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Neo-Americanus: The New Type of American

A new 'species' of American has made its appearance.

These are 'Americans' who are totally different psychologically and socially to what was called an American 20 years ago.

It is clear that TV, social media, an invented and pushed corrupt pseudo-culture, microwaves and perhaps even food and vaccination have gone into producing this brand new mutation of American.

Though outwardly sounding and looking exactly like any other American, Neo-Americanus is different.

He or she carries concepts which are totally alien to the typical American of 20 year ago, so alien, in fact, as to call them, well...alien.

Which is just as well what we might call Neo-Americanus.

You might just say I am ranting about the new generation, but the truth is Neo-Americanus has no fixed age group. It could be someone who is young, middle aged or senior.

I have seen young people who are conservative in their outlook and have seen senior citizens who are the prototypical Neo-Americanus par excellence.

So it's a state of being, not of age.

The possibility of whether Neo-Americanus represents the future American or the future of America itself is not only scary....but crucial.

So crucial in fact, that I will now proceed to psychologically dissect this new mutation amongst us, which, by the way, not only facilitates but helps realize the creation of a New World Order.

Here then are the psychological traits of this new type of citizen called Neo Americanus:

Neo-Americanus Has No Sense of Privacy

“Privacy is obsolete” I was told by one of them. “Privacy no longer exists” I was told by another. Finally, “You can't have it anyway” a third blurted out.

Neo-Americanus takes it for granted that privacy is not only non-existent, but undesirable and ridiculous waste of time?

Really, Neo?

How does it feel that the person your dating treats you funny because he or she already knows your most intimate vices and hang ups from Google?

Which brings me to the subject of embarrassment.

Neo-Americanus Has No Sense of Embarrassment, Modesty or Shame

He sends out pictures of his 'junk' over the cell phone to attract prospective mates while she sends pictures of her breasts. What the heck...totally nude whole body shots are sent over the airwaves into cyberspace complete with private information to end up on the Internet.

How about complete sex tapes, which also end up on the Net for public consumption?

No problem taking out your junk in front of girls at parties. No prob flashing your breasts if you are a female. What the heck, flat out sex in public while others watch and laugh (who cares when you're on alcohol and ecstasy).

But back to privacy.

Neo-Americanus Looks Upon All Private Citizens as Suspect

Neo-Americanus loses all humor and looks at you suspiciously when it turns out you can't be found on the Net.

“Everybody does things, and this puts you on the Net,” one of them told me “if you are not on the Net, then something is wrong.” a false identity, criminality...or even terrorism.

Not being on the net and not surrendering your privacy actually scares Neo-Americanus and makes him or her want to mention you to the local police.

Which is strange because of this next trait:

Neo-Americanus Has an Overblown Sense of License and Entitlement

They simply think they not only DESERVE things, but are ENTITLED to them.

They EXPECT their parents to pay for their school, their food, their housing and their cars.

If poor, they EXPECT the government to do the same.

Something I see more and more are couples of Neo-Americanuses living in their parents' homes.

Times are tight, but any sense of dignity, pride and social standing is supposed to force you and your significant other to find your own place when it comes to co-habitating.

But alas, plenty of freebies are there for the taking for those who are willing to give up their dignity (an old Illuminati rite of passage).

Another incident.

I never thought I would see the day when an intern at the office would tell me she had absolutely nothing to learn from me.

What about the procedures, the paperwork, the legalities, the tricks of the trade.

This Neo-Americanus told me she already knew all of it from experiences in high school, volunteer work and relatives.

She then asked me if I could just sign off on her hours because she was very busy.

Fully impressed with here knowledge and wisdom, I told her that if she had absolutely nothing to learn from me, then she was welcome to stay home and not come back.

I then offered to sign off on all her hours...providing she never told a soul.

I did this on purpose knowing that Neo-Americanus is TREACHEROUS and that she WOULD.
Of course, she did.

Nothing more came of it except that the interning college never sent me another intern.

Which was precisely the result I wanted.

Subconsciously, a dominant concept in Neo-Americanus is 'if you can do it, do it.'

Nothing is dominated by morality or manners or protocol or even human decency.

The question of the moment is 'what price will I pay for doing this?' if the answer is little or nothing, then by all means do it!

This sense of license spans from the workplace to friendships to relationships to behavior on the street.

If Neo-Americanus can tell you off to your face without penalty, they will do it.
If they can hurt, insult, degrade, or in some way disrespect you without punishment, they will.

When confronted, like any child, their instant reaction consists of crying for help from their parents, their friends or the police (the parental archetypes).

Employers are floored by the mass of young professionals now flooding the workplace who do as they please, do little work, tell off their bosses and (if criticized) quit on the spot (to go running back to their parents home, of course).

Bosses are actually afraid to criticize these untethered young upstarts who have no family (and probably never will) and who quit at the drop of a hat.

Which brings me to the next trait.

Neo-Americanus Knows All There Is To Know

He or she is uninterested in anything you have to say 1) because there is nothing new under the sun 2) because they are too involved in themselves to hear you and 3) because they can find out all about what your saying and more on the Internet at their leisure instead of standing there listening to you.

So anything you say is likely to be dismissed immediately accompanied by some standard explanation which seems to come out of a tape recorder.

As one Neo-Americanus said in response to my conspiracy theories, using a very standard viral response “If there really was a conspiracy, it would have been known long ago because you can't keep something like that a secret”

Well, guess what, asshole, my entire point is...THAT THEY COULDN'T KEEP IT SECRET AND THAT IT HAS BECOME KNOWN!

Conversations with Neo-Americanus tend to be very short (they are always too 'busy') or to switch from subject to subject with the frequency of a pendulum swing (to keep their short attention span going).

But all in all, Neo-Americanus is not interested in you, your ideas or your conversation.

They prefer the much more fulfilling world of social media and texting to actually talking.

All this is based on the following:

Neo-Americanus is Narcisstic and Self-Centered

What can you say about social media celebrating the self like Facebook and Twitter except that they have been created to feed and encourage a gigantic sense of narcissism.

“It's All About You!” has become a mantra used in the media, social media and advertising.

And Neo-Americanus believes it.

Nothing out there anyway.

“You are the best friend you have” says Neo-Americanus along with “gotta watch out for number one” not to mention, “you deserve it” along with “pamper yourself,” “forgive yourself” and “give yourself a break,” “give yourself a reward,” “be kind to yourself” and “know what you want.”

I have seen schools celebrate this narcissism by having contests where everyone is a winner.

That's right, no losers! Everybody wins!

Ribbons and trophies! Everybody gets one!

When I see this, it hurts to see those poor little children being indoctrinated that they are entitled to winning, that they can't be losers and that that world is a soft and entitled (and communal) place.

But all that soft self-centered non-confrontational, indifferent cuteness hides a very shocking fact.

Neo-Americanus is Treacherous!

Perhaps it is the overwhelming narcissm or the all encompassing self-centered greed.

Not sure what it is, but Neo-Americanus has no sense of gratitude or loyalty.

He or she could be you friend today and abandon you or stab you in the back tomorrow.

In the mean time, as your friend, they'll do you dirty any chance they get.

Friendship is nothing very deep to Neo-Americanus. Just something that is 'in' at the moment and from which they probably have something to gain.

The worse thing you can be as a friend to Neo-Americanus is not bringing anything to the table or not having anything to offer besides your company.


They can be discarded with the same frequency as yesterday's underwear and recreated with someone else with the same frequency as putting a new pair on.

It all doesn't really matter anyway because of this following trait:

Neo-Americanus is Detached

The Net-dependency and Social Media might have something to do with this, but there is an aloofness to Neo-Americanus.

A sense of being above it all physically, socially, emotionally and psychologically.

Life is sort of like a big TV screen and Neo-Americanus are about as detached from it as a TV viewer is from the show.

Things are just viewed, not really experienced or interacted with.

Frequently, the most horrific spectacle (like an accident or a person asking for help) elicits nothing more than a detached giggle.

Even when bad news arrives, its always easy to escape into the Net, where Neo-Americanus is found most of the time anyway.

Adding to this sense of the detachment is the inability of Neo-Americanus to pull away from some sort of screen or other for any period of time.

Whether it's the TV, Cellphone, Computer or Google Glass screen, Neo-Americanus always seems to be engorged int something other than present physical reality.

A typical reaction of these childish, half-aware specimens is to call 911 when the brakes fail on the highway or their car is sinking into a lake.

Adding to this detachment is a permanent state of distraction caused by the following:

Neo Americanus Is Addicted to Gadgets

This permanent state of detachment is facilitated by the Neo-American addiction to novelty and gadgets – most of it, of course, through cyberspace.

Something NEW must be come across periodically or life becomes unbearably boring.

The Illuminati have tired of physically constructing new fashions, fads and novelties, so they have switched over to 'Apps' to supply the gadgetry necessary to keep the masses distracted.

Their is an 'App' for almost everything (and things you don't even imagine), thousands of 'Apps' and thousands more appearing every year.

Neo-Americanus is ever on the hunt for new, stranger and more fulfilling 'apps' (window shopping for fads and fashion has become too much work) or Internet sites.

The weirder and stranger the better.

But whatever the case, any gadget or website that is likely to attract their interest comes through the ever-present screens of their smart phones.

Having wasted all this time, it comes as no surprise that...

Neo-Americanus is a Greedy Inheritor

Closely attached to a sense of entitlement comes a sense of selfish greed over the goods of the parent.

The baby boomer generation has lived and worked in one of the most prosperous economic times in history.

Through hard work they have accumulated capital, raised their children and even put them through college.

Now the children want it all.

And the sooner the better.

It is shocking to see poll after poll in which people are saying they plan on living comfortably on or through their inheritance.

Neo-Americanus has mutated into a sort of parasite who not only moves in with his or her parents (frequently bringing the significant other along) but awaits like a spider for their parent's death so they can have it all.

As soon as Neo-Americanus moves in, the legal proceedings begin to take possession of the property they are occupying.

After getting declared 'the inheritors, they try to get the parents to declare them their 'guardians' by having their parents declared unable to care for themselves.

From here they basically take over the household, the money and what capital the parents have left.

At this point, the sooner the parent dies, the better.

The following is hard to believe, but it has been told to me by caretakers and I have seen it myself.

Incapacitated elderly parents are frequently left to freeze!

That's right, turn down the thermostat and run the a/c full blast while mom sleeps half-naked with one bed sheet.

Or put mom next to an open window in freezing weather and leave her there for a few hours.

(unbelievably, the person I myself saw doing this seemed to have been a nurse or caretaker)

Over-medicate or don't medicate mom or dad and make them walk long distances to meet you someplace.

And always remember: exposure, exposure, exposure.

Stress out their systems with medication, unhealthy food, cigarettes and booze.

Before you know it, mom and dad are dead...and its all yours!

All the more means by which to fulfill yourself.

Which underlines my next point:

The Main Goal of Neo-Americanus is Self-Indulgence and Self-Fulfillment

Forget sacrificing for your children (most Neos have none).

Forget saving money and building a secure future (most Neos think only of today).

Forget any responsibility or duty you might have towards orthers or to society (most Neos think only of themselves).

The main goal of Neo-Americanus is self-fulfillment.

Whether it be marriage or career or knowledge or experience, it all boils down to fulfilling yourself.

(self-fulfillment is the basis of the 'logic' behind gay marriage)

Neo-Americanus lives only for today and the fulfillment that the day will bring.

Their main goal is 'arriving,' whether it be an orgasm, a destination or a career position.

This is no exaggeration.
Neo-Americanus honesty believes that the main point of life is fulfilling oneself.

What could a population of self-indulgent self-fulfillers be capable of doing when confronted with a situation that requires team-work and sacrifice, like a national crisis, a national catastrophy, or a war?

Not much.

More than a career, more than economic security, more than morality or principle, Neo-Americanus desires one thing: the fulfilment of the self.

This creates a personality which is very shallow, in fact...

Neo-Americanus is Very Shallow and Superficial

Don't bring up anything deep or significant.

Deep is bad.

Shallow is right.

Superficiality is almost an opiate.

There needs to be plenty of it in order to make all things all right all the time.

Serious topics are avoided.

Bad things are just laughed at.

Deep inside, Neo-Americanus believes that everything will always be alright because if things were wrong, they wouldn't exist - there is some type of self-correcting mechanism in the universe which obliterates the wrong and keeps the right.

As a result, you've got nothing to worry about.

Things will fix themselves, and you're ruining your humor by worrying about them.

Meanwhile, the conversation and the interaction must at all times remain (desperately, frantically, obsessively) shallow and superficial.

Don't bring up work, or money, or responsibility, or love...or even morality.

All these topics are downers for Neo-Americanus from which he or she attempts to escape by telling you they are 'busy.'

This characteristic of superficiality makes Neo-Americanus suceptible to one fatal flaw:

Neo-Americanus is Attracted to Sociopaths

The sociopath has no true feelings, no true principles, no true morality and is full of phony emotion.

This makes him head-over-heels attractive to Neo-Americanus, who is into all those shallow things.

By judging people by the way they look, what they say and how they say it (instead of what they do), Neo Americanus is susceptible to the sociopathic personality.

Notice how they recently elected a sociopath as President?

Neo-Americanus is easy-pickings for con-men, murderers and criminals of all stripes who have a tinge of social grace and look and act good.

If it looks good, it probably is good, is the Neo-Americanus mantra.

Neo-Americanus is easy pickings for the next con-man, rapist, thief or murderer.

And they ARE victimized every day by the tens of thousands because their natural instincts have been atrophied and reality has been replaced by some sort of weird vision the way things should be.

And all this is closely connected to the next fatal flaw:

Neo Americanus Has No Sense of Danger

Since the world is what you make it (and Neo chooses to make it good) and all things fix themselves in the end, Neo Americanus has little or no sense of danger.

You seem them walking the bad parts of neighborhoods at night.

You see them falling for the simplest of con games and losing all their money.

You see them getting stranded in desolate far off places and dying there.

You see them get kidnapped and murdered like sheep.

Danger has no place in the Neo-Americanus lexicon.

Somehow criminals, liars, con men, murderers, rapists or even real danger all seem to exist in some other dimension or dark time in the past.

Neo-Americanus is a firm believer that nothing can possibly happen to them.

And if anything does, the cell phone is just a touch away.

This is the 21st Century, dude! Everything is secure and safe now!

Once more, nothing bad can really happen because bad things of taken care of by the law, or by the government or by natural process, or whatever.

Nothing can really go very wrong because it can't go wrong. Things balance out. There are no more such things as Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, the Black Plague or the Flood.

Society and civilization have never been more safe than they are now.

A belief which goes far in producing the next fatal flaw:

Neo Americanus is Too Trusting

As long as you stay very standard and don't veer off run-of-the-mill train Neo-Americanus is very trusting.

They'll recoil if you offer them some new food (or new advice, idea, outlook, medicine or recourse), but as long as you don't bring up anything suspiciously different, they are putty in the palm of your hand.

Notice how our Neo-Americanus population has fallen for the 'safety and effectiveness of vaccines, fluoride in our water, stranger danger sex ed for kids, microwave towers, gay marriage, the Patriot Act and Obamacare.

Recently, the Establishment is trying to convince them that mercury (in vaccines ) and radiation (from Fukushima) are actually good for them.

As long as it comes from an authority figure and is couched in nice standard words spoken in a pleasant tone, Neo will accept it, even if it means walking into a wood chipper.

Which leads to the following trait:

Neo-Americanus is Unquestioning of Authority

What used to be a natural trait of all younger generations has become atrophied in Neo-Americanus.

A disliked or unpopular order is more likely to be met with a smirk or a laugh before Neo-Americanus complies without much comment or argument (as if that makes up for the lack of human resistance or questioning).

Long-term orders are likely to be carried out in Neo's manner and whim.

For a generation that believes itself to be so different and free, Neo Americanus seems to lack the capacity to confront or question authority.

A more favored tactic is simply to avoid making eye contact, look away and laugh (while going along with whatever they are being told to do).

This epidemic non-confrontational attitude is what has brought us violatory police checkpoints, groping and nude x-rays at airports along with a total nonexistence of privacy.

Neo-Americanus doesn't stand up for anything

He or she simply looks away and laughs...and complies without question.
This is why our society is turning into a prison while laughing, smiling sheep whose only rebellious act is to never make eye contact, go along with it.

It should come as no surprise that all the psychological qualities mentioned above would converge in one ghastly result.

But they have:

Neo-Americanus is a Nihilist

When there is no heaven above you and no hell below, and the only thing you live for is your own self-fulfilment, there isn't much to life at all.

A frequent attitude of Neo-Americanus is to 'live while you're young.'

They recoil as they see the ageing older specimens of what they will become some day.

Many said they would 'rather die.'

Point taken.

It's amazing how many times Neo-Americanus brings up death when confronted with hardship.

Question: What if you became paralyzed in an accident?

Response: I would kill myself

Question: What if there was a nuclear war.

Response: I would want to die, the sooner the better.

Question: What if another girl wore the same dress as you to a party

Response: I would die

Question: What would happen when you get old

Response: I would rather die

'Die,' 'dying' and 'death' are frequent in the Neo-Americanus lexicon,with phrases like 'to die for' or 'love him or her to death' 'I would die for you' 'I would die for some that' 'I would rather die' 'I want to die' ' 'why don't you all die?' or 'he/she can go die' 'the whole world can go die'

The number of people who have affirmed to me that they would prefer DEATH to having to go through the trials of having to survive a natural catastrophe has left me floored (isn't wanting to live something that is inevitably ingrained in the human soul?)

Obviously not for Neo.

No wonder Legal Administered Medical Euthanasia at is becoming a popular topic these days.

Once you've got so precious little to live for, dying becomes more and more popular.


Just how it came for Americans to mutate into this Neo-Americanus is a valid question.

It must have taken decades of fluoride, TV, videogames, psychotropic drugs, junk food, public schooling and authoritarian posturing to make it all come about.

But it HAS happened.

The Americans of today are not the Americans of even 15 years ago.

Not by a long shot.

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  1. I think you forgot to say 'Neo-Americanus is not white' as the picture above states! You are sexist, homophobic, racist ... What makes you different from those "bad people" you are complaining about?