Monday, July 29, 2013


Too many mechanisms of control have been set up.

Too many rules and regulations which eliminate our freedoms have been passed.

Too many requirements which reduce the American people from a sovereign people to a subject population who are property of the Federal Government are being enforced.

This is it!

We either reject the chains being put on us now or enter the cattle corral.

Besides all the illegal 'legalities' which have been passed by a Congress who doesn't even read the bills before voting for them, there are too many illegal requirements being made on the American people.

The Illuminate will continue pushing all these violations until the public no longer cooperates and refuses to obey.

Unfortunately, most of the public seems to have no instinct when it comes to violations of their privacy, their humanity, their sovereignty and their natural God-given rights.

A lot of people seem to be going along with all these rules and regulation even when it doesn't feel right and is downright creepy.

It's time to throw down the gauntlet.

There are lines in the sand that can't be crossed by the government, and should provoke massive civil disobedience by Americans on pain of total abolishment of our way of life, our culture and our society.

People, I am NOT asking anyone to start a revolution.

I am asking you to stand up for your humanity and your children's humanity.

Recently I was surprised to see I (and all the other people present) had to have the veins inside the hand read and recorded by a computer in order to take a technical examination.

I stood up and told the 'organizers' in front of all assembled that their procedure resembled us being checked into a prison rather than registered for a technical exam.

I told them (in front of everyone) that their 'testing procedures' were invasive and degrading and that I was NOT submitting.

That was it.

And you know what, I felt GREAT after doing that.

I could feel the support of all those human beings inside that room who were being treated like cattle.

Not taking this technical exam could have cost me my job.

But you know what?

I didn't care!

My dignity and my humanity is worth A LOT more than a job.

As it turned, I ended up losing my job anyway (for no reason of my own and reasons unrelated to the biometric technical exam) – more on this on an upcoming blog, which made me doubly proud of what I did.

Which just comes to show you:

You never kneel before evil, because you end up getting NOTHING in the end!

If I had taken the hand-vein reading registration, I would not only have had my biometrics registered with the Illuminati system, I would have lost my job anyway!

Live and learn.

You will get NOTHING by cooperating with these people.

Which brings up the main point:

What is the line in the sand and what should I refuse to cooperate with?

Biometrics is one thing you should not cooperate with. They are trying to take your DNA, retinal and hand print information and they will do it by surprise – DON'T COOPERATE!

When they tried to store my biometrics, I flat out refused, and I felt great doing it.

I felt like a sovereign human being!

Their registry of your private biometric information will come back to haunt you.

Obamacare is about to introduce a Smart ID – REFUSE SMART ID. This is a effort to label and track you. For that matter, refuse Obamacare, it's totally unconstitutional and illegal.

A whole set invasive, illegal and tyrannical practices are about to make their appearance and it is the duty of every American – your duty - to NON-COMPLY.

The very instant the government (whether city, county, state, Federal or private) carries out ANY of the following abuses, your instant reaction should be non-compliance and total rejection. It's easy... and not only necessary but crucial:

-scanning of your retina, hand, thumb print, picture (for facial recognition).

-getting your DNA by swabbing the inside of your mouth.

-any ID card that has a microchip, a transmitter and your personal information elecronically stored on the card itself.

-refuse any search unless it is accompanied by a warrant - sometimes they detain you for 2 hours so they can get one – make them wait the two hours, refuse any warrantless searches.

-refuse to sign up for Obamacare (government access to your bank account, tyrannical taxes, medical tracking, death panels, euthanasia and forced medical procedures are just around the corner) don't sign up for this.

-forcing an inoculation is the equivalent of biological rape – YOU have absolute control about what enters your body, not the government. Refuse all forced inoculation. Moreover, inoculation is NOT mandatory – demand a waiver and if there is no waiver,then refuse and leave that state, which is obviously not a legitimate part of the United States (most states allow waivers! - seek vaccine exemptions by state on the internet)

-This has been a precursor to gun confiscation every single time it has happened. Do Not Comply.

-This will be a major line in the sand if it happens on a national level. No matter what the 'state of emergency' is, do not give up your guns. Chances are you'll be needing them for your own safety.

Reject any set up that prohibits from buying at a store unless you surrender your personal info and or picture into a special card (this will be used to track you...and black list 'hoarders.')

Another name for this is slavery. Give a giant resoundinig NO WAY IN HELL to this type of BS (presently they are forcing High Schoolers to do 'community service' in order to graduate).

Unless you are caught committing a crime or felony upon your child, how you raise your children is NO ONE's BUSINESS. Reject any state snooping on 'your child's welfare.

I am not calling for massive protests, anarchy, arson, nor for any acts of violence here.

All I am calling for is united, uncompromising REFUSAL TO COMPLY with laws, acts and regulations that are plainly UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL by most everybody.

This means state, county and city government and law enforcement and ALL AMERICANS.

And most importantly, get ready to up the ante if they turn up the pressure.

Get ready to get ugly if they get pushy.

Keep it legal and firm. Stay away from sarcasm or straight up verbal confrontation.

They are not going to stop until they find they have hit a brick wall.

The time to REFUSE is NOW!

We CAN'T go along with these new demands, laws and requirements and remain a free and sovereign country.

We either stand up for our constitutional rights, our natural rights, our human rights and our God-given rights and our COUNTRY or we lose our RIGHTS and we LOSE OUR COUNTRY.

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  1. We start losing our country when traitors hand over our technology to the enemy for money.

    How many good men and true did we lose in the Vietnam War because L.Ron Hubbard gave the Soviet Union radar and heat seeking missile technology in the 1950s?

    (See Penthouse Magazine June 1983 interview with Ron DeWolf, L.R.H.s' eldest son. Ron DeWolf says his father LRH was:

    A traitor to the United States of America (Ron says LRH gave the Russians a radar unit and heat-seeking missile technology in the 1950s).

    A traitor to the United Kingdom

    A Soviet KGB collaborator

    An 'intelligence pimp' who, for $40,000 a pop, allowed the KGB to peruse 'confidential' auditing interviews bullied out of unsuspecting Scientologists

    L.R.H. allowed the KGB to read the transcripts of Scientologist 'audits' for a fee of $40,000 a time.
    This compromising information was used to blackmail Scientologists in government, business and academia for the
    benefit of the Soviet Union and to the detriment of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

    An avaricious seeker after money, fame, sex and power.

    A "sick, sadistic, vicious" individual

    A drug addict

    A drug smuggler

    A child molester

    A sex fiend

    A satanist

    A corruptor of youth

    A mind rapist

    A bigamist

    A homophobe

    A fraud

    A liar

    A bully

    A medical charlatan who falsely claimed he could cure cancer

    A con artist

    A character-assassin

    A 'control-freak'

    A sadist

    An individual corrupted by the absolute power he had over his disciples yet he denied all responsibility

    A deluded psychopath who thought he was 'god' and who believed he was the most powerful being in the universe (ie"The Beast").

    A tax-dodger

    A wife beater

    A violent misogynist who beat women other than his wives, women with whom he was cheating his wives

    A coward who would let his wife spend four years in jail for a crime Hubbard authorised

    A multiple 'do-it-yourself-with-a-coathanger' abortionist

    A drunk

    A criminal conspirator

    An anti-'faith' apostate who especially targeted the Christian faith

    A moral bankrupt

    A blackmailer

    L. Ron Hubbard betrayed Scientologists, Scientology, his family, friends and every other individual who believed in him.

    Yet, his 'skills' as a despotic tyrant far outweighed his complete lack of talent as a science fiction author.

    Ron DeWolf also said that:

    L.R.H. and Adolf Hitler had exactly the same religion

    L.R.H. and Adolf Hitler had similar personalities and temprements

    The Hitler Youth and the "Sea Org" are virtually the same thing, and,

    Scientologists and Nazis were ideologically similar

    What could be more threatening to liberty than an alliance between the Satanists / the Scientologists / Socialist Libya and Communist North Korea.

    Remember, Nexus had a conference in June 2013 at which a speaker named Dietrich claimed the US military was full of
    Satanists. Yes. Satanists from the same coven in southern California where LRH met Jack Parsons and his second wife.

    Scientology is a satanic fraud perpetrated against humanity by an evil, demonic false prophet

    Nexus magazine is a front for that satanic fraud

    Duncan Roads is a traitor to God, Planet Earth, Humanity and Liberty.

    Scientologists are satanists in "New Age" clothing. Their "Trojan Horse" is Nexus magazine.

    How does this NOT translate into "The Protocols of the Elders of Scientology" for you?