Friday, August 2, 2013

The Council on Foreign Relations Is Our Actual Congress

The Council on Foreign Relations was established in 1921 in New York City with Rockefeller money (who donated its building) as a branch of Rothschild agent Lord Alfred Milner's Round Table Groups.

The prominent position of the CFR in controlling the US government was exposed by Dan Smoot's book, 'The Invisible Government' in 1962 and regularly from there on in various 'conspiracy' books, reaching a crescendo during the 1980's.

Since then every US president since Hoover has been a member of the CFR except Johnson and Reagan while CFR members have DOMINATED ALL cabinet positions.

CFR members have also controlled Congress through a monopoly on all Congressional committee chair positions.

And since Congress is basically controlled by committees, this gives the Council virtual control of Congress.

A record of CFR appointees was reached during the Clinton administration, after which the reports on this organization started dying off with the new resurgent 'patriotism' caused by the Gulf War of 1991.

The crescendo diminished in the 1990's and started disappearing after the 9/11 attacks.

Today, mentioning the council within conspiracy circles inspires a yawn (mostly because it has been mentioned so many times), but lately because the new conspiracy pundits don't even know about it.

Let me tell you what the Council is.

The Council on Foreign Relations is an obedience-based institution which controls Washington D.C.

Its ideological basis is a belief in world government.

You can't be anybody in Washington without becoming a member of the Council.

This is an open secret.

I remember my college days, where even brining up or mentioning the name of the Council on Foreign Relations inspired rolling eyes along with hemming an hawing by the professors as 'one more conspiracy theorist' spoke up in class.

The truth is the CFR dominates Washington since 1928 and this is not a theory, it is a FACT.

The members of this globalist organization have been calling the shots in the Executive and Legislative branches for more than eight decades and their power has INCREASED with time.

CFR members make up the presidency, his cabinet, Congressional Committee and Party leaders and the bulk of our top Federal bureaucratic leadership.

Is it any wonder we are seamlessly merging into a New World?

Recently, I found out membership is not limited to Americans, but includes political leaders from the Third World.

Council membership cuts across the spectrum and encompasses chiefs from corporate, political, military and intelligence communities.

In fact, the Clinton Administration admitted the first thing it did upon entering the White House was open the rosters of the Council on Foreign Relations membership in order to choose all the cabinet positions.

Just like members of the Jacobin Club dominated the French Revolution, members of the Council on Foreign Relations dominate the new American revolutionary move submerge the nation into an international political order.

But mention of the Council has become more and more sparse, even as its control has become more and more TOTAL.

Ergo the riddle.

Why is the conspiracy community ignoring the Council?

The top Congressional and Executive leadership are not loyal members of the United States, but loyal members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the followers of its chairman, David Rockefeller (servant of the Rothschilds).

It's a government under the Council, for the Council and by the Council.

If you know your history, you can see history repeat itself.

The Council is playing a role akin to that of the Jacobin Club of the French Revolution.

The Jacobin 'club' was basically responsible for that revolution and all its horrors.

Just like the Council will be responsible for all the horrors of America's new revolutionary fascism and its adherence to the upcoming New World Order.

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