery organization. But who knows. At the end of the day, I still rather be 1 in a million than none in a million.

    Crash Cutta
    Baton Rouge, La

  11. Estou em São Paulo-Brasil,fatos iguais acontecem aqui com
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  12. Well, I tried playing that Powerball lottery, but recently I prefer playing Australian Lotteries (australian lotto results). I think, that lotteries aren't scam, had already some winnings.

  13. I have kept track of only WINNING numbers, grab some slips for Powerball and fill out the card when someone whens, I have done it for the Megamillion also. The patterns of the winning numbers are unmistakable. Three numbers are located near each other on the card and the other two are usually away from those three numbers, on the Megamillion the two numbers are side by side, no joke. These are the numbers that 'somoeone' won only. Once the winning numbers were in a shape of an 'M' which if you do it on a card/slip you will see the numbers were on only two rows. Typically the Powerball will show if anyone won within an hour after the 'drawing', when it got hit (someone won) it takes much longer. Like tonight the numbers are 3-7-9-31-33 pb 20, it's now 1:33 am EST in the US and the results are still "pending", I BET someone won, it never takes this long and those numbers would never be picked by anyone. It's just a guess until it's actually "official" but I feel it got hit. If you fill out a Powerball slip with those numbers, three are near each other and the other two numbers are away from those three and near each other....very typical of when someone hits.

    1. I was wrong, it wasn't won. The two numbers were close to the three but I thought since the numbers drawn were so odd it meant it was won, my bad. I still say keep track of the winning numbers by using slips, you'll see what I mean. I use Pennsylvania lottery site, you can go back at least a year and more to find all the winning times. It is eye opening, no kidding.

    2. Powerball hit 2/22/2017 for $403 million.....3 numbers near each other, 2 numbers near each other and most importantly AWAY from the other three. It's a pattern seen almost every time someone wins.

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    1. Latest Powerball Numbers:


  18. As far as I know, Powerball used to be picked by computer in Italy...but is now picked by computer in England...any way you slice it, it's an overseas operation which has little or nothing to do with the United States.

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