Sunday, July 21, 2013

Adam Kokesh: Agent Provocateur

Adam Kokesh served in military intelligence through the 3d Civilian Affairs Group of the Marine Corps.

When I first looked upon his face, it was like looking at the face of the devil.

More disconcerting are Kokesh's eyes, which resemble those of a drug addict.

Presently Kokesh is in fact the latest agent provocateur, trying to persuade Americans to do what intelligence assets within local police departments have been trying to do for years: get Americans to carry assault weapons in public so they can be killed or arrested on the spot and their example used as a basis for suppression.

Kokesh wants Americans to open carry loaded assault rifles in the center of Washington D.C.

Agent provocateurs like Kokesh are making their appearance at rallies and protest across the nation.

The appear shouldering assault rifles in front of the police amongst the protester and rally people trying to model behavior.

I experienced similar goading by police provocateurs early on right here in Arizona.

A police group here tried to push the concept of assault-rifle open carry by infiltrating a pro-gun protest.

These guys were openly carrying assault rifles in the street during the protest.

The first thing that struck me was that one of the 'gun carriers' was Black.

Now most Blacks know they attract enough negative attention just by standing in a street corner.

Where did this Black guy appear from carrying an assault rifle amidst all the honkeys in a pro-gun demonstration?

Besides, how many pro-gun, conspiracy-minded, gun-rights oriented Blacks do you know?

Anyway, the set up was suspicious.

What was even stranger was that the police present did not stop, question or even stare at the men carrying the assault rifles.

Later it turned out that it was a set up.

The assault rifle crarrying protesters were ALL UNDERCOVER POLICE.

You can still see videos of these phony protesters on YouTube.

Don't fall for this scam.

If you carry an assault rifle in public, you will be stopped and apprehended (and that is the least of what will happen to you) unless you are part of the undercover police-organized provocateur squad.
Any attempt to open carry an assault rifle down the street will black-list you as a pro-gun terrorist.

Do Not Carry Assault Rifles in public!

This is what they want you to do in order to justify a clamp down.

This is what they are trying to get Americans to do so they can start some incidents.

Adam Kokesh is the latest and greatest of these agent provocateurs.

For crying out loud, this guy does not even believe 9/11 was an inside job!

Lately, Kokesh has been provocateuring beyond gun rights and pushing for the complete abolishment of the Federal Government.

Of course that is exactly what the Illuminati want – a complete abolition of the Federal Government and its replacement by a new totalitarian state.

This is what they have done in every single one of their 'revolutions' (French, Russian, German and Chinese) – abolished the established government.

This surprise one-up statement by Kokesh is typical of provocateurs who increase their demands along with their actions.

Kokesh (and others like him) are provocateurs pushing us to come out into the open rifles in hand so we can be photographed, black-listed...or worse.

The government WANTS an excuse to bring down the iron fist on the American public.

Provocateurs like Kokesh seek to make it happen.

What will happen to Kokesh is what has been happening to Governemt Agent Provocateurs for the last two decades follows the same pattern:

He will be arrested. Then he will be released. Then he might be arrested again...only to be soon released again.

You can't keep a good Government Agent Provocateur in prison for very long.

Which is the opposite of what happens to US when WE get 'caught.'

When a real patriot gets 'caught' he rots in prison for years, if not decades.

I know several who are rotting there right now.

Take Randy 'Duke' Cunningham – the Vietnam War's top scoring ace and California Congressman, for instance, released just this month after 8 years of unjust incarceration

What made me laugh were the two punks who called themselves 'Kokesh supporters' who were keeping 'in touch' with Kokesh after his arrest and tracking what they 'were doing' to him in prison.

Would you believe it?

One was Black and one was White.

Reminded me of that song “Ebony and Ivory.”

Listen folks, only the Federal Government has these racially balanced groups of Patriots.

This is because they are so stupid that they subscribe to their own ideological version of reality even when they are creating phony front-groups.

Sort of like those desegregated 'gangs' you see in Hollywood films composed of a racially balanced membership.

Kokesh is absolutely military intelligence.

Most likely he won't end up dead, but some of those foolish enough to follow him probably will.

This is the typical agent provocateur scenario.

He gathers the he-goats, then arranges for the most impulsive of the bunch to get slaughtered by the authorities - the event in turn being used as proof of the 'radicalization' of the American far right.

So I see Kokesh as interesting, not so much as a representation of the American Right but as a representation of what the Intelligence Services WANT us to do: get out in the street while openly carrying weapons and perhaps provoke a bloody incident or two.

The American Right – the Tea Party the Militias, Christians and Patriots are the next targets of Homeland Security.

People like Kokesh are there to get the most hot-blooded and stupid amongst us to play their game.

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