Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Terror: The True Cause of Reduced Crime

Recently the Internet has been gloating over how crime rates are diminishing due to the increased gun ownership.

At first I rejoiced at such news, then the disturbing voice of common sense started whispering.

Crime rates were falling across the board.

This means they are falling both inside and outside the areas where gun control exists.

What does that mean?

It means guns ownership might not be the cause of it after all.

The cause of diminishing crime in this country might just be something more disturbing:


I have experience living in Third World countries, countries where democracy does not exist or at least did not exist at the time I was there.

I learned something very important in the Third World, and it is this:

As government becomes more brutal and more criminal, street crime goes down.

Why does it go down?

Because criminals become so afraid of the justice system they no longer commit crimes.

It sounds silly until you actually see their jails.

These are places that once you go in...there is no guarantee you will come out.

Add to this the murderous and sadistic 'national guards' or 'military police' and you've got a recipe where being a criminal is too risky an enterprise to consider.

So flashback to America.

Have you seen our police lately?

In the Third World I have seen police beat a taxi cab driver into a bloody pulp for speeding.

In the Third World I have seen families breakdown and start crying in terror and after finding out their loved ones have been 'detained.'

You know what?

Things are starting to get like that over here.

I don't know if you have noticed, but our police are becoming MURDEROUS.

Whether its a group pummel death or a Taser-induced cardiac arrest, our cops are increasing their kill ratios at an alarming rate.

Just this month a Scottsdale cop was featured in the news who shot a person just about every single year (his latest victim had been an unarmed dad holding his baby). His department said he was perfectly justified in all his shootings. This cop's specialty seems to be shooting stationary targets in the face.

Every time an American is stopped, the question at the back of his head is now “is this gonna end up with me being Tased, shot, or beaten to death?”

Cops don't need much of an excuse nowadays to turn you into legal slaughtered meat.

It could be the tone of your voice, a question, a refusal to comply with an unconstitutional request, the way you stare, whatever. When that call for 'back-up' goes out.

Many of the cops on the street now consist of Iraq veterans who kicked down doors and murdered people on a regular basis. Upon returning to civilian life, they have little recourse on where to put their 'skills' to use except by joining law enforcement.

A further terrorizing factor has been added to citizen-police interaction in that law enforcement can now subject you to a 'psychiatric screening,' which basically means you can be detained for the rest of your life in a mental asylum, depending on the opinion of a psychiatrist.

Psychiatric screenings can be purveyed for a wide variety of things, including 'having an attitude,' reengaging in politically incorrect behavior and 'hating the police.'

Like I said, a relative of mine was put through a psychiatric screening for stating the New York Police Department was 'corrupt.'

So if they can't imprison you in a prison, they can put you in a psychiatric ward...for life.

Which brings me to the state of our prison systems.

Remember the Third World prison in which your exit is never guaranteed (in fact your chances of exiting being next to nil for long sentences)?

Well, check out our prison system.

Presently we are the nation with the largest portion of its population locked up in prison.

And what prisons!

Some are just huge rooms with cots.

The issue with predatory gangs, racism, crime, psychos tearing you to pieces within that huge room is just a personal problem.

Prison guards stage gladiatorial fights between inmates.

Inmates are regularly allowed to MURDER each other.

Male on male rape is rampant, out of control and totally ignored by the guards.

In other cases, violently criminal and or deranged inmates are stored side-by-side with less violent infringers in small closet-sized dungeons.

Prisoners regularly end up DEAD after being strapped to a chair (a Maricopa County favorite) for long periods of time, or being 'controlled' by out-of-control sadistic psychos who pass themselves off as prison guards...or the inmate is just found dead 'by suicide' – a nice, neat and simple accounting trick.

Never mind the hygienic assault on your immune system by overflowing toilets, raw sewage, prison epidemics, rotten vaccines or secret medical experiments.

Do you think the ridiculously short life expectancy for ex-inmates AFTER they are released from prison is just a coincidence?

Have you spoken to someone who has been to prison lately?

What did he think his chances were had he stayed in prison more than couple of years?

The point is all this gets around in the criminal community:

Outside of prison, the police will kill you.

And inside a prison, the gangs will kill you, your cell mate will kill you, other inmates will kill you, the guards will kill you, and disease will kill you.

The chances of a sick inmate making it out of prison are pretty slim to none.

You go in with asthma, diabetes, cancer, kidney disorders, etc and what awaits you in prison is a slow agonizing death.

So once all this information starts getting through the grapevine, guess what starts to happen.

The criminals start thinking three or four times before committing a crime.

Like I said, I've seen it happen in the Third World.

And what is happening in America today is very similar indeed.

The government, the justice system, the police and the prisons are all going ape shit.

The criminals are noticing and are becoming deathly afraid to commit crimes.

It hurts to speculate that this could be the real reason behind the drop in crime, in America, but there it is.

Its hard to comprehend until you have live inside totalitarian states like Cuba, China, the Soviet Union, East Germany or a Third World dictatorship, where the GOVERNMENT is the main source of terror.

When the government is a brutal, terrifying dictatorship and the prisons consist of gulags, crime goes down.

You can actually go to sleep with your doors unlocked. You can walk the dark alleys at midnight.

Incredible, but true (Just don't bypass any government installations).

In America crime is going down because criminals (and citizens) have become terrorized by a system of 'justice' that has gone APE SHIT!

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