Thursday, August 8, 2013

Governor Brewer and Others Betraying the States

Despite overwhelming support in the Arizona legislature for laws that would make gold and silver legal tender in the state, Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the bill.

The law would have made Arizona the only other state besides Utah to have done so.

As things stand at present, it is illegal to pay with a silver coin without filing paperwork for tax purposes (because the transaction is considered a sale of a precious metal).

She has successfully pushed for implementation of Obamacare in Arizona by way of drastic Medicaid expansion (and cost to Arizona).

Brewer (maiden name Drinkwine) is like many other governors across the Union, a collaborator with the unconstitutional policies of the Federal government, going against popular will, common sense and the constitution itself while pretending to be a conservative or a champion of state rights.

Recently she approved Arizona's top court to permit the confiscation of any weapon of any Arizonan off their person or home by the police merely based on the fact that the person is IN POSESSION OF ONE when they are talking to the police.

Legally, this gives the cop the authority to come to your door, ask you if there is a gun in the house, and then confiscate it.

Total prep for gun confiscation.

And all this is happening in the MAJOR pro gun state that is Arizona.

Which is no surprise because just last month, the major pro gun state of Colorado made it impossible to sell a gun in your possession without carrying out a background check with the FBI.

Brewers more recent actions have betrayed her Obama finger-wagging incident (in which she seemed to scold the president at the airfield) as a theatrical ploy to put her in good standing with conservatives while here actions betray a more treacherous socialist bent.

For example, she has made Arizona one of the few states to make the Federal Government's E-Verify system OBLIGATORY.

In case you don't know, E-Verify is a system where an employer reports every new hire to the Federal Government and then awaits confirmation.

A job applicant cannot be hired without E-Verify approval.

It's only a matter of time before E-Verify starts disapproving job applicants due to 'national security issues' just like the no explanation, no recourse no-fly list which plagues our airports.

Brewer, like many other governors across the country, is a phony, superficially pretending to stand up for the state while betraying it to Federal control.

She has already exhibited the creepy and bizarre behavior appropriate of a mind-control monarch slave (see videos below) by freezing up and smiling like a brain-damaged Barbie doll instead of answering questions.

Elections Debate Brain Freeze

Going lank on a talk show.

Having said that, I believe everyone should keep an eye on their governors..

Are they saying one thing while doing another?

Do they walk the walk or just do the talk?

Closer attention is a necessity, because it is becoming more and more obvious man of our governors are not real representatives of their state, but agents of the Illuminati installed to get their respective states with the Federal Program of national centralization.

I am sad to say that many of our Governors and members of our State Legislatures (whatever their talk) are set to sell us down the river.

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