Monday, August 26, 2013

America: Turning into a Third World Nation

I've been looking around lately, and I have been struck by how much our country has declined.

As I said, I've spent plenty of time in the Third World, and know what it looks like.

I know the society, the atmosphere, the laws...the aura.

And it is to my sad judgment that, recently, America is coming to resemble a Third World nation.

Delineated below are the reasons why:

The Third World smells.

Recently I have been picking up on a very familiar Third World smell...that of raw sewage.

Our sewer systems seem to be in such disrepair that you can actually smell the stuff in the open air.

One particular part of town has been so bad for so long that the smell of raw sewage has become an accepted fact

Hey, the axle-breaking pot holes of the third world have come home to roost in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Have you seen the state of our roads lately?

Its getting to the point that driving on some of these things make you wonder about your suspension.

A lot of times I am driving and the road is so badly maintained I think something is wrong with my car.

The state of a bumpy secondary highway not too long ago, brought a lot of flashbacks.

You just can't do Third World without coming across some type of roadblock or another.

Well, the home of the brave has become the land of the roadblock.

The sense of being temporarily detained by ignorant-looking, brutal, arrogant and sadistic 'military police' is a familiar experience.

Dejavu all over again when I have to stop at these random checkpoints and be asked where I am going and why while some ape in a uniform looks over my vehicle with high suspicion.

If there is one thing that is prevalent in the Third World, its bad teeth.

Why American teeth have deteriorated to the state they are in at the present is beyond me.

I mean, this is the land of Crest and Colgate.

Is there no more money to take care of your teeth, fellow Americans?

I have seen chick with some nice frontal teeth and an attractive balckness at both corners.

I have seen cracked, yellow, stained, missing, twisted, messed up teeth on so many Americans (many of them hard working) that I am starting to seriously wonder if we can afford dental care.

Hard fact: many of my working poor associates have complained to me that they cannot afford to have their teeth fixed.

You don't see more billboards celebrating the government than in the Third World.

It could just be the face of the Imperious leader, or a reminder about what your supposed to be doing, or an outright gloat about how good things are and what a good job the government is doing – for example, “peace and prosperity” or “always forward, always progress.”

Right here in America I am starting to see more and more billboards....about government.

Maybe its a Homeland Security reminder to “say something” when you “see something.”

Or maybe its a recruitment for jail guards or police positions of one sort or another.

Sometimes its an outright threat, reminding you to use your seatbelt, not exceed the speed limit or smoke pot.

The Third World has more uniforms per square mile than anywhere else.

And the uniforms look like it belongs on a colonel or something, complete with lapels, fruit salad, spaghetti and whatever else you can throw on it.

Whether your the mailman, the police, an inspector or a tram operator, you are guarantees a ritzy looking uniform if you work for the government.

The country might be falling apart, but the smart uniforms remain as a reminder of whose in charge and how official those in charge really are.

You don't need me to mention the uniforms are making an appearance right here in America.

There are so many uniforms and so many 'agencies' issuing so many uniforms that is is hard to keep up.

Homeland Security, Border Patrol, ICE, NTSB, FBI, Sheriff, Police, Public Safety, US Marshalls, Army, National Guard, Postal Service, Traffic Control, Animal Control, IRS, CPS, Forest Rangers, Park Services all seem to have their own 'colonel' uniforms...many of them with an intimidating semi-
automatic strapped to the side.
Sometimes I don't even know who these people are parading around in their circus uniforms.

Recently I have been seeing a lot of black uniforms.

This I have not really seen in the Third World (they try to keep their uniforms festive, with different tinges of blue, green, white or tan), so its an American original...

...or maybe not so original.

You see, the black uniform is proper of fascist regimes like those of Franco, Mussolini and Hitler.

In that sense, America has acquired a refreshing variety of uniforms in the fascist historical mold.

The police in the Third World are thugs, if not outright criminals.

In the Third World, the population lives in fear of the police, and for good reason.

In the Third World, the police have carte blanche to do whatever they want with you.

When encountering the police in the Third World you don't know if your going to leave with a friendly goodbye, a broken nose, a broken arm, if you're going to spend a week in prison or if you're going to be leaving at all because you end up DEAD.

Sound familiar?

The increasing brutality of police right here in American is not just becoming noticeable to fellow Americans, but is gaining headlines all over the world.

That's right, people in England, the Netherlands and Germany get a kick out of reading 'the latest American slaughtered loser' in their newspapers.

Like in the Third World, the police here are becoming a sort of funky god you have to kneel before – representatives of the dictatorship, not the people - sneering, menacing, arrogant, brutal enforcers who no court will hold into account.

Notice the temperature in many businesses and government offices lately (not to mention the smell).

All too familiar.

The Third World government offices are all ill-lit and badly air conditioned or heated.

In addition, you find most of them in the darndest of places (at the corner of some decrepit relic – in the tenth floor of some half-completed sky scraper – in someone's house – at a strip mall).

And speaking of strip malls...that's exactly where the department of Motor Vehicles sent me to get my tags re-issued.

That's right.

The government is so broke now that it is outsourcing its bureaucracy to strip malls.

To Americans, that might be an embarrassing novelty, to me it's old Third World hat.

The same phenomenon is spreading to our franchise stores.

Was the temperature comfortable in your last visit to the supermarket?

How did that visit to the doctor or lawyer go at your friendly neighborhood strip mall?

In the Third World stuff breaks all the time.

A week doesn't pass where you have a collapsing bridge or overpass, a derailed train, a ruptured water main, ripped electrical cables, flooding, contaminated water, backed up or ruptured sewers.

Sound familiar?

That's right.

The US Government itself has said that a main threat to the safety of the country is a rotting infrastructure.

It's promising to do something at some time, but no promises so far.

Meanwhile you keep hearing about ruptured water mains, collapsing bridges, derailed trains, failing dikes, flooding, power failures, etc, etc ,etc.

In case you haven't noticed, our infrastructure is regularly breaking and nothing is reliable...and there is no money to fix it because we are so broke and our money is so mis-spent (just like the Third World) that there is not enough of it just to keep things running at home.

In the Third World, teaching is the next best profession to begging.

Teachers are considered humble, miserable, impoverished auxiliary workers.

They are paid next to nothing and can't really make living, just managing to scrape by somehow.

The same is happening here.

Teachers in America seem embarrassed to admit what they do for a living.

Teachers are regularly treated like trash by the parents, the school administrators and the students.

The teaching profession is becoming so bad that there now seems to be teachers shortages because no one wants to work for the untenable pay they are offering.


Massive and stupid tragedies are common place in the Third World.

Like a bus full of passengers going off a cliff.

Or a ferry capsizing.

Or a supermarket burning down.

Or a bridge full of pedestrians or cars collapsing.

Or a building full of employees collapsing.

Or a factory burning down.

Or contaminated water causing mass deaths.

Or a factory or plant blowing up somewhere.

Or some mine collapsing.

Or nebulous interest dumping toxic waste by the ton along inhabited rivers, streams, farmland and even urban areas.

Cancer clusters are another phenomenon.

Hey, everybody's getting cancer, what's happening?

I don't know, could it be the secret radioactive waste dump discovered in the jungle a few years back?

Could it be the unregulated amounts of chlorine, fluorine and other chemicals dumped by the municipality in the water?

Could it just be the unsafe food and medicine you are consuming?

I can already tell this is all starting to sound terribly familiar to you.

How about that West Virginia mining accident...where the authorities just decided to GIVE UP ON THE MINERS because it was too difficult and expensive to get to them?

How Third World.

Trapped miners are simply given up on in the Third World – out of sight, out of mind (Chile actually embarrassed us by going to all that expense to take their miners out!)

A couple of years ago, a millionaire who was the first man to sail around the world in a balloon or something disappeared in the Rocky Mountains aboard his private plane.

The authorities searched for a while, then just announced the guy was probably dead and went home!

Forget what happened, forget the corpse, forget the millionaire (who might have survived), forget the whole thing!

Reminds me of a ferry accident that happened in Third World land, where they just let the corpses float downriver (they were unrecognizable anyway – the fish had gotten to them – so screw it).

Down here in Arizona, we have people searching for the Lost Dutchman's Mine.

Not long ago, three guys from Utah went hiking in the Superstition Mountains here and disappeared.

The local Sheriff's Office launched a short search, found nothing and said screw it, they're probably already dead. Nobody else searched either. Screw them.

Another Third World flashback.

The body of dude who has been run over sitting in the middle of the road like a squashed dog, with nobody giving it much heed.

Or how about those Yarnell Hotshots firefighters?

19 Firefighters burned to a crisp. Now those are Third World numbers right there.

And, of course (like in the Third World), no one is responsible.

The equipment they had, pathetic. The supervision and planning, nonexistent. Their cries for help, ignored. Compensation? The authorities are now saying they owe the widows NOTHING.

Now THAT is very Third World.

Death without compensation or explanation.

Did that doctor leave you blind or crippled on the operating table or did your husband die at the factory, or did a truck run over your don't get SQUAT.

How long before we make stuff like that our policy?

And I don't have to get into our derailed trains, our collapsing bridges and overpasses (or bridges that have been shut down because they are no longer usable).

Another Third World flashback: an entire airliner full of passengers that crashed into the mountains...was just left there by the authorities because crash site was too high.

...just like we left those West Virginia miners down there, the Utah hikers out there or that millionare pilot up there.

Flashback to America: mass contamination of our aquifers through fracking.

Right across my street is an ex-nuclear waste site the government has 'no record' of (apartments have now been build on that site)

This sits right across a 'superfund' ex-toxic waste site which now sports a high school.

This type of concealed ambient contamination happens all the the Third World.

Are all those cancer clusters really a surprise, Arizona?

If you visit any city in the Third World, the first thing you will notice is its filth.

Did you notice the filthy state of our cities lately?

No need to mention Detroit.

But a friend on a recent visit to San Francisco was in shock at all the vagrants and trash...and the predominant smell of urine that contaminated that city.

Never mind Los Angeles.

Trash seems to be a simple part of the scenery in many of our cities (just like it is in the Third World) along with the smell of urine or feces or unidentifiable chemical smells.

In my own city, those garbage cans they keep a bus stops are overflowing with trash...some sections of the city have solved that unsightly problem by simply getting rid of them.\

Filth trash and not enough funds to pick it up.

A very depressing aspect of the Third World is the amount of homeless beggars (many of them children) who are roaming the streets.

What a coincidence that even in this regard, we are competing with the Third World atmosphere as our streets are filled with the homeless and we imitate the shanty towns of the Third World with our own ten cities of the homeless.

Anywhere you look in America now, you can't help but see homeless beggars walking the streets: single men, couples and even children.

Just like any banana republic, America has sunk itself in unpayable debt by irrepsonsible printing too much of its currency.

Bankruptcy and 'lack of funds' is chronic in the Third World (mostly because all the funds and the loans have been stolen).

How similar to the American scenario where entire cities are going bankrupt and are no longer able to function.

Nations the world over are treating the dollar like they would treat a Third World peso.

Many are refusing to accept the dollar as payment.

Inflation is the eternal plague of the Third World.

No matter what they try to do, they can't seem to stabilize the value of their coin.

Check out our prices lately?

How stable do they seem now?

The dollar is losing all its value while government subsidies try to keep the price of food down.

Once the dollar finally collapses (just like any Third World fiat currency) you'll sights you've never thought you'd see.

Like stock people upping the price of groceries every morning.

Or people lining up to trade their money for some other currency so that they don't lose all their savings.

The inevitable will not take long.

The government will declare a NEW currency to replace the dollar and force everybody to use it, complete with accompanying price controls.

So yeah, with my experience, I have the very unique ability to see what America is turning into.

Other Americans just see America turning into something else a seedier, uglier, dinkier something else.

Me, I have enough experience to say that America is turning into a Third World nation.

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  1. Then why don't you leave?? I hear Canada has a GREAT Health care system. Maybe you can get the psychological help you so desperately need.