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Demonic Possession: The Great Illuminati Secret

We’ve been listening to the whispers for too long.

We’ve been listening since the Stone Age.

Chris Everard, the producer of 'Spiritworld' has come to the inevitable conclusion (of which Everard is keenly aware) that ‘magic’ consists of nothing more and nothing less than the beseeching of ‘spirits’ and ‘demons’ to do your will.

Get it?

Forget the magic words...forget the secret rituals...forget the esoteric chanting...forget all the obscure ingredients...

...the core essence of ‘magic’ is the simple beseeching of ‘spirits’ to serve you in some way.

Only recently, after having studied the top echelon of world leadership and the Illuminati for decades...have I come to the conclusion that magic - the communion with spirits - is a plague upon mankind.

We are a species that has been infested with a multitude of spirit beings.

It has always been the case.

Bare with some history, if you will.


Way back in the day, when I started trying to tracing the role of secret societies in civilization...I found there really was no beginning...these things reached back into the Stone Age.

Taking the hint, I began studying the role of shamans and secret societies in tribal societies like those of Native Americans, Africans, Central Asians, Pacific Islanders, etc.

And yes...

...I was shocked to see they ALL had secret societies...each under the direction of a ‘shaman.’

I surmised these isolated tribal societies were probably no different from the original Stone Age tribal societies which inhabited the Earth in 12,000 B.C.

Secret Societies...

...and Shamans.

And the detailed studies of the Shaman and what he was (or what he was supposed to be) proved the most intriguing of all.

Without exception, the shaman of every tribe in every region of the world was always the same:

A person who is in close communion with the spirits, and gains all his power and knowledge from his communication with these entities.

Detailed studies of ‘shamans’ by sociologists and psychologists led to some detailed psychological traits.

The Shaman was almost always ‘insane.’

He existed in a world between reality and some fantastic world he inhabited in trances.

He listened to voices which spoke to him and witnessed ‘visions’ which showed him and granted him knowledge.

The Shaman was also quite influential in the affairs of the tribe.

While tribal leadership was democratically elected temporarily, the Shaman’s power was permanent and ubiquitous.

Any tribal leader contradicting a Shaman quickly lost all favor and support within the tribe.

This was because the Shaman held REAL power within the tribe.


So let’s look at the set up so far:

Before civilization even began, the tribes were already under the control of secret societies...under the control of a mad man.

Sound familiar?


But let’s emphasize what society is being based on at this point in distant time.

Communion with spirits...otherwise called ‘magic.’

The destiny of the tribe is held in the hands of a man who is in close communion with spirits and severely imbalanced (the tribes called this being ‘touched’ or ‘inhabited by great spirits’).

In other words, the Shaman was almost always driven insane through this interaction with spirits, and the tribes accepted his behavior as a from of sacred eccentricity.

They accepted it because the Shaman was believed to hold true power.

For all accounts, he really did.

If the tribe ran out of water, the Shaman knew where to find more.

If another tribe approached with an offer to parley, the Shaman knew if they were true or not.

The Shaman could predict events, wars, afflictions and events.

In other words, the Shaman had access to universal knowledge of past, present and future.

In short, the Shaman was the true power behind the throne of the tribe, and played a prominent role in its destiny.

Time warp to the Egyptian priesthood..

...time warp to the Oracle of Delphi...

...time warp to the Aztec priesthood...

...time warp to Shaka Zulu’s patesi...

...time warp to Freemasonry... little things have changed!


Their simple life style did not prevent each tribe from having a secret society...under the direction of the Shaman, of course.

The secret society played an important role in carrying out ‘coming of age’ rituals in which members of the tribe crossed over from childhood to adulthood.

This ‘passage’ had as a given that the new member of the adult class would also become a member of this SECRET society.

The Shaman, through the secret society, played a key role in appointing the leadership of the tribe through the promotion of individuals in the secret and sacred oligarchy of the society.

Frequently, a high ranking secret society member eventually became a high ranking leader within the tribal structure itself.

In simpler, less numerous and nomadic tribal societies, like the Apaches, the Shaman himself assumed the role of the Apache leaders Nana and Geronimo (who were said to have super-natural powers of cognition).

So the Shaman was not only a respected member of the tribe, but THE power broker within the tribe...all on account of his communion with spirits...which, as a matter of course, had made him ‘touched’ - an eccentric and borderline insane personality.


It must be stressed that the powers of the shaman came to him through his communion with spirits and the visions, voices, notions, ideas he experienced through THEM, not through any power of his own.

Through time, the concept of magic has gotten fancier and even made popular through the popular media (most recently by the Harry Potter movies).

In this popular belief, magical powers are granted to the practitioner through mere knowledge of magical words, symbols and rituals.

This concept is FALSE and nothing could be further from the truth.

Understand...the traditional practice of magic...from tribal Egyptian Babylonian Druidic Magic... based on close communion with spirits in order to draw power.

In other words, the practitioner basically begs the ‘spirits’ to grant him knowledge and power - THAT is the basis of ALL magic.

The magician is basically a beggar, beseeching the spirits to communicate with him and grant him power.


Of course, magic has its side effects.

Remember the insanity of the Shamans?

It is a given that most practitioners of magic descend first into eccentricity...and eventually into borderline insanity.

Its the same end, whether it be Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Crowley...or your local fortune teller.


Insanity produced by the possession of the practitioner by the very spirits he is beseeching.

The very basis of ritual magic consists of ‘protection’ from the very same entities the practitioner seeks to contact - this is true in all societies.

For example, a circle is drawn around the practitioner, which is supposed to keep the spirits outside or inside its perimeter.

Once the ritual is over, and the spirit banished, then the practitioner may leave in peace...but how does he know the entity has been banished...or that he will have any peace?

Many practitioners try to take the protection with them by carrying an assortment of protective amulets.

But there is no guarantee.


I think you get my point, and already know where I am going with this.

Humanity has been under the guidance of ‘spirits,’ ‘demons,’ ‘entities’ and has been acting through their guidance for over 12,000 years.

In the tribal days, it happened through the guidance of the Shaman or Witch Doctor, who communed regularly with the spirits and expressed their will to the tribe (who by and large obeyed it).

It continued with the magicians of Sumeria, Egypt, Babylon, the Greek oracles, the Roman augers, the Celtic Druids, and finally the magicians of the renaissance and the Age of Reason and beyond.

In the year 1717, the occult magical order of Freemasonry was founded in England...replaced the occult magical order of the Rosy Cross - the Rosicrucians...which had in turn succeeded the occult magical order of the Templars, in a continuous succession of society-dominating secret societies. 

Each of these, in turn, headed by arch-magicians called ‘masters’ and ‘grand masters’ - the modern versions of the tribal Shamans.


My point?

Humanity has been under the direction of these ‘shamans’ for most of its existence.

The Shamans have been under the direction of spirits or demons.

The acts of humanity - human sacrifices, bloody wars, live burials, gladiatorial games, religious persecution, burnings at the stake, body mutilations, barbaric torture, impalements, bloody Aztec pyramids, purges, take your pick...have occurred at the behests of these demonic entities...acting through the Shamans that control society.

History is a bloody mess....and its that way because the Shamans and the demonic spirits are in charge.

And they are in charge because our leaders (under the seduction of magic) always have their ears TUNED TO THEM.

And who are our leaders?

Which one?

The Talmudic Kabbalistic Luciferian Rabbis who head the Jewish community?

The witch queen Elizabeth-I?

The druid Churchill?

The occult magician, Hitler?

The mistress of all Freemasonry, the Queen of England?

Or how about the intelligence agencies which keep us safe...

...sporting assets like satanists Allistair Crowley and Michael Aquino?

Or how about our scientists?

Like Jet Propulsion Lab’s Jack Parsons, the magician, or the famed science ficiton author, scientist, intelligence asset (and warlock) Arthur C. Clark.

Check the blog below to see just who rules over us:

The SHAMANS rule us!

We’ve been listening to the whispers for too long...

...and the present state of our societies, our minds, our spirits and our bodies is testament to its rotten fruit.


We are ruled by Shamans...and the Shamans are listening to the voices...of demons.


We must ask ourselves: just who is it that came up with the ideas of human sacrifice and all the other murderous perversions practiced by man?

In my opinion, it was not man, but man listening to the voices.

Man seeking to commune with the spirits and gains therefore knowledge and power.

And man becoming possessed by those demons to do barbaric things.

Look around.

Who do you think came up with the idea of dangerous vaccines, microwave towers, fluoride water, chem-trails, genetically modified crops, the Internet spy grid, child sacrifice, glyphosate, aspartame, agenda-21, biometrics, DNA databases, RFID chip implantation, mind control, ritual abuse, body scanners, chemotherapy, radiation, harmful medication, Communism, Fascism, concentration camps, sex education, atomic power, forced sterilization, abortion, body mutilation, sexual depravity, agent orange, etc.

Do you think a HUMAN did that?

Or was it a human possessed by a demon?

Don’t believe me?

Have you seen the mental state of our ruling elite lately?

agenda-21...death panels...euthanasia...robotic control grid...implantable microchips...human depopulation...alteration of all DNA...the singularity...immortality through fusion with machines...

Do these sound like the logical common sense machinations of a normal human mind to you...

...or of humans under the possession of demons?   


Undoubtedly, possession is what took place with the ancient Shamans and possession is what takes place with the modern practitioners of magic - the Freemasons, the Triads, the Satanist, the Kabalists, etc.

The entities upon whose contact magic depends ends up taking control of the magician, who begins to display all the symptoms of a borderline personality.

When you hear them talk and you hear of their private lives, do our modern leaders remind you of men and women who are possessed?

Have you checked out Rahm Emmanuel, Barack Obama or anyone in his cabinet, Bill Gates, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros or any of our so called Congressional leadership lately?

If these people don’t look and behave like barely controlled and possessed lunatics, then I don’t know what else they look like.

Why do you think all the Roman Emperors were ‘crazy.’

The truth is we are being led by mentally diseased,seethng and possessed men and women who regularly engage in occult rituals of magic (i.e communion with demons). Just check out Hillary’s ‘we came, we saw, he died’ quote on YouTube, followed by her demonic laugh any time DEATH is mentioned.

This is why these people look, act and do weird things...the weirdest and most satanic being what passes today for government policy - the very laws, rules and regulations they now expect us to obey.

Yes indeed.

The New World Order, and all the twisted evil it involves comes not from the mind of man, but from the actions of possessed men who have become so through the practice of occult ritual magic - the very same way they have always become so throughout history.

The New World Order is demonic and satanic and consists not of the plans of men, but of the plans of demons.

It is the result of more than 12,000 years of demonic communion


It must be remembered that it was tribal custom to limit the communion with the spirits to one man - the Shaman - who was kept separate from all the other members of the tribe.

There was a reason for this.

It was an effort to keep the seething insanity bottled and contained within the person of one member of the tribe.

It is a sure thing the tribes probably saw what happened to tribal groups who began practicing magic in mass.

That’s right...can you imagine collective insanity?

The ‘custom’ was also continued throughout the ages by the more civilized societies, like the Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, all of which limited the ‘sacred’ ritual to a few high priests and the high initiates of the secret society.

Recently, however, beginning in the 1700‘s, with the Age of Reason, and continuing on to the second day, the occult magical communion with demons has spread to the masses.

Is it any wonder the ‘Age of Reason’ culminated in the bloodbath of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars?

The spread of occultic magic became even more mainstream during 20th century, making of it even a children’s game, like the Ouija Board.

Is any wonder the 20th Century became home to the greatest orgies of blood and death in the history of mankind?

Just look at WW-I, the Bolshevik Revolution, WW-II, the Communist Chinese Revolution, Vietnam, Cambodia, Rwanda, etc.

The masses themselves seemed to go insane....I wonder why.


I wish I could deny the power of occult magic, but I cannot.

Having stated that ‘magic’ is nothing more than begging from demons, I am unable to deny its power.

In other words, ‘magic’ works...

...however, the price is always too high to pay.

I have made it a principle never to delve in occult magic...and have seen people who do begin to degrade...and degenerate...become eccentric...become insane...and even die.

I have also seen the proof of the powers these demons supply to the ‘practitioner.’

I’ve seen practitioners accidentally begin to mention key words in the presence of others which ‘strike a cord’ in the person...often a bothersome, insulting, embarrassing or even hurtful chord which cause alarm in the targeted person...that is, targeted by the demon which obviously inhabits the mind of the practitioner.

For example, supposed target had a son who died on Easter Sunday, the practitioner (or the possessed) might blurt out “isn’t it sad when someone dies on a holiday, like Easter?”

Also, divination IS real, as many of these spirits or demons (as Chris Everard stresses) seem to have perfect knowledge of past, present and future.

A third effect is the creation of ideas.

Demons create ideas and place them in the head of their possessed practitioners.

The ideas might seem brilliant and original to the practitioner, but shocking to any normal human.

The ideas are too numerous to mention, but I will mention that many successful ideas passed on to the practitioner by demons have made them rich.

Demons ARE full of ideas.

Some are obviously twisted and perverse...others are less so, but they are all evil.

Very demonic are the sugar-coated ‘ideas’ are those of genetic modification, implantable microchips and population control.

Coated with a veneer of goodness, the are by their very nature perverse, and will immediately seem so to any discerning human being.

If you see the movie “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” you will see how a practitioner can be rich, successful and full of ideas, while being simultaneously fallen, miserable and desperate.

I am convinced many artists, writers, film makers, scientists and politicians nowadays get their ‘successful ideas’ from demonic consorts.


I would hate to be able to see the spirits and demons inhabiting this earth.

I say this because I get the impression the world is packed with them.

There ARE disembodied entities influencing the running of things.

The concept of a struggle between opposing ethereal forces come to mind.

Now I seem to finally understand the truth of Ephesians 6:12, which says:

”...we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”

And coming across a spirit, entity or demon is not difficult.

They are everywhere.

And when you call or even just think about them...they are there!

It is not difficult to stumble across one of these things, in fact, many of them force themselves upon you.

I don’t propose to know or even explain exactly what these things are, but the occult Book of the Red Dragon and the Goetia of Solomon mention, in their hierarchy, demons, arch-demons, angels and archangels, all of which can be called to your service.

To me this is very bothersome.

Are demons masquerading as angels and archangels, or is the entire thing is a scam to make you consort with these entities, no matter the name.

In fact, the instant access of the occult operates more like an Internet than a spiritual realm populated by legitimate beings.

Think about the Devil and he is there.

Think about a Demon and he is there.

They (or at least their presence) is felt instantly.

There is a nice video clip of a drug dealer shouting up the name of ‘Yahweh’ as he is being arrested by two burly cops.

He suddenly slips away from the two muscular policemen and runs off never to be found again by the law.

There is another clip of another drug dealer busted with a trunk full of marijuana.

As his trunk is opened by the cops, he begins to shout “GOD HELP MEEE!” over and over again, even when told to shut up by the cops.

Later all the charges are dropped and he goes free...due to improper procedure on the part of the police.

The Mexican drug dealers have the Santa Muerte (or Holy Death) -a demonic death’s head ‘Virgin Mary’ they swear by....

My point is these things seem to be in constant touch with us, whether we seek them or not, and take total possession if we do seek them.

Over and over again, occultists have told me that all it takes is a word, or a thought, or looking at a symbol...and you are in touch with an entity.

How far does this go in explaining all the occult imagery and symbology plastered all over the modern media?

Perhaps farther than you think.


Of fascination to conspiracy researchers is this 5,000 year old conspiracy by an occult group who has never deviated from the goal...has never separated into opposing factions...has never dissolved itself.

The ask themselves: “How could any human institution possibly survive for so long without jealousy, conflict, disunion and dissolution?

The factor of magic and possession answers this question.

There is never any deviation from the plan original because the plan is supernatural...carried out by demons through the possessed humans who consort with them...through the ages.

This is why the plan is always the same.

This is why the plan is eternal.

The entities or demons who hatched it all during the time of the Shamans (many of which required human sacrifice) are the same ones who are NOW directing our completion of the New World Order of the Ages through our secret-society initiated leaders.

Ages indeed.


The very same conspiracy and the very same plan has survived the ages because its creators are supernatural...and whisper their plans into the ears of the possessed initiated...who belong to secret society and occult magical circles...and carry out the plan throughout the ages.

The solution to this problem is simple, but (given the preponderance of occultism, magic and secret societies in existence) difficult.

...We simply have to stop listening....


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