Friday, July 5, 2013

NYPD Committing US Citizens to Mental Wards

The New York City Police Department is now confining US citizens to mental wards for psychiatric evaluation should a person exhibit disgruntlement with the police.

This practice comes from Europe by way of Communist Russia (where a large portion of the non-criminal population was kept in psychiatric wards).

The spread pattern of any new practice is always the same.

It begins in Europe, then spreads to New York, from where it soon spreads to the rest of the United States.

I am unhappy to say I have been personally affected by this procedure when a psychiatric institution called my house announcing they were holding a close relative hostage.

The reason?

The relative resisted being man-handled by the NYPD while saying the New York Police was corrupt.

The fact of my relative having said the NYPD was corrupt was repeated to me over the phone by the 'concerned' mental assistant as if it were some sort of marker for serious mental illness.

I explained to this creepy person calling herself a 'nurse' at the other end of the line that I did not think that saying the NYPD was corrupt was a sign of mental illness.

I was then further questioned as to whether my relative was habitually aggressive and dangerous or had engaged in any sort of wanton violence and injury to someone else.

I answered that my relative had never assaulted or hurt anyone ever.

Which was the opposite of what the NYPD had done.

They had broken my relative's arm before confining this person to the mental ward.

Way to go, NYPD.

As for the rest of America...

...expect to have your sanity questioned very soon if you get aggravated or display any sort of hostility or dislike towards the police.

Meanwhile, it turns out the NYPD is regularly transporting High School students to psychiatric hospitals for psychiatric evaluations (see below).


Hey, check it out! The NYPD also goes after whistle blower cops with psychiatric evaluations, like this guy below, who was fired after he refused to go to one to be labeled insane and perhaps permanently committed.



The new, novel and revolutionary practice of having police commit citizens to psychiatric wards is scary.

It's scary because they don't really need evidence of any sort barring the word of a corrupt psychiatric doctor to HAVE YOU PERMANENTLY COMMITTED.

Under the New World Order New York Police, just acting up or showing frustration is enough to get you 'evaluated' and imprisoned in a mental ward for life.

Count on mental evaluations soon becoming a standard police procedure following the arrest of irate citizens.

Under Obama Care, I am sure there will be plenty of mental wards available (and at a profit too).


  1. This is also related to the illuminati.
    Keep on spreading the truth.

    1. I have checked out the site and you are right. In addition, what I have noticed about Satanism is that it is also an iron system of obedience. No comments, no questions, no arguments. It is frightening how our society in general is also becoming like this. And those celebrities...they aren't free. They have to do EXACTLY what they TELL them to do.