Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Biggest Problem: A Marxist Oligarchy

The 'oligarchy' – the uppermost crust of a society - defines the society.

The West's biggest tragedy is that its oligarchy is Marxist.

This is why banks from New York, London and Frankfurt financed the Bolshevik Revolution.

This is why we betrayed China to Communism.

This is why we gave the Soviets the atom bomb.

This is why we allowed Communist China to push us back during the Korean War.

This is why we betrayed Cuba to the Communists.

This is why we lost Vietnam.

This is why we betrayed Nicaragua to the Communists.

This is why we have exported all our industry to Communist China.

This is why most of the Third World is now being directed by Marxist regimes.

People keep scratching their heads at why Communism has basically mopped the floor with the West.

Well, this is the answer.

The Oligarchy – the ruling class of the United States, England, France and Germany is Marxist.

You have to remember that Karl Marx was not payed from a ditty put together by the desperate masses to write his Communist Manifesto, but by the wealthiest men in Europe through a secretive masonic organization called The League of Just Men.

You can see Communism rear its ugly head during the French Revolution – and its finances handled not by the starving masses, but by upper class Freemasons like the Duc d'Orleans and Frederick the Great.

Likewise the Russian Revolution of 1918, who had its coffers bankrolled by bankers like Jacob Schiff (Rothschild servant and progeny) along with a coterie of New York and London banks.

Recently (1992) we have been told that Communism has collapsed and that 'history has ended' and that now our main problems are the economy, international trade and business.

Anyone who believes this is a damn fool.

Defectors like Anatoliy Golitsyn tried to warn us ahead of time of a pretend 'collapse' and 'change' of the communist system in preparation for an endgame against the West.

The only response of British and American intelligence was to dismiss Golitsyn's warning.

And why not?

Most of the top intelligence movers and shakers in America have connections to Wall Street.

Wall Street men not only direct the CIA and NSA, but make use of the data they gather in their own financial matters, while others head august institutions like Goldman Sachs.

So, no, it is no surprise Golitsyn was basically dismissed and kicked to the curve while CIA directors like Jesus Angleton (who wanted to investigate his claims) were dismissed.

But back to the fairytale scenario.

Just as Golitsyn predicted, a facade of collapse and change was presented to the West in the 90's.

The Soviet Union 'collapsed' and China 'changed.'

Presently, the pundits tell us Russia is toothless old bear while China has turned into a huge friendly panda, more concerned with business than politics.


Meanwhile the entire West has de-industrialized while ending all conscription, reducing military budgets to a minimum and banning the production of mines.

Lately, you might have noticed, they have even managed to install a shadowy Marxist in the White House.

All this while the bulk of the population believes Communism no longer exists (that is if they even know what that is in the first place)

So that's our problem in a nutshell.

The people at the top are supporters, financiers and helpers of Communism.

I know it is difficult to imagine wealthy capitalists subscribing to a theory that purports to destroy them, but they do...because Marxism is a lie.

Gary Allen first put this out during the Vietnam War in his book 'None Dare Call It Conspiracy' in which he exposed Wall Street of not only financing the Bolshevik Revolution, but of running, financing and building Communist infrastructure during the Cold War.

To me, a hopeful youth, living under the shadow of nuclear annihilation at the hands of the Soviet Union, this came as a BIG revelation.

If the Wall Street was financing the Soviet Union, then the entire Cold War was a giant SHAM.

And it was.

And what is happening today still is.

Professor Anthony Sutton put in all together in his book 'Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution' in which he detailed the financial transactions from New York which made the Russian Revolution possible.

So if OUR super rich are financing Communism (check out the makeover they just carried out with COMMUNIST China), why are they doing it?

Professor Carroll Quigley (an Illuminati insider) spelled it all out in his book 'Tragedy and Hope.'

Quigley was not only pleasantly surprised, but supportive and totally enthusiastic of what he discovered the elite's true plans really were – to create a FEUDAL socioeconomic structure.

Yeah...feudal like in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table...and the peasants.

The book was meant to be read by illuminati insiders,but it got out in the patriot community, who turned it into the valachi papers of the conspiracy movement.

The book spilled the beans big time. Though the media managed to cloud the event over several decades by totally ignoring it (after an attempt to take it out of print and destroy the original plates failed).

But there it is – the Truth.

The elite have supported, support and will continue to support Communism...because Communism is the system that comes the closest in converting society into a feudal estate.

Just start with no one owning any land (like the medieval serfs) and continue with collectivist farms (akin to the medieval manors) and continue from there to feudalville.

Communism sets up a society that is 90% Feudal – all that is missing is the King and his Lords, and the elite will provide that soon enough.

That's why they have created it, supported it and augmented it...from 1789 to the present era.

They WANT a feudal society.

Communism is the mechanism by which they will destroy the West in preparation for its feudal initiation.

Don't worry.

Europe, North America and the rest of the Free World WILL fall to Communism.

The Third World will be taken over by Marxist dictatorships.

Europe will be overrun by Russian troops.

Asia will be overrun by Communist China.

And America will collapse into civil war and UN occupation by the troops of Russia and China.

It's all going to happen because the pigs are already in the parlor – at the very top.

They WANT a feudal New World Order and they are going to get one no matter how many of us they have to kill!

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