Sunday, July 7, 2013

1967 Movie Predicts Implantable Microchip

What follows is the final segment of the 1967 James Coburn spy film “The President's Analyst.”

The finale of the film has an unexpected description of what we would become known as the 'implantable microchip.'

Surprisingly, the chip described in the President's Analyst is even more advanced than the microchips we have today.

The microchip described enables an artificial form of telepathy. A definite one up on being human, you could say.

According to the film, it is planned for use by the population at large...and the matrix is to be run by none other than the phone company.

This makes perfect sense, since the phone company is in charge of all communication, even should it happen by way of microchips.

This 1967 film introduced the concept of the microchip as an enhancer or improver of humanity – something which makes us better and more capable than we are naturally.

The initiation of this concept is right around the corner.

Microchips in the near future will not just promise identification and personal data convenience, but will offer to increase or empower you in some way.

Ergo the seduction of becoming a cyborg.

Who is to say that the 'mark of the beast' will not be an implantable microchip which will grant its host a new 'connectedness' to the one world government...through mutual telepathy.

As it stands, the microchip concept presented in the 'President's Analyst' is beyond its time.

Even today, it might inspire disbelief and incomprehension.

But that is simply because our minds are so limited in vision...even with something that is right about to come into existence.

The advance concept presented in this film could not have come out of the mind of some hack writer.

An advanced concept of this sort was being introduced by the illuminati for public consumption.

Please note that the way the chip is powered predicts exactly how the latest prototypes of modern implantable microchips will be powered in the near future.

Chips of this sort will become reality in the near future.

VIDEO: The President's Analyst - Prediction of Implantable Microchip Device circa 1967


  1. Holy Shit, a 46 year old sci fi movie predicted something!!!! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!

    God, you're an idiot.

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