Friday, August 23, 2013

Dream Act: A Threat Aimed at Americans

The Dream Act or any such other future act or law that seeks to accommodate “the immigrants” is a trap and a lie.

In this day and age, any time the Government starts playing the part of a bleeding heart institution seeking to do good, you can bet it is a cover for taking more of our freedoms and sinking us deeper into government control.

The latest 'humanitarian' legislation plaguing the American public is Immigration Reform.

At this time and place (war on terror, extremist Middle East, collapsing economy, resurgent Russia, resurgent China, North Korea) the government is seeing it fit to suddenly concentrate all its attentions on reforming immigration laws.

Too much attention.

Suspiciously too much attention.

Since when has the government cared about illegal immigration or its effect on immigrants or on Americans for that matter.

How about...never.

So why is it that now “immigration reform” is the battle cry of the day?

The truth is the Immigration Reform program fits right in with the cavalcade of laws now being passed to CONTROL and ENSLAVE the American Public.

That's right.



By passing laws which will restrict, control and regulate the right of Americans to privacy, work, starting a business and moving freely about the country.

Immigrant Reform will clamp down on all these final freedoms.

The funny thing is the Establishment spinning the chaining of America as something that is aimed against illegal Immigrants and (of all things) humanitarianism.

One has to be to be stupid to believe this.

I mean, really ?

Come on, fellow Americans, let's GET those Immigrants, let's CLOSE the borders, but let's be humane too!

...what a bunch of crud...

Do they really think we are this stupid?

If you look at the specifics of the legislation being presented before Congress, it all has clamp-down type aspects like...
-a sealing of the borders (so YOU can't escape the country)
-rules and regulations to restrict, penalize, shut down and confiscate businesses (for mistakenly hiring illegals)
-a National ID Smart Card (to track you, your activities and your transactions)
-new provisions to track your employment and REFUSE you employment arbitrarily (also called E-verify – have you heard of the 'no fly list'? Well, welcome to the No Work List)
-massive expansion of Homeland Security over businesses and people (your papers, please.)
-an opening of the gates to a truly global 'no speak' international population of relocated foreigners who will destroy American culture and society in preparation for America's entry into the New World Order.

-random intrusion and audits by armed authorities

Billions will be spent turning our southern border (and our border with Canada) into a Berlin Wall to keep desperate Americans from escaping to freedom.

Notice many Americans are already leaving this bankrupt, totalitarian, police state for Third World countries like Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay and Panama (which apparently have become more livable and pleasant than the United States).

Many Americans (like actor Randy Quaid) are desperately fleeing right across the border into Canada and Mexico.

Many more are choosing to simply 'relocate' to American communities within those countries.

The new Homeland Security Berlin Wall will seal the border, trapping Americans wishing to flee a country that will be collapsing into SWAT team raids, secret arrests, gun, capital, property and wealth confiscation, check points, military occupation and FEMA camps.

The New Berlin Wall will consist of cameras, sensors, drones, satellites, layered checkpoints and roving patrols to keep the desperate American prison population locked in.

If there is one thing the Illuminati hate, it's independent, prosperous, and self-reliant businesses.

The Dream Act style laws will clamp down on this last bastion of American freedom and sovereignty.

Homeland Security SWAT teams will enter businesses, question employees and audit owners randomly and frequently.

Upon finding any 'illegal' the business will be shut down and confiscated and the owner arrested (as per new zero-tolerance policies on hiring illegals) never mind that illegals are almost impossible to tell from legal green card workers due to the GOVERNEMNT'S chaotic immigration policy.

This new anti-business owner policy is occurring RIGHT NOW, with Homeland Security doing the raiding, interrogating, arresting and shutting down....while America cheers.

They have been trying to make this happen for 30 years.

But the Dream Act (and all similar laws) have a requirement for a new national ID to make sure no illegals get hired.

The new card will be a Smart Card containing a microchip which not only transmits and records information, but which will track your transaction and even your movement.

The new National ID Smart Card will also contain biometric information such as a retinal scan, DNA, fingerprint, facial scan, social security number, medical record number and a myriad of other private information.

Needless to say, this New Smart National ID will not remain as simple employment card, but will expand to replace driver's licenses and social security cards as universal indentification.

Pretty soon this card will REQUIRED to vote, open a bank account, buy, sell, get employed, send mail, and sign up for phones, email service, cables, you name it.

The system known as E-Verify (which was passed by hiding it inside a farm bill) establishes a Federal database which employers can contact with employee information to verify the employees legal status.

E-Verify is presently mostly voluntary (obligatory in a few states through state law).

The new immigration laws will make E-Verify universal and obligatory.

EVERY prospective employee will be reported to the Government and NOT ALLOWED TO BE HIRED UNTIL APPROVED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

How dreamy does that sound?

Sooner than you can say Dream Act, you will start seeing politically incorrect Americans being denied THE RIGHT TO WORK.

The new 'immigration reform' laws will serve as an excuse expand Homeland Security as an enforcement arm against illegal immigration ('cause ya never know which illegal could be a 'terrist'), giving Homeland Security the right to enter any business and question any employee, manager and business owner...not to mention people on the street.

In addition, the new rules and regulations will allow Homeland Security to fine, penalize, shut down and confiscate businesses caught having hired illegal aliens and their owners arrested.

This new zero-tolerance approach will serve as an additional attack on the American economy and small business owners (the spine of the American economy) in order to prolong the present economic downturn.

But it won't stop there.

Homeland Security will be deployed to the streets to make sure there are no illegals walking around and asking citizens to identify themselves.

Again. Homeland Security is already paying surprise visits dressed in their 'HSI' jackets and closing down businesses who get caught with illegals (like they did here in Arizona just last week).

Part of the Dream Act bills is a European-style 'guest worker' program which has basically converted large parts of Europe into something that looks like the Third World.

This, combined with the large scale forgiveness and naturalization of illegals already here will make America unrecognizable within a few short years.

Corporate moguls will rejoice at the plummeting wages as Third World peasants arrive en masse to work for peanuts.

Pretty soon, it won't be just white folks that will become the minority, but the fluently spoken English language itself.

Let's face it.

The new immigration laws are designed to open the gates to a Third World population Hades while turning America into a police state perpetually on the prowl for 'illegal aliens at the expense of all our freedoms and rights - all this supported by greedy corporate leaders who have been bribed with promises of cheap labor.

Anyway you slice it, the way all these 'Dream Act' laws are being fashioned, it is obvious they are aimed at the further sinking America into a police state while opening its doors to an international population without any notion of American culture, American values or American patriotism.


  1. If the country is such a hell hole, why are you still here??

    Head up to Canada. Free national health care. Maybe you could finally get the psych meds you so desperately need.

  2. "American Culture"? America is a continent NOT a country. There's always room for you in your native land. ..EUROPE. Leave America to us.

    1. ("American Culture"? America is a continent NOT a country)
      ...true, but the term 'United Statian' never caught on, so we opted out for our old British colonial title of 'Americans'.

      (There's always room for you in your native land. ..EUROPE)
      ...not true...Europe is being colonized by Muslims...

      (Leave America to us)
      if by 'us' you mean Latins...we left all of Latin America to you...look what happened...